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HIGHLIGHTS #1274 Sunday, December1, 2002 Edited by Gloria

photo by Al Larus  

"In My Sky at Twilight"
By Pablo Neruda

(This poem is a paraphrase of the 30th poem in Rabindranath Tagore's The Gardener.)

You are taken in the net of my music, my love,
and my nets of music are wide as the sky.
My soul is born on the shore of your eyes of mourning.
In your eyes of mourning the land of dreams begins.      

Aztec Calendar

make your heart your face

When Bill Moyers interviewed Gregory Nava (EL NORTE, AMERICAN FAMILY), Nava revealed that pre-Colombian myths were the impetus for his career as a storyteller and filmmaker. This previously un-aired conversation touches on the stories that have inspired Nava and the myths and instincts that drive us all. Nava describes his discovery of and connection to this pre-Colombian mythology, "It caused a deep trembling in my heart. It's like an awakening within me of something, because suddenly what I was, who I was, got interconnected with everybody else and everything."

If you look at the pre-Colombian, the great truth, the one phrase that sums up that incredible religious thinking is, make your heart your face.

Take what you have inside of you and put it here so the world can see who you really are. Live honestly. It's another way of saying it. You know?

The ancient pre-Colombians believed in a concept that was called ollin, which means movement. And the idea of making your heart your face was to them the ollin heart.

They believed that everybody had a journey in their life -- something that they needed to do in their life, and that it was everybody's responsibility to find what that was because once they found what it was and other people found what it was then the entire society would find its ollin.

Everybody who needed to be a poet would be a poet, and everybody who needed to be a warrior would be a warrior. But the way to find your journey in life, the way to find your path in life, was to make your heart your face.

And when you made your heart your face it opened your eyes so you could see. And when you could see you could find your path.


NAVA: Yes, so it's like everybody's arguing and disagreeing, and he's always sowing dissent.


NAVA: Yet this god is worshipped and prayed to because there's a spirituality in that that you have to get at in order to deal with it as opposed to cutting it off and dismissing it.

The idea being that whenever you cut something off and try to repress it, it only comes back in a negative way. So the fact is, is that you have to kind of embrace all of these things and realize that they ultimately all are one...

...because this duality that we see in pre-Colombian mythology, you know, all heroes, everybody's twinned, there's no one hero; there's always two heroes. Right? The twins of the Popol Vuh, always doubles, doubles, doubles, everywhere you look...

Has given the false idea that the pre-Colombian mindset was a dualistic mindset. It wasn't. It saw the duality as being one, kind of in a Daoistic way...      



The inflation of nondually-correct nondual-speak!

Several years ago, you only had to precede every word with a "not," and it was
enough. Like, "not-speaking, from not-Greg, to not-Jerry." Now, as if to avoid getting
caught in the "not" stance, you've got to take steps to avoid it, while at the same time
avoiding positive assertions and attributions. So now you've gotta say "Neither
speaking nor not-speaking, from neither Greg nor not-Greg, to neither Jerry nor

(you know what...),


Well that was then. This is ... fuhgeddabattit

You got the neti-neti people forbidding anyone to say or do anything because
they're in this heavy neti-neti mode. They're in vogue these days. Then you
got your everything-everything people who tell you to go deeply into
whatever you're doing in order to figure out what it is because nothing
isn't it. Not too many of them these days, unfortunately, 'cause I'm dying
for a pack of cigs.

And suddenly now we got the 'neither this nor that' folks. I kinda like
them, but they're neither here nor there. My question is, Whatever happened
to the whatever-whatever people? They're saying it doesn't matter what you
do, you got the world on a string, string around your little finger. They
let you know what the string's tied to and leave you be.



Both mind and words are the time being.
Both arriving and not arriving are the time being.
When the moment of not arriving has not appeared,
the moment of not arriving is here.

Flowing is like the spring ..
When spring flows there is nothing outside spring ..
flowing is completed at just this moment of spring.

photo by Al Larus



The True Path Is the One that Works  -Scott Morrison

There is some irony in the apparent fact that where honesty and
clarity are most needed, they may seem so compromised, confused, and
elusive. In truth, there is no path, no road, and no separate one to
walk it. These are just a metaphors for reality -- the dharma,
satsang, how it is, how it works -- such that "the way" is also the
destination. Concerning this issue of spiritual awakening and
liberation, there are many people with varying degrees of purity,
skill, and understanding from both East and West, from traditional to
contemporary, who are essentially selling water by the river. There
is also sometimes a kind of subtle competition with other people who
are doing the same thing, and perhaps considerable alarm if someone
comes along who is giving the water away, to say nothing of those who
are telling people about the river. This may be inevitable, given the
dualistic nature of thought, as well as the mind's tendency to think
only in terms of its own motives and repeat belief and opinion prior
to investigation.

