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Thursday, August 15, 2002
edition #1167
editor: michael read

In GuruRatings Jan Sultan wrote:

I used to be very humble. In fact, even now, I have to fumble before
I can find my ego. [Ask my workers!]

However, now that I know who I really am, why should I be humble? I
will be cocky when I want to be. [I know, I know.]

I don't know what part I am supposed to play . that of a humble
seeker or an arrogant finder?

Who cares! You think I give a damn what you non-existent characters
Oops, I keep on forgetting that I am a fictional character too!

Will the real Jan Shady please stand up, please stand up .

What is all this nonsense, Jan?

Well I think it is a touch of Balsekar. In fact it is a lot of

Can you believe this guy is starting to make sense to me! He is also
having a strange effect on me . the surroundings seem a little hazy, a
little unreal! [Maybe there is some hope for me, yet? :-) ]

I promise to make Balsekar's quotations more palatable for you. Very
soon I am going to rearrange them into different categories [perhaps with
some comments and related quotes from Balsekar's guru Nisargadatta].
Though I warn you his words are more powerful than the local `kill-me-quick'
illicit brew! Keep looking into your SufiMystic folder.

freya responsed:

Ah, don't worry about it.

You've just lost it, that's all.
You're just crazy like the rest of us.

Hey this was a pretty entertaining piece,
which is really all it takes... a good laugh...that and
some good, thanks!

Show me the guru that makes me laugh at myself the most.....and i
will give that guru all the buds.

(Apologies to all that think all this enlightenment stuff
is very serious.

well, i is, but it isnt, but it is, but it isnt, but it
is, but
it isnt.....
yeah, yeah, yeah......OK.

And yes, fer shur, some of the dudes are really good reading,
Balkesar is very good

OK "buds" ......late-ah


In Illuminata Mace Mealer wrote:

If a passionless state is required for realization
Then why does compassion arise with it's attainment?

When in single pointed meditation, and an itch
is perceived, can scratching be a sign of liberation?

If the deaf require answers in a way that they can
never receive, what is the benefit of providing
them answers in this manner?

If effortless action is required, what action is

In debate, when is it appropriate to answer
a relative question with an answer supported by
the absolute?

If devotion is a prerequisite to understanding
the Truth, how is it justified in the realization
of "Not Two" and "Not To".

In Nisargadatta "hurg" wrote:

are we trying to be somebody, the Self, Love, Consciousness, Brahman
or Emptiness...and if so, are our attempts a way to fine tune and
convince ourselves and others of this belief? if this is so, how does
one dismantle the delusion? Catching myself hanging on to the ideals
such as Consciousness, Brahman, Love, Emptiness, God is the lucky(??)
instant when the whole fabric becomes so thin and transparent i can
see right through it. what does that leave me with though? nothing?
it does not feel nothing. it feels like something.

In NondualitySalon Harsha wrote:

There is nothing more profound than being awareness.

There is nothing more profound than being gentle.

There is nothing more profound than loving.

There is nothing more profound than being Love.

Love to all

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photography & writings

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