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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1178 - Monday, August 26, 2002 - Editor: Jerry

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from NDS

Brother Void --

"You are free and that is why you are lost." -- Franz

On the interstate of life you rarely reach your
destination. In rest stop after rest stop, you look for
signs of God, or happiness, or just reason enough to get
back on the road. But is it not right and fitting that
you lose your way? Isn't such failure itself evidence of
the sublime? Granted, the bleary-eyed, caffeine-dazed
monotony of the interstate of life may often feel like
an endless bad dream. But the roadside wreckage that
marks your journey -- the discarded quarts of oil, the
busted hubcaps, the insect bodies splattered on your
windshield, the coffee lids scattered at your feet --
aren't these signs that, in a certain way, you have
already arrived?

It's not whether I arrive; it's how I lose my way.

from NDS list

Just about a year ago, late August, or early September
(sheesh is it that time of year again?), I (or more
properly, my car) overheated on the New York State
Thruway during a traffic jam. I pulled over to the side
to let the radiator cool down enough for a peek, and was
astonished at the way folks offered help. One guy gave
me a gallon of antifreeze just in case..., several
offered sodas and some beers and perhaps a dozen people
offered to use their cell phones to call a tow truck.
Sure, there were many who averted their eyes and "slunk"
past, but wow there were many offers of help.

that's the destination - stuck by the side of the road
celebrating the human capacity to offer help in times
of need. And frankly, I've arrived. Please send help.

from Nisargadatta list

Hi, All!

I am very love teachings (hmmm... may be, Teacher?! may
be :)))))) by Nisargadatta Maharaj and his best disciple
Ramesh Balsekar. I live in far Russia, and I want to get
some books of my beloved Masters. I have no enough money
for new copies of them, but may be one of readers of
e-group have old ones, want to bye new copies and to
throw out old. Then I with great joy will buy them (for
a some dollars :) or free :))) if you want).

I need all books by Nisargadatta and Balsekar (also may
be Wayne Liquorman or Shirish Murthy) in "readable" and
"complete" state (it means that all book pages are
present and are readable :)))). I don't care about
"beauty" of them.

I can pay for them about $0 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 (or more
:)) for item. I have a friend in Salt Lake City. You
send him books and recieve from him bucks :). And he
send them to me in Russia.

In Russian there are translations of 6 books of Ramesh
Balsekar. I have intent to make this quantity more. If I
can :))))). I hold site dedecated to Ramesh Balsekar

Yours sincerely,
Eugene Mezentsev from Russia, Krasnoyarsk.

from the Dzogchen list

Fellow traveler
is it so strange
that we should speak
and in the speaking
share the experience
of our disparate journeys,
no one sees it quite the same,
and even in the knowing that it is.
Will we not celebrate this momentary
departure from the chorus
of our unity with
compassionate interest
and virtuous discourse?


from NDS

[Reply to someone [I think on guru ratings] who insisted
that the words of sages [alone] cannot push you towards
Self Realization]

People say the mind cannot solve anything. They say
words cannot get you enlightenment! So how do you
arrive at dispassion, surrender, acceptance,
understanding, faith, effort, self-inquiry etc.? I use
my mind, what do you use?

It is the mind which in the first place created this
division and separation. And it is the mind itself
through understanding and acceptance/surrender can make
you whole again.

from the I Am list

(1) Know that (you) must know the Pure Whole Self

(2) shining within (and) with the husk and others of the
body of five sheath(/s),

(3) removing them (the five sheaths) by pounding (them)
with firm sharp intelligence

(4) akin to (knowing) the rice (by pounding the
rice-grain with the pestle, and removing the outer
covering of husk etc.).

Translation of Atma Bodha verse 16 by Sri Bhagawan


from the Daily Dharma list

"Even so early in the morning the sun was hot and
burning. There wasn't a breeze and not a leaf was
stirring. In the ancient temple it was cool and
pleasant; the bare feet were aware of the solid slabs of
rocks, their shapes and their unevenness. Many thousands
of people must have walked on them for a thousand years.
It was dark there after the glare of the morning sun and
in the corridors there seemed to be few people that
morning and in the narrow passage it was still darker.
This passage led to a wide corridor which led to the
inner shrine. There was a strong smell of flowers and
the incense of many centuries. And a hundred Brahmanas,
freshly bathed, in newly washed white loin cloths, were
chanting. Sanskrit is a powerful language, resonant
with depth. The ancient walls were vibrating, almost
shaking to the sound of a hundred voices. The dignity of
the sound was incredible and the sacredness of the
moment was beyond the words. It was not the words that
awakened this immensity but the depth of the sound of
many thousand years held within these walls and in the
immeasurable space beyond them. It was not the meaning
of those words, nor the clarity of their pronunciation,
nor the dark beauty of the temple but the quality of
sound that broke walls and the limitations of the human
mind. The song of a bird, the distant flute, the breeze
among the leaves, all these break down the walls the
human beings have created for themselves."
~J. Krishnamurti.

From the book, "J. Krishnamurti's Journal," published by Harper.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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