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NDhighlights #1259 - Saturday, November 16, 2002 - Edited by John

Nobody taking a bath in the famous Bavarian beer lake.

Saktidassa and Jan B. NDS

S: It is all about purification and the gunas or modes. Foul language is
the mind's way of speaking in a tamasic or rajasic mode. It is
actually verbal violence. I must admit an occasional word or two
slips out of my mouth, especially if I hurt myself etc.

J: Wouldn't the absence of an interpreting mode that sees one thing
as 'pure' and another as 'foul' qualify as 'equanimity'?

S: One will normally find people who have a predeliction to foul
language are absorbed in tamas and rajas. The vibrations are anti
moksha and come from eating meat and absorbing negatives from other
polluted sources.

J: And whence came the notions to start defining one thing as 'pure' and another
as 'foul'?
Acceptance of it in childhood maybe?

S: This is why sadhana is so important, never mind how non dual the mind
thinks it is.

J: Life itself is the only sadhana with plenty of reality tests.
Difficult to see when the accepted childhood conditioning
has exceeded a critical mass as then, the desire for separation
from "ordinary life" is overwhelming.

Gene Poole NDS
An interesting viewpoint from japan...

Al Larus NDS

diana being one

For those of you who've become enamored of
Anthony de Mello.....the directions for subscription
should be addressed to: Scott Reeves [email protected]
From: Scott Reeves <[email protected]>

Dear Wisdom List Subscriber:

Every other month we return to our roots and start a new Awareness List which is Anthony de
Mello at his best. We originally founded the Spiritus Ministry to convey the wisdom of Anthony de Mello's
Awareness to a small number of recovering alcoholics here in Little Rock, Arkansas. By the time we
had transmitted the last chapter, the list had grown to over 70 people just by word of mouth. So . . . to
keep things going we started to scan in the little dialogues between the Master and his disciples from
One Minute Wisdom . . . and the list has continued to grow through word-of-mouth to where today
there are over 5,900 of you being charmed by the Master.

The Awareness list that we started in July ends next Wednesday, and the September start is
currently reading Chapter 26 of the 56 Chapters. The new Awareness List will start on Sunday,
November 17 , and if you have not read this seminal, life changing book, we urge you to join us in this
spiritual adventure.

If you would like to join us [send to above address with "November Awareness List" in
subject line. It will takes us a number of days to cut and paste all the addresses to the new list, but
we expect to send Chapter One on Sunday evening November 17. Thereafter, we will send another
chapter every other day or so until all fifty six chapters have been sent.

New edition

Nisargadatta : I Am That

I was undeceived, that is all. I used to create a world and populate it.
Now I don't do it any more. [Now I live] in the void beyond being and
non-being, beyond consciousness. This void is also fullness; do not pity
me. The mind ceased producing events. The ancient and ceaseless search stopped - I wanted
nothing, expected nothing, accepted nothing as my own. There was no "me" left to strive for. Even
the bare "I am" faded away.
The other thing that I noticed was that I lost all my habitual certainties.
Earlier I was sure of so many things, now I am sure of nothing. But I feel
that I have lost nothing by not knowing, because all my knowledge was
false. My not knowing was in itself knowledge of the fact that all
knowledge is ignorance, that "I do not know" is the only true statement
the mind can make.

Brother Void

"Nothing has a stronger influence ... on ... children, than the unlived life of the parent."
-- Carl Jung

Some of us have children too early in life. Invariably, we lay our thwarted dreams and toxic
disappointments upon their heads, hoping they will live the life we neglected to live. The rest of us
figure, why not have our life first and then have the kids? We soon find, however, that this is not so
easy. As the world grows more complex and the possibilities for experiencing things multiply, it
becomes ever more difficult to work in enough living before the close of your baby-making years.
Eventually, you realize that the only way to beat the clock is to live your life as furiously as possible --
which means starting earlier, moving faster and holding out longer. You've got to crank through
travel fantasies, fringe lifestyles, multiple careers, extreme sports and designer drugs, and gorge
yourself on liquor and sex as fast and as hard as you can. How else can you expect to get over
yourself enough to really be there for your kids when it counts? So the next time you find yourself
power partying, remember to ratchet it up another notch, because only when you live your unlived life
will your children be free to live theirs.

I binge for my kids.

A Net of Jewels
Ramesh S. Balsekar

November 16

That mind which ceases to grasp at itself achieves its original pristine
purity and becomes unborn and whole again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The man who has freed himself through understanding accepts whatever comes his way without any
judgment and remains within the underlying unity that encompasses man and nature in the totality
that is the universe. He wanders through the enjoyment of all experience without becoming attached
in any way, either positively to delights or negatively against sorrows, and thus remains free in all

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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