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NDhighlights #1218 - Saturday, October 5 - Edited by John

cee livejournal

all movement is mind
all movement is something arising
who we really are-call it Pure Being
does not move
is prior to mind
in deepest meditation
discriminate between
(the radical truth is that
there is no mind
no thing has ever arisen
know yourself in the vastest sense!
in deepest meditation
discriminate between

Brother Void

What is to give light must endure burning.
—Victor Frankel

Many of us have set out on the path of enlightenment. We long for a release of selfhood in some kind
of mystical union with all things. But that moment of epiphany — when we finally see the whole
pattern and sense our place in the cosmic web — can be a crushing experience from which we never
fully recover.

Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything.
You can not turn away. Your destiny is bound to the destinies of others. You must either learn to
carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty
enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.

To seek enlightenment is to seek annihilation, rebirth, and the taking up of burdens. You must come
prepared to touch and be touched by each and every thing in heaven and hell.

I am One with the Universe and it hurts.

shiv e Centre Of Friends

Osho-based e-zine:

Gary Merrill Consciousness Is All

Silent contemplation is not the pursuit of 'silence' of some
experience called silence.

It is not the contemplation of 'silence' of some thing.

Rather silent contemplation happens when there is nothing left to

Junior GuruRatings

On-line book Christianity in the East/West Dialogue

Chapter 7: A Dialogue With Nonduality?

The Way of the Wacko Utne Reader

Ram Dass Review of latest book

Nisargadatta : I Am That

Nothing can be done without love.

Christiana sends notice of a coupla books:

Hur Guler NDS

your face is neither
infinite nor ephemeral.
you can never see your own face,
only a reflection
not the face itself.

so you sigh
in front of mirrors
and cloud the surface.

it's better to keep
your breath cold.
hold it, like a diver
does in the ocean.
one slight movement,
the mirror-image goes.

don't be dead
or asleep or awake
don't be anything.

what you most want
what you travel around
wishing to find,
lose yourself
as lovers lose themselves
and you'll be that.

version by coleman barks

ps. attar and sanai were perhaps two of the most influential figures
on rumi. this is not a cut&paste. i typed this poem from the "rumi
and the mystical sufi poets"
2002 calendar by the freer gallery of art, smithsonian

Michael Read Meditation Society of America

I would like to add that when we meditate we look within not only to find
forgiveness but to be forgiveness. At some point, like you say it is usually
earlier than not, the meditator is confronted with their darker nature. This is
an indication that we are learning to be honest with ourselves. After all, who
should know better than us all the shitty things we've done. All the times we
failed and felt miserable and alone.

But when we fall into depression and despair, we can feel that we are alone
with our pain and guilt. And it sucketh, yeah verily yeah. And we wonder just
what the hell God is thinking of to create so much pain, misery and sorrow.

Hell, a body can get so low that a jackhammer up the butt won't hardly cause a
stir. A mumble, mabey, but hardly a stir.

On the other hand a person can get so blissed out that sharp blows to the head
won't hardly phase them. Cain't knock em off - they in hebben already. :-)

Ever felt so low that you knew you had been cheated out of dying?
Ever feel like all the butterflies and humming birds were just for you?
Ever wonder what your pet is thinking?
Do you think that something must be done about it all?
If you could save the world, would you? If so, who for? Who from?
Will someone please come and save the world?
What if the world were saved and you missed it?

Suppose one fine day that you sit down to meditate or, say go for a walk, or
perhaps just doing some chores around the place - BOOM - the big enchilada
bonifide big E el numero Uno Awakening happens. That gauzy thin creation you
thought was you gets parted and lo and behold there You are.

Hey! You been There, or shall we say Here, before!
Well well well.
And so it goes.

no heaven
no hell
just this

no matter who we are
what we have done
what we have left undone
no matter how deeply we fear
how gloriously we love,
who are we when we forget
that we are only life
that we have only so many heartbeats
so many days
so many seconds
that we are life's gift to itself

no matter our mood our heart keeps on beating
in great excitement our heart will knock against our ribs
and life becomes so intense! ah.

that greater self seekers hope to find
is what is there, closer than those heartbeats

oh yeah, on the road to finding out that you are already what you seek, develop
a taste for irony. it will help. :-)



ps and classes on self love can be good for you. you gotta start somewhere.

Al Larus True Vision

You must still be a child.
Playing on the beach
of future waves.

Close your eyes
and look into light.

Darkness covers everything
says the king of sorrow.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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