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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1194 - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - Editor: Jerry

Robert S. Wilson, "Where Lemon Trees Sing", oil on canvas, 27" x 24", $1,200

from NDS

In memory of 9/11...
These are thoughts I wrote after a visit to Ground Zero last October...

On a peaceful fall day
I took a subway ride
to Ground Zero,
in a feeble attempt
to conceptualize the event.

Only a few weeks before the tragedy,
on a warm August evening
I danced lightheartedly
around the granite fountain
encircling Koenig's bronze sphere,
centered in the plaza,
connecting the magnificent towers.

Freedie Johnson was singing
"This Perfect world"
while I stood in awe
looking up to the delicate
sacred mountains touching the sky
reminiscent of Stonehenge.

with a heart full of sorrow,
I stand before the broken remains
of a massive burial ground.
Ghosts ever-present in the smoldering smell.

Workers diligently clean ash from the ground
and reconstruct pipes and cement.
They are distracted only by a pretty girl passing by.

Black burned buildings
wearing funeral clothes of tarp,
wrapped Christo-like,
haunt the cityscape.

Many people come to look.
Makeshift memorials are strung on gates and sidewalks and
countless posters and banners from all over the world
express compassion and support.
"This is not a tourist attraction", an angry woman cries out
to the passersby.
This was her attempt to protect the sanctity of the souls,
or perhaps cope with her pain.
I took photos and gaped like the rest,
said a silent prayer and
felt the sorrow burn deep into my heart.
I realized that what one accepts into their being is all that really matters.

Even through this hateful manifestation,
my love for humanity continues to grow
for Love is our only safe harbor.

Love, blessing and peace always,


from The Other Syntax

"How does the right way of walking stop the internal
dialogue?" I asked.

"Walking in that specific manner saturates the tonal,"
he said. "It floods it. You see, the attention of the
tonal has to be placed on its creations. In fact, it is
that attention that creates the order of the world in
the first place; so, the tonal must be attentive to the
elements of its world in order to maintain it, and
must, above all, uphold the view of the world as
internal dialogue."

He said that the right way of walking was a subterfuge.
The warrior, first by curling his fingers, drew
attention to the arms; and then by looking, without
focusing his eyes, at any point directly in front of
him on the arc that started at the tip of his feet and
ended above the horizon, he literally flooded his
"tonal" with information. The "tonal," without its
one-to-one relation with the elements of its
description, was incapable of talking to itself, and
thus one became silent.

The Strategy of a Sorcerer
Carlos Castaneda


from NDS

Actually, the idea of the Self being the witness is only
in the mind; it is not the absolute truth of the Self.
Witnessing is relative to objects witnessed. Both the
witness and his object are mental creations.

Ramana Maharshi
Be As You Are p.15


from Sufimystic

blow your mind

lol it's been about quater of a century ago, that i've first pointed out to
some friends that the word "brahma", repeated without break, spells
"abraham".... must have been inspired by his spouse, goddes of speech and
wisdom, sara-svati.


:) there is only one truth
that no mouth can utter;
the rest are just stories
about the same old tale...


from Nondual Parent

I had a bit of a rough time last night. Z started crying
pretty hard in the middle of the night after a failed
feeding attempt by me (in retrospect, we both realized
that she hadn't wanted to eat when she had awoken
earlier; she must have simply wanted some cuddling), and
while I was trying to soothe her, my wife came in and
took her from my arms to soothe her instead.

I was insulted (it wasn't the first time this had
happened), and angry. Z was yelling too loudly for
either of us to converse, and I left the room in anger,
frustrated by what felt like another thwarted attempt on
my part to soothe Z when she's really upset. I've felt
tension about this point before, when my wife has taken
Z back from me before I feel like I've had a chance to
soothe her properly myself. Last night, on only a couple
hours' sleep, my temper flared when it happened again.

We had a good discussion about the incident this morning
and I think we've largely resolved the underlying
issues. But upon reflecting on the incident myself this
morning, I remembered how I felt while I was feeling
that anger. I remember how I observed the anger rise up
inside me like heat, and how I had to take several deep
breaths to let that energy dissipate. After a few
minutes of festering, the anger did begin to die down,
and within a few more minutes, I felt almost as though
nothing had happened.

I thought this was a good thing. At first blush, I
thought that maybe I shouldn't have even become angry at
all; that the true sage simply wouldn't have been
bothered by this in the first place. But upon further
reflection on that point, I realized (with pleasure)
that it was perfectly normal and okay for me to have
felt that anger, and that it clearly dissipates quickly
when given the opportunity to come forth and move
through without hold-up or unseemly focus. That is to
say, this feeling came up in me like no other feeling,
but disappeared just like all other feelings do as soon
as I fully acknowledged its presence.

Hope everyone is having a clear day today. Clear of
mind, clear of sight.


from NDS

When the Trees Sing

When the trees sing,
It doesn't really matter
If you know the song,
Or if you know the words,
Or even if you know the tune.
What really matters is knowing
That the trees are singing at all.

Mattie - 5/6/98
Hyperion. All Rights Reserved.


from Live Journal

I didn't even crack a smile when I started
reading this, but by the end, I was laughing out loud:


from Meditation Society of America

Cover all the bases

Mullah Nasrudin was dying. The priest was preparing him
for his voyage into the great beyond. Whispering firmly,
the priest said, "Denounce the devil! Let him know how
little you think of his evil!" Nasrudin said nothing.
The priest repeated his order. Still Nasrudin said

The priest asked, "Why do you refuse to denounce the
devil and his evil?"

Nasrudin said, "Until I know where I'm heading, I don't
think I ought to aggravate anybody."

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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