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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Friday, June 28, 2002

Edited by Gloria Lee

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
-- Anais Nin

Coca-Cola Yogi by Jacques De Schryver  

This was pure serendipity ! I asked him to pause in
front of this shop window. And there it was. I had
not realized at first the colors were the same on his
head and on the window.

DEBRA A ORF on HarshaSatsangh  


not two not you
not me
not we

yet me with you
and them
and us
and those folks too.

one two three

one counter, one counting
in one world standing

as the logic streams in circles

as one looks for one's streamsource
of mind!

to find,

not one, not none

empty and limitless

the tears another sheds are in one's own eyes

and all that is left is a question,

'how may i help you?'

for without an i, what else
can possibly matter?



from MSNBC: The Week in Pictures    

Airborne array
Dancers from the Australian Dance Theater fly through the air on June 26 during rehearsals for "The Age of Beauty" -- a new show that fuses ballet, martial arts and acrobatics -- at the Sydney Opera House.


A full moon rises over the golden domes of the Orthodox Monastery of Caves in Kiev, Ukraine, on June 23.

JIZIBODHI on GuruRatings

The Way.

The Way does not intend to be. The Way is all there is to be.

The Way does not include all things, they Way is all things.

There are no paths to the Way.

All paths lead to the path.

There is a difference between path and way.

Some follow the path, and others follow the Way.

There can be no difference between those who follow and
those who lead.

There are no leaders, nor followers.

There are no prophets, whose words point to it.

There are no scriptures that have been written.

There is only the Way.

Again and again, those who come to revise,

Point to the Way.

The Way is there, before the Paths.

Even a dog can follow the Way.

But those more intelligent do not think thusly.

There is winter, then spring and summer.

Autumn precludes all of these, yet returns, again and again.

This is like the Way.

The Way is magnanimously generous, yet lacks nothing.

The Way is frugal and pristine.

The Way is clear, like water flowing in a cold mountain stream.

The Way is present and in all aspects.

None are separate.

They are confused about the Way.

As truth seekers are generally confused.

This confusion is the Way before

The Way.

And the Way after the Way.

Without it, Old man cannot weep,

And women would squander themselves.

The Way is very much,

And very little.

The Way pushes,

The Way pulls.

The Way is pain.

And truth.

To know the Way, even Sages do not say.

Only the wise know the Way,

And do not speak.

Those not speaking often think about the Way;

But speak and spoil it.

Those speaking are often not thinking about the Way,

And are walking masters.

Some are wiser than others.

The Way cannot be shown to anyone-

In breath,

Or yoga,

Or in words.

You cannot think of it.

You cannot hear it.

You cannot even see it.

And yet,

The Way is the reason that you are





The Way has no name besides



The Way concludes

And the Way begins.

Some have said otherwise-

Who are they?

My sweet dog

Knows more than I do.

MICHAEL READ on GuruRatings

a very fine dog

she is a very fine dog
she nevers judges
she is true to her nature
she is ever one with being
she never questions love

she should not be barking outside the window at three am!
one can only smile at this
she is so sweet
she defends the place
she never bites
yet she keeps the coyotes away!

true to her nature
she is a natural buddha

before me
behind me
above me
below me
there is only god
it is the same with everything

loveya - michael

    MICHAEL READ on GuruRatings  

all the beatles lyrics here enjoy!

Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression Home

Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: