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Issue #1276 - Monday, December 2, 2002 - Edited by Jerry

NDS News

You are invited to join a new list. It is called NDS News. Here is
the list description, followed by the URL:

This group is dedicated to news stories bearing on nondual
perspective. Send links along with brief excerpts which convey the
spirit of the story. Stories could be found using Google News
search engine or any other news source.
While this isn't a discussion group, if a story prompts discussion
we wouldn't want to discourage it either. Also feel free to ask
questions about searching for news stories, or suggest hints on how
to search.


from NDS News

This is a real moving account of nd news.

warning - those susceptible to crying jags should have hankies


ted turner - peace hero

ask him, he'll tell ya!

love this guy - michael



December is busy with world's celebrations

By Sue Davis Smith
The Gazette Saturday, November 30, 2002

The start of Hanukkah on Friday marked the beginning of many
seasonal days of celebration during the month of December. Jews
will celebrate Hanukkah through Dec. 7. Buddhists will then sit in
meditation to honor Rohatsu on Dec. 8, the day that commemorates
the enlightenment of Buddha.

Next comes the end of Ramadan, Yule, Christmas and finally, at the
end of the month, Kwanzaa.

These are important days within several religious traditions (the
exception being Kwanzaa, which is more of a cultural holiday).
Holiday greetings and acknowledgment of a person's religion may be
one way to get to know people of other faith.


Posted on Mon, Dec. 02, 2002

God and the Boy Scouts

For me, Scouting was never about belief in a
particular religion or deity

RICK WEISS Washington Post


from NDS

Lately, there had been some weird feelings. So sir Fritz visited
an exorcist, who told him his ego had been infested with woodworm,
a nasty creature that would not stop until it had gobbled up the
entire ego! As sir Fritz managed to function properly despite the
intense fear, the exorcist suggested him to seek help from a
famous shackman, called Bucksing Mee Woo (BMW man for devotees)..

Bucksing Mee Woo started to diagnose sir Fritz: "Your ego needs an
upgrade first. It has to be made strong enough to face the
woodworm, so that it gets accepted as a challenge to reject it.
What you need is a cure with concepts - ego woodworms despise
them. To begin with, a course on the constituents of the ego, how
they influence each other, and how to harmonize their random
vibration using the cosmic scales as indicated by your horoscope.

Next, there has to be a boost of selfishness as without that, it
is impossible to know what is meant with a spontaneous act of
selfless profits. This requires a course on the ego's higher and
lower selves, and the soul which is unaffected by them, and how
the three are on warfare in your body, which is why you are so
obese: to make room for three entities who like to have a private
place and a large battlefield as well.

The higher self has to learn how to conquer the lower self, and
when that has been done, it can train the ego woodworm to dig
astral holes in the fabric of multidimensional space-time, which
will serve to perform seeming miracles by hyperspace projection.
In order for this to have an optimized market value, a crash
course in advanced spiritual individuality is recommended.
Graduating from this course will entitle you to use the title of
"gooroo, B.S.".*

Then you'll be ready for the course in soul-stirring events for
professionals, to get the taste of what it could be like when the
soul controls more higher and lower selves, the egos, and itself,
and gets so ethereally dense, that it spontaneously disintegrates
into the subset of the overself which only knows the supreme
"above (no-)others".

Please pay $1,010 for this diagnose and $5,500 for the first
course in "constituents of the ego", sir Fritz."


*B.S. = Bachelor of Science



I'm looking for the most nondually correct way of saying Doing

How about, 'Neither Doing Nor Not Doing Neither Nothing Nor Not


'Neither Beyond nor not Beyond Neither Being nor not Being Knower
Neither Knowing nor not Knowing Doer Doing Nor Not Doing Neither
Nothing Nor Not Nothing' will at least help us to Remember nothing
at least having no idea of Remembering or not Remembering neither
not Remembering nor not Remembering Neither Nothing Nor Not Nothing


Movement an observed property of elementary matter and compound
structures, indicates the possibility of friction, wearing, tiring,
destruction, temperature rise etc. Doing is the illusive
interpretation of friction, by a likewise illusive entity. Hence,
doing is but the word from the dictionary, indicating a link
between a doer and doing, the default way of expressing a
subject/object relationship. When 1 is illusive, so is the other.
The universe has no doer/executioner but the illusive "i" entity.


Several years ago, you only had to precede every word with a "not,"
and it was enough. Like, "not-speaking, from not-Greg, to
not-Jerry." Now, as if to avoid getting caught in the "not" stance,
you've got to take steps to avoid it, while at the same time
avoiding positive assertions and attributions. So now you've gotta
say "Neither speaking nor not-speaking, from neither Greg nor
not-Greg, to neither Jerry nor not-Jerry."

