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#1145 - Wednesday, July 24, 2002



While I spoke of donuts, Ramana spoke of papadam and wrote
the Papadam Song, being translated on the I AM list by

Here's a passage:

In the endless vessel that will be the Symbol of the
Supreme Silence, in 'That' ghee of the ParaBrahman (the
Supreme Self), welling up from within by the Fire of
Gnosis, born of and kept up by Self-Enquiry, frying
everyday as 'I am That', the Self becoming the self by
the Self emerging from within following upon the ego
merging into It, for eating,

try rolling the Black Gram Flour into 'Self-stuffed'
Papadam ,frying and then serving the Papadam, and -
eating that Papadam, exhaust your desire for the things
of the world.

(Translation of the Papadam Song by Sri Bhagawan,
Completed thus by His Grace)


In reply, the spirit of the Donut sings...

My ancestor Papadam
Bubbling in divine ghee

How far we have come
Will you be glazed like me?

Our roots embedded
In the same divine hunger

You made each one by hand
I by mechanical plunger

I march by legion to feed
The millions in their need

Boiled in a humble pot
Or by mechanistic production

Our mission is to show to all
There can be no reduction

The nature basic man and beast
Will yield to our yummy feast

Eaten by sage or gulped by sinner
We delight as either snack or dinner

The hole in my center gives joyous birth
To squads of cops of increasing girth

The seeker is guided to a path well tried
You are done... only when you are fried...


In reply, the spirit of the Donut sings...

The seeker is guided to a path well tried You are
done... only when you are fried...



In this bakery I see
Experts on the baking ovens
how grain must be grounded
which herbs and wine should be added
for the baking to begin

So I asked myself
Where are the bakers,
preparing dough,
reaching for the frying pan.

I glanced through the room,
and now I know,
they are not talking.

They are the silent ones.
Being aware
The mill won't move an inch
before the work has begun.

from the I AM list

Summary of the Key Points of the Papadam Song by
Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi

1 We should not wander in the world longing for its

2 The 5 sheaths are the physical, vital, mental,
intellectual and blissful sheaths respectively.
These 5 sheaths are not the Self. But, in these 5
sheaths grows an identification 'I am this.'

3 We must enquire into this identification by raising
the inward wisdom query 'Who am I?'. That will break
and crush our identification with these 5 sheaths as
'I am not'.

4 We must constantly be in divine congregation,
wherever we live and wherever we are.

5 We must develop the attitude of being equal to all
events. And, we must be steadfast in our

6 We must be indifferent to all enjoyment of this and
also all other worlds like heaven. (Not the Kingdom
of Heaven of the Holy Bible)

7 We must also be indifferent to all scripturally
enjoined ceremonial acts. Because, none of these can
assist us in any way in our apprehending our Real

8 We must constantly mix our existing good impression
with equanimity of mind and indifference by resorting
constantly to divine congregations.

9 The attitude of being equal to all events is
equanimity. Then, all agitations born of impressions
will subside. And, that calmness of mind we must

10 . Our weariness must continually cease. And, we must
always abide with enduring happiness.

11 We must incessantly and unwaveringly pound our mind
by inwardly muttering 'I-I'. This we must do with
equanimity, calmness, lack of weariness and

12 Fire of Wisdom will then begin to burn inside us.
And, that fire will burn up the dross of our ego.

13 Then, in the place of ego, there will arise the Self.
And, the constant agitations of the ego will then be
replaced by the Supreme endless Silence of the Self.

14 Now, we must constantly maintain the attitude 'I am
That'. Thus, the ego will permanently be dissolved in
the Self.

15 And then, even our ordinary life awareness will be
stuffed with the awareness of the Self.

16 And thus, all our worldly desires will be exhausted.

17 This is the substance of the Silent Communication of
Lord Siva as Dakshinamurthi to His 4 disciples, who
were mind-born sons of Brahma, the Hindu God of

18 And, Lord Siva is the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss, that
is the Supreme Self.

19 And, no language of words is equal to this One
Supreme language of Silence.

20 Lord Siva teaches this Supreme Silence. And, Satguru
Sri Ramana ever abided in this Silence. We must also
abide in the Supreme Silence of the Self

Yours in Sri Bhagawan
RK Shankar




Give the People What They Want
July 12, 2002
Episode 216

Check out the prologue and Act One.
Ira reported that the women at the residence for
Alzheimer's folks got into the wedding more than the
men. They all seemed to enjoy it, though. One caregiver
mentioned that it is rare and remarkable to see all of
the folks focused on the same thing at once. No matter
that the entire wedding was a fake, it seems that few,
if any, of the folks remembered that piece of things.
For these folks, reality is what is right now, it

Two women, passing a pair of glasses back and forth,
neither of them able to say whom the glasses belonged
to, spoke to Ira about the wedding. One of them told
Ira that she had known the bride for a very long time,
told stories about this bride that could not possibly
have happened. They were stories of some other bride,
but this didn't matter. The woman was animated,
bright-eyed, chatting, clearly buying her story

Fake events, more than just weddings, are planned
regularly at this residence. Perhaps these events keep
rapidly fading old memories fresh, familiar
circumstances reinforcing the existance of similar past
circumstances, no matter that they all run together
into, for instance, The Unified Memory of Wedding.

What if Alzheimer's isn't about forgetting? What if it
is about losing the smooth coating that conceals the
fact of constant conflation of past, present, and
future events?

With the smooth coating gone, it becomes perfectly clear
and acceptable that this bride's wedding is my old
friend's daughter's wedding is my wedding.

And whose memories are these, anyway? Has anyone checked
them for ownership? Could it be that memories are
exchanged as freely as those unclaimable glasses?

There is this piece about 'health' and 'social
activity'. It seems there is a push to keep these folks
engaged in recreating, reinstating, reinforcing
memories with each other (whether they are 'real
memories' or not) in order to keep them 'online'.

What events are chosen? Why are these events, and not
others, say, the staged enlightenment <g>, chosen? What
blind eye is running this show?

What is Alzheimer's? Why is it so disorienting to speak
with a person who is Alzheimer's-engaged? What is the
root of the devastation that comes from caring for an
Alzheimer's-engaged person?

It is a voice, coming from the devastated ones, crying
'remember me!' Losing your grandmother is losing your

What if...

...Alzheimer's presented an opportunity, not an

What if...

...we celebrated the onset of Alzheimer's?

What if...

...we trained the Alzheimer's-engaged the same way we
train apsirants?

To be unafraid of becoming noone... to find joy in it.


from The Other Syntax list

Don Juan had always maintained that the only deterrent
to our despair was the awareness of our death, the key
to the sorcerer's scheme of things. His idea was that
the awareness of our death was the only thing that
could give us the strength to withstand the duress and
pain of our lives and our fears of the unknown.

The Art of Dreaming
Carlos Castaneda



Anagrammatic "ego" tales

mini ego - "i", I'm gone!
ego dissolved - godless video
rough ego - hog rogue
pure ego - rupee go!
impure ego - i urge poem
defiled ego - died of glee
healthy ego - the gay hole
unhealthy ego - huge heat only
divine ego - "i give" node
demonic ego - good, nice 'me'

"love and ego - god on leave"

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