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#1202 - Thursday, September 19, 2002 - Editor: Jerry

from NDS

If this all turned out to be
a joke, a lie, a fantasy
and every teacher, guru and sage
said there is nothing here at all
to find, to see and know.
the show is off,
go home.

Which difference would it make?


Al...that picture rocks!


from Daily Dharma

"Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all of the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it."

~The Course In Miracles


"For the first time in his thirty-year career, Ken
Wilber is now accepting students, both of integral work
in general and his work in particular. Ken is looking
for top-notch student-practitioners in any integral
field—consciousness studies, psychology, ecology,
spirituality, feminism, education, medicine, politics,
business, art."


from NDS

Andrew and Ken


from the I Am list

Kanakammal's Memories of Bhagavan

Dr. Prakash Adiseshan of Ann Arbor, Michigan has
translated the following interesting excerpts from Smt.
Kanakammal's Tamil book, Ninaivil Nirainthavai.

1. Sri Bhagavan was observing the activity of a child,
who was pointing out that Sri Bhagavan's head was clean
shaven and so is hers, etc. He talked about how
observant some children are.

This led Sri Bhagavan to recall an incident about a
little girl who used to live in Ramana Nagar. She had
observed people bringing food and offering it to Sri
Bhagavan and then distributing it to the people in the
hall. One day she approached Sri Bhagavan hesitatingly,
and upon asking he found out that she had wrapped a few
papads in her dress, having got them from her kitchen
at home. Sri Bhagavan and the girl shared the papads.
The next day she repeated the act by bringing fruits
from her garden. After sharing the fruits with her, He
asked her if there was a picture of him in their house.
The girl said that they had one. Sri Bhagavan asked her
to henceforth offer the food to the picture and eat it
herself and think that he ate it. (from Ch. 29)

2. An elderly man walked into the hall and upon seeing
him, Sri Bhagavan's behavior changed: he appeared to
behave like an obedient student. The person who entered
said, "Bhagavan, please clear all my doubts."

Smiling and looking at a devotee nearby, Sri Bhagavan
replied, "Do you know who this person is? I came away
from Madurai unable to answer his questions. Now he has
come all the way here with more questions!" The visitor
was Sri Bhagavan's Tamil teacher in school. (from Ch.

3. One day a devotee pointed out to Sri Bhagavan that
someone in the hall was sleeping. The devotee added
that he has been watching that person sleep this way
for the past few days. Sri Bhagavan looked at the
devotee and said. "That person is taking care of the
purpose for which he came. How about you? Why have you
come here?" (from Ch. 19)

4. Among Sri Bhagavan's attendants was one Vaikunda
Vaasar (another name for Vishnu). Once when he was
lying down in Sri Bhagavan's hall he noticed a snake
near him. He became petrified and hastily approached
Bhagavan pointing out the snake. Sri Bhagavan looked at
the snake and said with a laugh, addressing the devotee,
"Vaikunda Vaasar, your bed has come looking for you.
Must be a smooth bed," referring to Sri Vishnu's lying
posture on the snake. (from Ch. 19)

From the Mountain Path

Hari Aum !!!

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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