(you know what...),



contributed by Tim Gerchmez

The True Path Is the One that Works

There is some irony in the apparent fact that where honesty and
clarity are most needed, they may seem so compromised, confused,
and elusive. In truth, there is no path, no road, and no separate
one to walk it. These are just a metaphors for reality -- the
dharma, satsang, how it is, how it works -- such that "the way" is
also the destination. Concerning this issue of spiritual awakening
and liberation, there are many people with varying degrees of
purity, skill, and understanding from both East and West, from
traditional to contemporary, who are essentially selling water by
the river. There is also sometimes a kind of subtle competition
with other people who are doing the same thing, and perhaps
considerable alarm if someone comes along who is giving the water
away, to say nothing of those who are telling people about the
river. This may be inevitable, given the dualistic nature of
thought, as well as the mind's tendency to think only in terms of
its own motives and repeat belief and opinion prior to

At some point, for a variety of reasons, we may identify with a
particular religion or organization or path, perhaps because, to
some degree at least, it offers some useful insights and/or group
support. Further, there may be a charismatic teacher, or peer
pressure or encouragement, or maybe we're just tired of looking,
and here are some people who seem to have at least some of the
critical answers. At a certain stage for many people, this process
may be helpful, so long as the motives of the student are pure and
remain pure. It is important to keep in mind, however, that even
if it is uncorrupted, no one designs a given "spiritual path" or
methodology specifically for you. At best, those means may reflect
the insights and understandings and patterns of the particular
person or people who put them together. However, ultimately,
sooner or later, the real question persists: What is "the true

The true way is, simply put, the one that works. No one else can
find it out for you. You must discover it yourself. Satsang, the
dharma, the truth that liberates, is not yours unless you have
investigated and verified it so thoroughly that there is no longer
any doubt. Even genuine mystical paths eventually deliver you to
this point, and then the rest is completely up to you. You must be
the pure scientist, the pure artist, and the pure mystic.
Otherwise, some water-down, pre- packaged institutional version
will prevail. You must look with your own eyes, hear with your own
ears, observe, and consider very carefully with your own heart.
Then, and only then, can you speak with your own voice.

The requirements are simple and non-negotiable: a rigorous,
uncompromising, unrelenting and irreversable commitment to direct
observation and honesty, as well as an absolute willingness to be
transformed, completely, by what is discovered to be real and true.

There is also one other that is most helpful, and a perfect and
direct reflection of spiritual surrender itself: an unconditional
willingness to support others in that process

From There Is Only Now
by Scott Morrison


from NDS

For your research efforts:

"I asked at the outset 'What is all this? What is all this stuff -
all this experience that I seem to be having, all the time?'. I
have now arrived at the answer that all this stuff is a grand
illusion. This has not solved the problems of consciousness, but at
least it tells us that there is no point trying to explain the
difference between things that are in consciousness and those that
are not because there is no such difference. And it is a waste of
time trying to explain the contents of the stream of consciousness
because the stream of consciousness does not exist."



Thought for the Day

I saw the movie, Bowling for Columbine. It is one of the great
awareness wake up calls of our era. Michael Moore addresses the
fundamental issues of our society in a beautifully curious and
honest way.

An extraordinary piece of work, it is the most highly attended
documentary ever made and the energy is probably just beginning.

He shows the perspective of many things that we take for granted by
going across the bridge from Detroit into Canada to see what
things are like there compared to here in the U.S.

This film shows in an innocently curious way so many things. Like
Michael Moore walking up to people's doors in Canada, turning the
knob to see if the door is unlocked, opening the door and asking
if anyone is home, talking to the people on camera about why they
don't lock their doors. Turns out people in Canada just generally
don't even lock their doors.

He finds that Canadians are all given free medical care. It
provoked me to talk to some Canadians, myself, and see what they
thought. They basically sa id they'd be afraid to live in the
United States because they wouldn't be able to afford medical

Two hundred some odd murders per year in Canada, total, yet eighty
percent of all Canadians have guns. Eleven thousand murders per
year in the United States. How come? We seem to be pretty
basically violent people in this country.

See this movie and start asking questions. It is beautifully
provocative in so many ways. Michael Moore is just a grungy,
pudgy, sloppy lookin' guy wandering around with a camera getting
simple questions answered.

He takes a couple of wounded Columbine kids to the local K-Mart
store and gets the K-Mart to stop selling bullets. Amazing.

That's my thought for today: See this movie.

Copyright 2002 by John MacEnulty
12/02/2002, St. Louis, MO

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from NDS

an excerpt:

Dealing with the dualities is a great part of the struggle of
practice. What are all those dualities about? Where do they come
from? What makes us act like the moth flying into the flame,
constantly recreating our selves, even though we know that it's the
source of all our pain and suffering?


from See What Is

we're together now
forever joined
in the oneness
that is all

~ tomas

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