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Highlights #112

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... Only work (for want of a better word) on 'oneself'
not others clears her's your's and everyone's name and then
no small amounts of poison will have any effect or need come
your way.

This is a teaching that has served me very well over
the years. I have experienced the truth of it
time and time again.

I like the way Jerry once said:

"I acknowledge the resurrection that is continually going on. I
acknowledge the rising of energy from lower to higher, the rising toward
Grace, by Grace, for Grace. As it happens in individuals, it happens,
the generations, in societies around the world. By keeping attention
Grace, we tow the world along with us. We resurrect the world."


From: "Petros"

"True teachers not only live the truth; they love the truth they live.
in fact, that truth, for the students is a lie until they investigate it
themselves. So, the teacher plays out his or her own role being simple,
stupid, outrageous, a trickster, whatever, luring the students on,
satisfying their expectations, sometimes frustrating them, always
measuring, so that the students will measure their own somethingness.
false teachers, with their half truths, can unwittingly aid in the quest
the students learn to relax and not force the issue, if they learn that,
all their struggles, what they are looking for is already looking for

>From, Le Centre Du Silence. "Body
and the work of the mime.

Also check out the introduction by E.J. Gold

The nature of the Self is absolute, immutable, taintless. It is not

distant, nor is it subject to attainment (being ever attained). This is

Truth. -------Ashtavakra Gita

Harsha's comment:

To see that which is obvious, look.

Do not look for anything, and do not look at anything.

Do not avoid looking.

Just look and see the one who looks.

One is the Look.

Look, and what is obvious becomes obvious.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ are
certainly spot-on when you speak about the sacred witness
being the main thing. That's where the answer lies, if it
lies anywhere, and I'm glad you've turned the focus there,
as long as it's not used as an excuse to cancel all
controversial discussion.


Has there ever been a flawless philosophy?


Not yet but we're working on it.

In the meantime, I nominate Wittgenstein... :):)

Love you guys!

And with intense delight
I hold you near my lips
Embrace you through the night
Betray you with a kiss



Some people think the highest knowing means
to have it all figured out.
This is not so.

The highest knowing is not-knowing.

Some people think not-knowing is ignorance.
This is not so.

Ignorance is thinking we know
what is unknowable.

When we lose our footing and slip
on the slick pavement of our vanity
we fall into the unknowable ditch of meditation.

The ditch of meditation is deep and wide:
full of freedom and miracles,
it cannot be filled.

We cannot measure the ditch of meditation,
we cannot pour foundations for knowing --

We can only trip into its not-knowing
and laugh at the scholars
scampering for more footing.

--Rob Rabbin

The Swami Contest!

lol! there are already so *many*swami's for people, i think we should
consider another market. . .i submit for your consideration ****swami
doggie-ji***satsang for your pet! our slogan: more dog--less dogma.
disciples could include the taco bell dog, who is actually flipper
reincarnated. . . keiko the whale would be a cool celebrity spokesfish.
besides offering pictures of swami doggie-ji, there could be a whole
line of
pet supplies, each bearing the doggie-ji tm logo. all books could be
channeled through, say, me, and personally autographed with a paw print.
the first one is near completion: "your master is you! woof!"

(the ashram is gonna be a mess, so we'll need monk(ey)s :) )

love and laughing,

Mira: Anyone tell me what an ego is, and how it can be offended?

Dan: Ego is the identification of
no-thing with something, based on a perceived difference.
The offense is to bring ego into contact with that which
threatens this identification in some way. Ego is anxiety about
loss, including the loss of continuity, loss of love, loss of
importance, knowledge, being, power, orientation.
Thus, it takes strength
of ego to question the assumptions that support ego :-)
Only ego that perceives its futility and is strong enough to be
honest about this will intentionally
maintain contact with That which undermines itself.
To lose the assumptions underlying ego is not to lose anything,
but it is to lose everything one has.

I do believe that it is our nature to be harmless and helpful. I don't
we can do that by pretending we are that....or acting like we are
think it takes fruition of healing and growth, surrender and wisdom,
experience of the non-dual, and a satisfying condition in the "real
in order to BECOME that..this cannot be a goal of intention, or at least
have found that when it is it backfires, must be at peace with
one's self, fully, in order to be at peace with the world. I am still
putting many of the pieces of the "real world picture" back together for
myself....that process and the process of spiritual learning seems to
interlink and dance together, sometimes two steps forward and one step
but better all the time.

Love, Kristi

> j: Time is just a physical dimension like height, length and
> width. The physical universe works with well defined laws so
> it is useless to say height itself is heightless. The concept
> "height" is heightless, not height itself.
There seems to be a good deal
of confusion between physical
(Einsteinian) time, which as
Jan states "is just a physical
dimension," and psychological
time, the human sense of
"becoming" rather than simply
"being." Former simply is,
the latter ends when thought
ceases creating it.

> Mira:
> When I needed the benevolent father figure to guide me home,
> I sought out myself, in a form that I could understand and accept at that
> time.
> I never realized this,
> until I came home.

Yes, yes indeed that is a powerful Friend to have. That is who will
you through the really rough spots, where you can't even hold onto the
"voluntary suffering" anymore.

But don't forget that sometimes Father/Mother seeks out and finds *you*
and He/She may be in the form of a speeding freight train barrelling
down on

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