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The Nondual Highlights

Highlights Issue #1101

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
Michael Read

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In [email protected], "Kheyala" wrote:

About Suffering

For me, it always boils down to this:

I only suffer when I have misinterpreted the meaning of some
circumstance that has come to my attention. The suffering
intensifies dramatically when I react to my misinterpretation by flat-
out denying (and ignoring) what is obviously right in my face or by
employing various means of getting rid of the circumstance (which was
never the cause of the suffering to begin with) because I don't want
it to be so!

Summed up, the root cause of my suffering has always been my own
misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the data in front of me; it
has never been whatever data that was, no matter how traumatic it has
appeared to be.

Therefore, all of my suffering has been based in the false.

As soon as the false is taken to be the truth, I abandon my enormous
capacity to be alert, aware, and super-sensitive to Life....the very
qualities that allow me to respond to It, to actively participate in
It, to love It, and to fully enjoy It. The experience of being lost
and blinded by the great fog becomes more and more miserable as my
snowballing false perceptions cause me to stomp all over and trash
the most precious and tender aspects of myself and others until at
last my own firelight of pure awareness ("Oh my God! What am I
doing???") burns a hole right through the fog, allowing me at once to
see with full clarity the error of my original misperception,
revealing that however the circumstance (that triggered the whole
dark charade) happened to appear, it was actually, in reality, an
expression of Life that was, itself, more perfect in more ways, on
more levels, than I could ever possibly hope to conceive....leaving
me humbly in awe of the whole divine and also completely natural

[email protected], "jodyrrr" wrote:

My guru basically left me to my own devices with the mantra
he gave. His advice is always the same. Pay your bills.
Don't party too much. Restrain yourself some. Meditate.
Pray to the Lord and come every Sunday.

He offers his time generously but keeps the personal
relationship to a minimum.

He always gives the same, somewhat boring lectures along
with his gentle advice and admonishments. I'm convinced he's
a great bhakta saint, but to many he's just a cute little
village man from West Bengal presently living in California.

His satsang is small because he doesn't allow projection,
and he doesn't perform psychotherapy. That filters
out everyone except the sincere who already have or develop a
liking for the teachings of Ramakrishna and his disciples.

He leaves the therapy to the therapists while he gently points
you in the direction of understanding. In my book that makes
him an ideal guru.

[email protected], Mace Mealer wrote:

Reading this is dangerous,
this wild heart knows few limits,
so for safety's sake,
turn your mind to other pursuits,
before you are tempted to contemplate
the power of these few words.

Avalance in a Teacup

You know,
how when you're
drinking something
in a glass or cup
with ice in it,
and as you tip it up
the ice collapses
causing whats inside
to gush out
in your face,
and run down your front.
Well, this is how
awakening happens,
and whenever
this occurs,
you'll remember
what was written here,
think of me me smiling,
and even perhaps
begin to understand
the power of words.

[email protected], "lastrainhome" wrote:
As long as we believe that that-which-we-are is objective,

As long as we think that there could be something objective in us,

As long as we do not find laughable the idea that there could
anything whatever objective in what we are,

As long as we say the word "I" with the idea that I could be any kind
of entity,

As long as it is not invulnerable-I, I-untouchable, I-unnameable, I-
incnceivable which is acting directly,

We are bound.

Because bondage is only identification with a phenonomenal object,
and because identification is precisely this idea that this-which-we-
are is an object, psychic or somatic.

Released from this conditioned idea of our personal objective

We are FREE.

Wei Wu Wei

[email protected], "Tykal49" wrote:

overheard from an approx.
6-8 year old girl
on the bus yesterday...

"...and the dragons live
in our imagination..."
"it's all created
in the imagination
and when we stop imagining

it's like sitting down
in the middle of nowhere"

happy and sure of herself
as any could ever be


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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