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Highlights #1166
Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Editor: Gloria Lee

Dzogchen List

Shirley in Utah runs this website, you may contact her thru there to list your events.

This site lists Buddhist teaching events of all kinds (not just Dzogchen) all over the world.
Lotus Net Calendar of Buddhist Events - New site address - no ads on pages -


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The Mirror is the international newspaper of the Dzogchen Community of Choegyal Namkhai

Each issue contains a wide variety of material of interest to Dharma practitioners world wide. The
broad spectrum covered by The Mirror is reflective of the vision of Rinpoche himself, and includes
teachings by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche as well as other great masters,from His Holiness the Dalai
Lama, Penor Rinpoche, His Holiness the XIIth Gyalwang Drukpa, to interviews with many other
great masters of Tibetan Buddhism.

Each issue contains book reviews, biographies of great masters throughout history, international
Dzogchen Community news, announcements of international Dharma activites and teachings,
Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche's teaching schedule, articles on the projects in Tibet sponsored by the
organization ASIA, updates on the many projects under the auspices of the Shang Shung Institute
(established by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche for the preservation of Tibetan culture and history), as
well as a wide variety of general topics of interest to the modern Dharma practitioner.


from Harsha Satsangh

Day of the Dragonfly

This is the day of the dragonfly,
swallows gathering
seagulls, crickets, violins
mosquitoes coming in.

The sky is darker blue, horizon pink
sun is raising, raising
shining in your hair
somewhere else
another land
another place

Children bathing after dark
sheep gathered in the field
forever round this world
a night of giant moths and twinkling stars,
a darkness whispering,
shapeless, faceless in my heart

With stories still untold.
of every seed
and all that's crawling
under stones and roots
moving on to be revealed
in yet another flower opening.

The Night of Stars

This is the truth
I never ever saw the stars before
this night
they talked to me and touched my skin
they were my kin

and told me
look how deep you like
inside this sphere,
I am just so dark blue
I am near

lie down
on the ground
let mosquitoes drink your blood
spiders cover you with webs
let dust blow into the air

you are already here


from Harsha Satsangh

a contemporary of Shri Ramana's, Beloved Mr. Natural, said:

"Activities are going on naturally, spontaneously, in the same way
that there is no author or doer of your dream world. Nevertheless,
you fully put to use your dream world. You will not be able to
comprehend this so long as you try to understand things as an
individual. But once you are the universal manifest consciousness and
abide in that Paramatman spirit - "I am" without form and
distinction - then you will realize how things are."

How wonderful to swim back and forth between shores, where the green
grasses equally dance in the sea-side breezes!



Squeeze and palm both hard
and gently.

I manipulate clay.

...into a story
'bout a god that creates,
spoken through the form
of this sculpture,
(which isn't even mine)

Hi. What's shakin'?
I'm still makin'

Grasping into mist,
in subtle fields
bringing back nothing
for no one to see.

Nothing clever really.
I did not make the
color or the form
or the eye
that cherishes.

Nor did I make the
musical notes that
compose the rainbow
of sound,
or the ear that listens.

I did not define
the words I use
nor teach anyone
the language.

And what of the order?

The meaning,
that symphony
that reaches out
to the place
where you are touched.

Where does that come from?

Art is listening,
like tuning into some station,
could be from anywhere.

And what's discovered
was always there
waiting to bloom
in the light
of your awareness.

Artists create nothing.
Nothing at all
you see.

And no one ever has.

No one has created
a single blade of grass,
the sand in clear glass
or even a single speck
of empty space.

We are given seed, soil
and a universe
to make it grow.

We are given a spark,
a torch
and a desire to see.

We are given life
with a mind
and a hunger to know.

It's all laid out for us... if someone
had us in mind
when no one created nothing...

Nothing at all.


from Dzogchen

Not Poetry?

Be nice, even when those around you are not, remember
setting an example is appropriate and helps balance the scales
for those times you weren't. Besides one can never know
who they are talking to can they? Any sincere move
in the direction of liberation will summon countless
forces, both personal and impersonal to help one
identify the areas that need practice. i.e., they
will come at you from all sides, and are particularly adept
at under the radar tactics designed to disturb the
peace of your being and engage your passions.
At the same time a purely defensive posture will hamper
the development of the open heart and mind that
is crucial in the preparation of the ground. Therefore
the application of a non judgmental equanimity
is a very beneficial internal action. Consider all those
who aggressively denigrate you as your closest
and most valuable beloved friends and listen to
their advice carefully and it will bless your journey
with an understanding of some aspect of your nature.


from NDS

Color of a Bum's Eye

Ah, the neighborhood bums.

Having found themselves, for one reason or another, located within a
realm of immunity from the requirements of public behavior, they are
free to request anything and say exactly what is on their minds.

They are the Great Humanity Meter.

What does one do when the request for money, food, or sex is voiced?
When the Requestor is filthy and red-eyed? When objectification is

One's answer doesn't hit a nonentity, afterall.

Often, the answer is mirrored back, a ready display of one's best
shot at coping.

This coping, could it be a setting apart?

Could it be that the more intense the struggle to define 'us and
them', the more the issue forms itself?

There is no crime that isn't committed first by the ones lamenting
the crime.

My neighbors are caught in separation. Taking back the streets. From
whom? For whom? Is there not plenty of room on the street?

How many of my neighbors know the color of their bum's eye?

How hard it is to bear the seeing of another as oneself.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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