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#1124 - Thursday, July 4, 2002 - Editor: Jerry - Home: <>

Fireflies, by Paco Young


Under shooting stars,
trumpet our independence
whilst fireflies
a courtship dance
between blades of grass.
An exuberant one
is caught in my hair.
I set it free.



Tadao Ando, some architectural works..

Church on the Water:

Church of Light: (link may no longer be working)

And my favorite, for the entry experience, Water Temple: (link may no longer be working.)




features of the creature

Nobody says 'Hello'

8 PM Eastern - tomorrow further EAST

NOW Hear HERE without Listening

2B/-2B = ONE MC squared

Light Light Light Dark

genuine fake bananas

Know the UnKnowable - Please rewind

I AM 'not self-contradictory' AM I

...with your host

GoooRooo DeeP DeeeeP DeeeeparteD




Must ... be ... more ... like ... most ... people ...
Is anyone like most people?
I'm not.
Uh oh
Most people are not like most people.



There is only one thing ever to point to for your own
freedom. And it's not a thing, it is this moment. This
is all you should focus on. Not today, not this hour,
not this minute nor this second, it is much more simple
than that. It is right now, this very moment. To allow
everything to be as it is just now. To be present with
what is right now. And right now you exist. Right now,
there is a feeling of being. In this moment without
referring to your thoughts there is this undeniable
sense that you are. Notice this. Not "you are a person"
or "your are" anything at all. But simply being. It is
indescribable, indefinable, but it is you. If you move
your focus anywhere outside of this moment then you have
entered the world of your mind. Any thought, judgment
or commentary and you have entered the world of your
mind, and if you enter this then you get the whole
thing. You get "your life" and "your problems" and "your
desires." And there is stress. But these are all
thoughts. Everything that you think that you are is
just a thought. And it is not to get rid of your
thoughts, but to let them be. Not to get rid of feelings
and desires but to let them be. Let whatever is here and
now be here and now, without labeling, without judgment.


R.K. SHANKAR from I Am list

Long Live the Feet of the Lord (Sri Ramana) gracefully
granting (state of) no-fear (/refuge) to those who reach
Him frightened.

Long Live the Feet of the Friend(/ly One, Sri Ramana)
who accepts and consumes even poison as nectar.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: