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#1200 - Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - Editor: Michael Alois Read

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Harsha wrote:

Sri Ramana used to say that either one has to enquire
steadfastly about the arising of the aham vritti (the
I thought--the feeling awareness of I AM) or
surrender entirely to the Guru that is one's own Self,
the very Heart of one's existence. In either approach,
the ego, the sense of identity, the I-ness
merges in the Heart and the Self.

Bhagavan often made the point that one cannot go
beyond a certain point with effort alone and that
Grace is needed. When asked, how could one obtain
Grace, Sri Ramana would say that Grace is
ever-existent and always there. One only needed to be
aware of It. That is why Ramana Maharshi often brought
attention to the Heart, and that the Self is Always
Realized and that the Grace is always there.

So one makes the sincere effort, and then Grace takes
over, some Power, the Power of the Self---that takes
the mind and merges it in the Heart.

The Heart is the magnet. The words of the Guru are
Grace because they make the devotee aware of the Heart
that is Self. When meditation is ripe, and all the
effort that is possible has been made, through Grace,
mind and Shakti are drawn to the Heart, and the Heart
swallows up everything. That is the Supreme Silence
beyond time and space.

Love to all
Harsha - again:

Ramana Maharshi suggested both "Who am I" and "Whence
am I" forms of inquiry. They can actually both go
together. "Whence am I" is very powerful but "Who am
I" has caught on more as Sri Ramana emphasized it over
and over again and for good reasons. In Sanskrit "Who
am I" is translated as "Kohum". "Who am I" can
naturally lead to looking into the "whereness of the

There are other forms of inquiry as well which could
be used. If I recall correctly our own Jerry Katz had
come with "Why am I" which many liked very much as

What ever the inquiry, when the inquirer vanishes,
everything goes.

Love to all


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The being depicted here is a bonobo.
Bonobos are of the chimpanzee family.

(all pictures in this issue were found by doing a google images search
using keywords - apes, monkey, gorilla, bonobo and mandrill)


posted on several lists - by michael/me

if you think

if you think the dishes are dirty, wash them

if you think it is time to get out of bed, get out of bed

if you feel like a piece of shit, you are - but it should pass

if you feel like you are divine, you may well be - but please don't send for the free test

if you think that you have thought enough about it so that by now you needn't think anymore, you'll stop - then start again - then
stop again - etc

if you think that realizing the simple fact that the very bit of awareness that comprehends words and emotion and such is in fact the universal awareness or god or whatever did create all this is you (such as you are or so the sages say - but who gets to be a sage, anyway?) , but somehow can't quite click to this realization thingy for being so freaking ordinary, as anything more than a concept best left to someone else but not for you because you'll no doubt just do something silly if you do ever catch the ball, never fear though, you are a real believer in the miraculous and spirituality of fullness and being, as it were, and if you think that coming to the so-called awakened state (whatever the fuck THAT is - to you) in the fullness of your ever shifting expectations of just how sweet IT will be when you get it and yup! - there you'll be - sheesh! after all that stuff and circumstance we call our dear sweet little lives.

but, being nothing more than an accidental monkey, how could you know?
aha! the thing is that you can hear and feel the calliope when it plays

so! may all your imaginary friends play nice

loveya - michael

"Look, don't think about IT. Until you realize something
you will always be just another monkey!
And, oh yeah, they drugged the bananas again."

"See? I told you, only two cavities!"

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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