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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1222 - Wednesday, October 9, 2002 - Edited by Jerry

Jon the donut man

from The Other Syntax

It's all right to have a good time. That's one of the
most important messages of enlightenment. We should try
to comprehend the highest pleasure level, the pleasure
of God, so to speak, in all that we perceive.

--Thaddeus Golas

from HarshaSatsangh

Grace Has Entered the World

Beloved Friends,

Grace Olivia Plessinger emerged victorious into the
Light. Born at 3:52 pm, she weighed in at 6 lbs 10.9
ounces. She is most exquisitely beautiful with the
largest eyes i've ever seen on a baby. Lovely dark hair
and a dear button nose, she also has a full, rich with
Love and Life mouth. Blessings abound for all of us.
Such is the Mystery of the One.


Mazie & b


This scythe of moon has
slit my throat and
Now only moonshine is
pouring out.

Last July my mother died, today
my grand-daughter was born.

I remember the last words
from the dream:

"Nothing is forgotten."

Something exquisitely sharp has
carved out my eyes,
replacing them with fire.

I see you now --
I cannot bear it!

My Love --

My Madness!

I have to say these things
while they burn my heart –

There is nothing but You!

From this incinerator
I am crying,

Let me smear
Your Chest with
my ash!

Let me be that
flaming pyre out on the lake –
the one I saw before I knew fire!

The one that has returned to
this heart to ravage and
wreak its devastation!

Let me die in You!

I am born in You!

This moment here
in the midst of the furnace
is not ours –
We are fuel of Shiva.

Om Shiva!



O Beloved --

What is this?

What is this?


Dear Amigo reader

This time Amigo had to ripen a little longer than usual
but this is to announce that number 4 has seen the light
of day. This time with the question of whether our
existence is bearable or not. What is there to be gained
by realization? You arrive back to the point of
departure, but is there a difference? Perhaps you will
find answers in the interviews with Jan van Delden, Tony
Parsons or Hans Laurentius. Or in the contributions by
Jean Klein, Jan Kersschot, Nathan Gill, Douwe Tiemersma
and others.

As editors we were surprized at the number of Jan's who
write for Amigo. A little research showed that Jan
comes from Johannes (so Joan, Hans and Johan can also
feel referred to) and comes from the Hebrew meaning as
much as : 'Yahweh is merciful'. You can find Amigo 4

Wishing you a pleasant journey of discovery through this
issue! The Amigo-editors.


Thank you, I love this free magazine. I have only
recently even heard of the term Non-duality when I
discovered the author Tony Parson.

well done thanks,



from Ultimate Advaita

“When you are knowingly in your absence, you stimulate
this absence at others.” Jean Klein [translated from
French, thus the strange English … I think?]

This happened to me once in a barber shop. While I was
having my hair trimmed I went into Samadhi … i.e. Went
into ‘my’ absence. When I came to, I noticed that the
barber had finished trimming my hair, yet was playing
around with my hair with a happy expression on his face.
I also noticed the one client waiting for his turn too
was looking towards me with an unhurried contented look
on his face!

‘What was going on?’, I thought. ‘A barber with a client
waiting not in a hurry!’ Even after I had paid and was
leaving, the smiles still lingered on their faces.

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Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression Home

Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: