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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1206 - Monday, September 23, 2002 - Editor: Jerry

The door, nijiriguchi, of Taian, is merely a weathered plank.

Detail of Taian Teahouse


The Transhuman Singularity



The art of preparation with Sufi philosophy and Macrobiotic


from NDS

God is a great magician with nothing up His Sleeve.


from NDS

The best bowing I have done is to my kids tying their shoe laces.

Love to all, Harsha


How do people feel about kneeling in the churches of exoteric
faiths they don't agree with/countenance?

Had an opportunity to do this last weekend. Oh, I struggled
against it, even thought I would skip the ceremony. Found myself
sitting in that circle doing things I had no desire to do. Then I
looked around and saw that others were getting nourishment from
it. Then I noticed that at the core of what was being done and
said, there was with which to disagree. In fact, I recognized all
of myself in these 'others'. It was a gathering of facets of me.
At that point, bowing was a joy.

...............Bowing is a part of the formal gatherings with my
spiritual master, as well as the exchange of prasad. The first
time I did it I nearly bolted from the room rather than go
through with it. It was such an affront to ego, every cell in my
body panicked, sheer terror. Today, 25 years later, the bowing
part of those formal weekly gatherings is my favorite part.

I agree with you here Mathew. I think the whole deal with bowing
is about what is going on within the 'bower' and not the 'bowee'.

It's all about your consciousness anyway don't you think? Your
reaction. Your resistance or acceptance. Your growth or stuckness.

It has nothing to do with what or whom you are bowing to unless
YOU make it so.

However, that being said...I think one can bow to anything with
love and honor...within or only the ego really cares
one way or t'other what it looks like or whom to......everything
is Shiva no?

To hide the bow to 'within' becomes an ego issue if there is
resistance to humbling oneself publicly... It's all a lot of fun
to sort

Humbling oneself takes a very big spirit and a very tiny ego...a
very loving heart enmeshed in clarity.

I'm sure in the beginning it would affect some as though they were
a cat and it's hair was rubbed the wrong way....ever seen the
disgusted look on a 'puff-cat'? lol I think gurus are aware of
this...and tis one of the reasons its a part of the program.


from Ultimate Advaita

From Robert Adams' book "Silence of the Heart":

"Whatever appears to happen to your body or your mind, whether you
have cancer, AIDS, the D.T.s, bubonic plague, whether you are the
strongest person on earth, whether your mind feels depressed,
disillusioned, or you mind feels happy or reassured, WHATEVER

You have absolutely nothing to do with that. Makes no difference
what's going on in your life. You can be materially relatively the
happiest person on earth, or you can be miserable, sick. It has
nothing to do with you. It has absolutely nothing at all to do
with you. This is your body and your mind, not you. You are
Brahman. You are Nirvana. You are the Absolute Reality. The
goings on in your body and mind have absolutely nothing to do
with you."

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: