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Issue #1262 - Tuesday, November 19, 2002 - edited by michael

{note: all nds tuesday edition - uncut posts, straight from the monkey's paw}

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From: Susanna Gandolf
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Subject: [NDS] monkey love

"I had a student in 1978, Gary Shapiro, who came to Camp Leakey,
and he taught an adult female [orangutan], Rinnie, sign language. He
could not believe how fast she learned it. Rinnie took the tutoring
personally. One day, Rinnie took Gary by the hand and tried to seduce
him. Gary pushed her away. She thereafter lost all interest in

--Dr. Birute Galdikas, lesser-known disciple of Louis Leakey,
dedicated to the study and preservation of the Indonesian orangutan,
from an interview in the Science Times (NY Times), reprinted in the
book Scientific Conversations by Claudia Dreifus (2001)

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of
Me and my kids were watching a chimpanzee doing stunts in his cage
at the children's zoo in Central Park, NY. There was a swing in the
cage and he batted it around and jumped and did tricks with it. There
was also a water fountain in the cage and at one point the chimp went
to it and took a long drink. Then he sauntered to the front of the
cage and sent a good long squirt of water in the direction of the
people watching.. Everyone jumped back and the chimp was very happy,
jumping and batting his swing. He did not go back to the fountain and
gradually people came up close again whereupon he squirted the
remainder of the water that was still in his mouth over everyone. As
you can imagine this time he really went mad with joy.
Draw your own conclusions.


I am going ape over this truth. Look out, stand's
Gallagher time! The joy of proper alienation. You gotta know who to
pitch your woo too. Jumping for joy in my cage.....Vicki

> 'Now' if it is given any validity at all can only be an interface
> between the past and future, relatively speaking.
> The word Now infers a temporal condition therefore is
> illusion......Om Sakti ...Saktidass

Well, yeah. And the word "here" refers to a spatial
condition and therefore is illusion too.

However, many choose to use the term "here and now"
to describe the direct and experiential reckoning
that is known as Self knowledge, as Self knowledge
is always "here" (with us in every moment) and
"now" (existing eternally).


> Hiya JP!

Heya Tim!

Tim in the house!

> The word is "energy," brother. It's inexhaustible because the
>source of it is infinite potential.

I feel it with you from you.

Inexhaustible Energy Source - in everything and everyone - freely
available to all - regardless of degree of alleged insights into
stuff like supreme enlightenment (taxes extra in the State of

> Honesty is beauty -- there is no other!

Honest like children.

Or even the pee drinking and poo juggling gorillas in the zoo
mentioned in the threads?

Or me and you - on our days when we are most open, accepting
and alright with everything.

Just being - not worrying about stuff like some kinda special
enlightenment and "pure consciousness".

With bodies made up of trillions of living cells, with emotions,
feelings, personalities, imaginations and human stuff like that.

I saw Ramana for the first time in a dream recently. He seemed
like a totally honest man - so maybe there is a part of me that
does surrender to Honesty totally all the time. For now - I am a
fool burning singing dreaming - with this thing in my pierced

Like Leonard Cohen says in his song - In My Secret Life:

I smile when I'm angry
I cheat and I lie
I do what I have to do
To get by.
But I know what is wrong
And I know what is right
And I'd die for the truth
In My Secret Life.

Looked through the paper
Makes you want to cry
Nobody cares if the people
Live or die.
And the dealer wants you thinking
That it's either black or white.
Thank G-d it's not that simple
In My Secret Life.

>There's as much a 'taboo' there [admitting insights] as there is
>about admitting to delusions.


Children naturally feel happy to show what they know and are

That delight quickly gets knocked out of us - for most of us.

We dream our nightmares.

Hopefully eventually - by grace or blind luck - we start to wake up
from our dreamer's painful nightmare in different ways - and
maybe become natural, spontaneous and open again - like a

Everyone I've ever met has insights.


And on my most open-hearted days - everything is a living
metaphor and insighful sign of the One.

Reminds me: do you recall the swirling windblown plastic bag in
the movie American Beauty?

I may have just committed an egocrime by saying that.

I'm on the Ten Most Wanted list of the T.E.P.I.D. of the NDS (Total
Enlightenment Police Intelligence Department).

> The ruckus that happens when someone states or implies "I
>am enlightened" (at least if they haven't been dead for at least
>20 years) shakes the stage... our egos can't cope with it. What
>if they're more enlightened than we are? Holy cow! :-)

Like feeding time at the zoo - when the cages start rattling?

Narcissistic rage and envy can pack a punch!

And being a one-dimensional angry narcissist myself, I know!

> > It will be plain to see that imagining that "nothing is
> > and nobody's here" simply won't wash with the crowd. No
> > chance to pretend to be "above it all". No refusing to talk. No
> > chance to hide or pout when criticized. No quotes from
> > dead people - with an exception made for quotes by Michael
> > Jackson.
> >
> > Who will win?
> All of us would...


But realistically and perhaps statistically - some would enjoy it -
some would be offended by it - some would be bored - some
would feel nothing at all.

Yeah we could - theoretically - if we open our hearts - just enjoy it
- naturally just enjoy it.

Without having to ask stuff like:

-Who's enjoying it?

-What do you get out of enjoying it?

-Are you flaunting your false ego by enjoying it?

-Why do you need compelled to enjoy it or not enjoy it?

-Can you see that "enjoy" is an empty word and it doesn't exist?

-Why waste time with enjoying it?

> > Gurdjieff is dead. Jesus' temple whip is missing. Adi Da is
> >being
> > Marlon Brando on the Island of Dr. Moreau.
> >
An ad: Our music tastes may differ Tim - but I picked up
HH Sri Sri Bhagwan Carlos Santana's new CD - awesome!

Life Love is healing cosmically flowing through the amazing
heart and hands of that man and the many artists who choose to
celebrate the One Life and Love with him!

The music is fine healing praising celebrating divine wine!


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photography & writings

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