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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Issue #1243 - Wednesday, October 30, 2002 - Edited by Jerry

Thailand. From


Inner and Outer Adventure in Thailand with Arjuna and Friends

Dear Friends

We have been receiving many inquiries lately about our
retreat in Thailand in March. We did not want to take
bookings until we had all the logistics firmly in place.
Lasse Ek, my good friend in Sweden has just completed all
the preparations, and we are ready to welcome you to the

Lasse has done a fantastic job! We will be staying at a
very luxurious resort the first week, that offers Thai
massage, Ayurveda, yoga classes, a great beach and, and,
and... At this resort Chameli and I will be offering the
Living Essence Tools, and particularly deeper work with
men and women to explore the limits to intimacy and real

During the second week Lasse and his partner Carina will
lead us in wild and wonderful outdoor adventures: camping
and hiking on an island that is a volcanic nature
reserve, deep sea diving and scuba diving, more hiking,
exploring, swimming.... we can hardly wait!

We will take 40 people for this adventure, with 4
leaders. About 20 people have contacted us so far saying
they want to come, so it might fill quite fast. If you
feel a pull to sun and depth and adventure in the middle
of March, come take a look at the pages on our site:

I have been totally immersed in several new books the
last months, and hence have become a recluse. We
apologize for the lapse in maintaining our website, it
has been taken care of now. My novel, five years in the
making, will be ready soon, and Living Fullness, the book
that has taken most of my time, is also coming along. It
is based in interviews with more than one hundred and
fifty contemporary mystics: including Eckart Tolle, Byron
Katie, Jean Huston, Ram Dass, so it has been wonderful
doing the research!

We send you love. If you can make it to Thailand, that
will be a wonderful time to share.

Be well, share the blessings...



from The Other Syntax

In any case, you're never alone—there are many beings
aware of you at all times, loving you, ready to make you
feel it whenever you are ready to open up to it, taking
care to see that you don't get in too deep, encouraging
you to love yourself.

The world you see is in truth a reality of convenience—in
a sense, the universe will compassionately arrange
itself into anything you need it to be to work out your
preferences. You have an infinite choice of worlds to
live in. (...) Whatever your choice, whatever vibrations
feel right to you, you will tune in and stabilize with
others believing the same thing. On the space level,
like usually attracts like.

--Thaddeus Golas


from The Other Syntax

Beware Those Who Weep With Realization

He reiterated that my concentration had to be total, that
to understand was of crucial importance, that the new
seers placed the highest value on deep, unemotional

"To understand, one needs sobriety, not emotionality.
Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have
realized nothing."

The Glow of Awareness
Carlos Castaneda


from NDS

seemingly inside
under layers of turmoil
hides the biggest smile
once delivered from all fear
it can't even hide in tears


from the Nasrudin list

(edited, hopefully not out of context. --ed.)

Would a failed Taoist be a success?
Ken Wilber strikes me as a very dynamic
As we all know Nasrudin is quite often
a failure as a person, mystic and Moslem.
Is that paradoxically the nature of his success?

Would Nasrudin say about Ken Wilber:
"He certainly knows what he is talking about
- a good reason not to trust him . . . "

I am still struggling with the Mahayana dictum:
"Emptiness is form and form is Emptiness"
If I ever get past that maybe I will be
confident enough to read Mr Wilburs ideas . . .


from I Am

M. There is fire on the screen in a cinema show: does it
burn the screen ? There is a cascade of water: does it
wet the screen ? There are tools : do they damage the
screen ? Fire and water are only phenomena on the screen
of Brahman and do not affect it.

Note : This is a perfect illustration of Sri Krishna's
words in the Bhagavad-Gita that fire does not burn it (
the Self), nor does water wet it, nor can swords cut it,
of which no one can plead ignorance; for there is
scarcely an intelligent person who has not witnessed it
in a picture-house, and has not known that the piece of
cloth - the screen - which receives the fury of fire,
water and swords remains completely unaffected by the
celluloid conflagration that appears to rage on it. The
screen is the seeing mind, the subject spoken of in the
last note, and the celluloid conflagration is the world.

Hari Aum !!!

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: