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#1221 - October 8th, 2002 - Edited by Michael

In GuruRatings "bill hajdu" wrote:
My comments follow ref.


> Message: 4
> Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 16:10:35 -0000
> From: "Robert Meizer" > Subject: Re: Teacher's agenda
> "dan330033" wrote:
> > > the tao that can be named.. is the tao that can be named.. :-)
> > >
> > > jeroen
> >
> > Indeed.
> >
> > The tao that cannot be named ... is not the
> > tao that cannot be named.
> >
> > Dan
> The tao that can be named. The tao that cannot be named. The tao
> can be named and the tao that cannot be named. Neither the tao that
> can be named nor the tao that cannot be named. Not :-)
> bobby

since you two brought it up, please allow me to present the opening
to my
re-translation of the TTC:

1. The Tao

The miracle of all that is I name the Tao---
Knowing the Tao will remain long after my word is forgotten,
Knowing that it is impossible to capture the meaning
Of all that is and all that will be in a single word.

To experience the Tao is to write ten thousand words.
To try to experience the Tao is to read their reflection in a murky
Effortless effort aligns the human frequency with the Tao.
I vibrate in harmony with the universe.

It is the eternal mystery.
It is the way of the Tao

Glamour implies illusion on astral or emotional levels, while illusion is essentially mental in nature. Glamour is illusion intensified
by desire.


In [email protected] another approach to glamour

From: "cornelius" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue Oct 8, 2002 11:35 pm
Subject: Re: Sahaja and Glamours

--- In [email protected], Ramon Sender <[email protected]>

Hi Ramon,

Thanks for the scan of this Bailey work; in part due
to its slimness its an accessible read. And unlike a
title like "A treatise of Cosmic Fire", "Glamour"
has connotations to the layman. You don't have to be

an occultist to have a jaundiced eye about "glamour"
(unless you are
someone who fawns over movie stars, luvs the latest
fashions or even
puffs out your chest at Hail to the Chief).
"Glamour" conjures images of untamed Egotism that is
part and
particle of cosmopolitianism: fashion, movie, drug, political,
financial, whatever, short the stuff of a "world
In the terms or schemes you mention (astral, illusion and maya)
Bailey illustrates that Glamour is no blemish on the face, the acne
of consumer culture, but a spiritual pollution or disease that will
be found in the three or whatever number of bodies or planes: astral,etheric.
In your reference to the Rays one is reminded of sweeping
generalizations (still useful IMHO) use to construct personality
archetypes in Astrology and the Ennegram.
Am I the only one who held that Maya and Illusion was synonmous
(until you make it clear that Bailey drew compelling distinctions).
And not until recently I thought that the Astral Plane was a "place"
of illumination! But then, there's probably alot of dispute amongst
esotericist as to what the hell the Astral plane is supposed to be.

If Glamour is superfically pointed out by the glossiness of objects
of Egoic mind, I wonder what would be Bailey's take on the
development of the internet culture. I see it as nonGlamourous. I
don't have the esoteric insight, but if Glamour is a parasite of
hierarchical, ego-fostering power structures, the internet up to this
stage is so pedestrian or horizontal, it

> Speaking of 'grabitudes'...
> there is a book from the Lucis Trust by Alice Bailey titled
> "Glamour - A World Problem" that bears a closer reading.
> In it she outlines various problems around 'mental illusion,'
> 'astral glamour' and 'etheric Maya' that impedes the
> spiritual advancement and usefulness in both individual and
> groups. As she points out, this all involves the attachment to
> powers and the misuse of energies -- siddhi intoxication.
> Glamour on the mental plane - illusion - includes wrong perception
> of an idea, wrong interpretation, direction, integration.
embodiment and application.
> Glamour also occurs on the personal, the family level, the national and the racial. Astral
glamours include materiality, sentiment, devotion, pairs of opposites and glamour of the
Path. Bailey recommends 'Study the three temptations of Jesus." She continues:
> "Only through Raja Yoga can a person stand steady in the light, and only through
illumination and the achieve of clear vision can the fogs and miasmas of glamour be finally
dissipated. Only as
> the disciple learns to hold the mind 'steady in the light', and as
> the ways of pure light stream forth from the soul, can the glamour
> be discovered, discerned, recognized for what it essentially is, and thus be made to
disappear as he mists of earth dissolve in the
> rising sun."
> Glamour upon the etheric levels - Maya - occurs when one has
> gained the Path. She writes, "When to the power of maya is added
> the condition of glamour and also the illusons of the advanced
> disciple, it will be seen how necessary it is that there should be
> quiet differentiation between the three types of deception... The
> aspirant has to learn to stand free from illusion, glamour and maya, and to do this must
understand the means to freedom which are: Intuition, Illumination and Inspiration."
> She then lists 64 occurring types of Glamour under the subheadings
> of the Seven Rays. Briefly:
> Ray I: physical strength, personal magnetism, self-centeredness,
> selfish personal ambition, rulership-dictatorship, Messiah complex in politics, divine
right of kings, destruction, isolation -aloofness, superimposed will.
> Ray II: love of being loved, popularity, personal wisdom, selfish
> responsibility, too complete an understanding that negates right action, self-pity, Messiah
complex in the world of religion and world need, fear based on undue sensitivity,
self-sacrifice, selfish unselfishness, self-satisfaction, selfish service.
> Ray III: being busy, cooperation with the Plan in an individual and not a group way, active
scheming, creative work without true motive, good intentions (basically selfish), 'the spider
at the center," "God in the machine," devious and continuous
> manipulation, self-importance from the standpoint of knowing and
> efficiency.
> Ray IV: Harmony (aiming at personal comfort), of war, of conflict
with the objective of imposing righteousness and peace, vague artistic perception, psychic
perception instead of intuition, musical perception, of the pairs of opposites in the higher
> Ray V: of materiality (over-emphasis of form), of the intellect, of knowledge, of assurance
(narrow point of view), of form that hides reality, of organization, of the outer that hides
the inner.
> Ray VI: of devotion, of adherence to forms and persons, of
idealism, of loyalties and creeds, of emotional response, of sentimentality, of interference,
of the lower pairs of opposites, of World Saviours and Teachers, of the narrow vision, of
> Ray VII: of magical work, of the relation of the opposites, of the
> subterranean powers, of that which brings together, of the physical body, of the mysterious
and secret, of sex magic, of the merging manifested forces.
> Bailey then goes on to deal with the two great contrasting forces
> the aspirant must face, which she names The Angel of the Presence
> and The Dweller on the Threshold. Not to belabor this much further, I think she sums it up
well as follows:
> "The aspirant has, therefore, three pairs of opposites with which to deal as she/he
progresses towards light and liberation.
> 1. On the physical plane - the dense and the etheric, fought out on the Path of
> 2. On the astral plane - the well-known dualities. Fought upon
> the path of discipleship.
> 3. On the mental plane - The Angel and the Dweller. Fought upon
> the path of initiation.
> ________________________________________________________
> From: "gwh0002" <[email protected]> writes:

> Only after the event of surrender at the heart (Sahaj-Samadhi)
and a concrete grounding in the non-duel reality of the source can
there be true relationship.
> Mother Conductor: "Next stop, 24-hour effortless abiding. Tickets,
> please!"
> Ramon: "I don't think it hurts to recite aloud the above glamours
with a firm renunciation of same, while waiting for the train to pull into the station."
> Beams...


And finally, this:

no, this is not an advert (well, it is but it is funny) and no, i haven't checked dout the site.

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