At some point, for a variety of reasons, we may identify with a
particular religion or organization or path, perhaps because, to some
degree at least, it offers some useful insights and/or group support.
Further, there may be a charismatic teacher, or peer pressure or
encouragement, or maybe we're just tired of looking, and here are
some people who seem to have at least some of the critical answers.
At a certain stage for many people, this process may be helpful, so
long as the motives of the student are pure and remain pure. It is
important to keep in mind, however, that even if it is uncorrupted,
no one designs a given "spiritual path" or methodology specifically
for you. At best, those means may reflect the insights and
understandings and patterns of the particular person or people who
put them together. However, ultimately, sooner or later, the real
question persists: What is "the true way?"

The true way is, simply put, the one that works. No one else can find
it out for you. You must discover it yourself. Satsang, the dharma,
the truth that liberates, is not yours unless you have investigated
and verified it so thoroughly that there is no longer any doubt. Even
genuine mystical paths eventually deliver you to this point, and then
the rest is completely up to you. You must be the pure scientist, the
pure artist, and the pure mystic. Otherwise, some water-down, pre-
packaged institutional version will prevail. You must look with your
own eyes, hear with your own ears, observe, and consider very
carefully with your own heart. Then, and only then, can you speak
with your own voice.

The requirements are simple and non-negotiable: a rigorous,
uncompromising, unrelenting and irreversable commitment to direct
observation and honesty, as well as an absolute willingness to be
transformed, completely, by what is discovered to be real and true.

There is also one other that is most helpful, and a perfect and
direct reflection of spiritual surrender itself: an unconditional
willingness to support others in that process.

From There Is Only Now
by Scott Morrison


12/01/02 "Metamorphosis" 

I had an encounter today that really inspired me. I was dropping a load off at the local
thrift store when I was greeted outside the door by the owner. We hadn't seen each
other since I was pregnant and apparently she had been through some big changes too.

Whenever I used to see her, she had kind of a sexy look about her. She always wore
flowing dresses with cleavage showing, lace, or both, she adorned herself with
sensuous earrings and necklaces, and had a full, reddish mane around her face that
hung down and rested on her shoulders and back. Today I found that she was dressed
elegantly as usual, only this time there was much less skin showing; I didn't even
notice if there was jewelry or not, and her reddish, curly hair was cut short to her chin.

My happy reaction as I approached her was, "Oh my gosh, I didn't even recognize
you!" "Yeah," she responded, while touching a curl under her ear, "Really different,
huh?" I half-whispered a slow "wow" and said, "Let me see..." Then as I leaned
around and she turned to show me the back I said, "It looks completely adorable." 

She thanked me and we talked for a minute about the large bag I had handed her.
Then she came over to the truck to see Ananda and the new baby, but all the while I
was still looking at her and I finally said, "Boy, it's not just a's a really big
energetic change!" 

She looked me in the eye and quickly nodded. Then, leisurely, she said, "Well, I
decided it was time for me to let the younger ladies carry the torch for the long,
flowing hair," winding her wrist downwards in demonstration, "and the appeal...."
Then she paused and laughed, "I'm 55! I'm ready to be an old lady now." Chuckling, I
had replied that several things passed through my mind when I looked at her, but 'old
lady' was not one of them. "I feel much more relaxed now," she went on to say, "I just
can't explain it." 

"It really shows," I told her, as my palms came together at my chest, and smiling
warmly I added, "I am so happy for you." She beamed back at me with an easy joy and
after I'd backed the truck up and started to drive away I saw that as we waved
goodbye to each other she was still shining.


"Do everything with a mind that lets go.
If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom.
Your struggles with the world will have come to an end."

--Achaan Chah


From: 'The Zen Teachings of Huang Po:
On the Transmission of Mind'.
Edited and translated by John Blofeld

All the visible universe is the Buddha; so are all sounds; hold
fast to one principle and all the others are Identical. On seeing
one thing, you see ALL. On perceiving any individual's mind, you
are perceiving ALL Mind. Obtain a glimpse of one way and ALL
ways are embraced in your vision, for there is nowhere at all
which is devoid of the Way. When your glance falls upon a grain
of dust, what you see is identical with all the vast world systems
with their great rivers and mighty hills. To gaze upon a drop of
water is to behold the nature of all the waters of the universe.

Allspirit Website:

photo by Al Larus


"Buddhism is not a belief system. It's not about accepting certain
tenets or believing a set of claims or principles. In fact, it's quite
the opposite. Buddhism is about seeing. It's about knowing rather than
believing, hoping or wishing. It's also about not being afraid to
examine anything and everything, including our own personal agenda....
Buddhsim is about seeing. That's all."

~Steve Hagen

From the book, "Buddhism, Plain and Simple, published by Tuttle.

Blessings to all.  May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.


<Professor: Christmas shopping is a religion all its own
Naples Daily News, FL - 27 Nov 2002
... In a new book, the University of South Florida religious studies professor contends
that the culture of the Christmas season has become a religion all its own ...

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