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Nondual Highlights #1281- Saturday, December 7, 2002 - Editor: Christiana

Art: Kathryn Lawrence - Sudden Swerves


Articles on Kundalini Yoga and the Non-Dual Experience
by Pieter Schoonheim Samara


Eric Paroissien
moment by moment awareness

"breathing is our food,breathing is light
light is food, breathing is joy
hour by hour
we remind each other to be mindful
you don't have to speak
you can use this board as a service
to remind you to practice
a "breathing hotline"
to help you out of a dull moment,
out of a heavy distraction
we create a vast breathing space
where we can hold each other's hands
be one breath together
keep working on our liberation with diligence
the urgency of our practice
the only moment we can act on
this breathing moment"
you are all welcome


From [email protected]

Dave sends animated christmas card links (link may no longer be working)


Speaking in the Present Tense

Become mindful of how often your conversations
focus on the past or future.
Be aware of the verbs you use:
was, did, will, are going to, etc.

Lou Marzelas' notes from a lecture by Dr Hawkins
author of Power vs. Force and Eye of the I

Beauty just wipes you out. Makes it hard to function in
the world. I try to cover my face to avoid beauty -- then
I notice how beautiful my fingers are!

We have recurrent patterns in our lives that defy
explanations, unless you're aware of the reality of the
spiritual domain and that it overrules the physicality.

Homo sapienism is a bad disease. You can get all
kinds of things from it.

Consciousness and life are one and the same, and
they don't appear until the Unmanifest expresses
itself as existence. The Unmanifest has no life or
consciousness; out of the Unmanifest arises
consciousness and life as existence. Consciousness
and life cannot be extinguished. There is no death.

The awareness of the presence of God as the divinity
within one's own existence is innate in
consciousness. You don't have to worry about
reaching God, because you only need to appreciate
beauty. Beauty is a style of recognizing the perfection
of all that is.

One can be benevolent even toward the horrific,
because you understand that the horrific doesn't have
the karmic wherewithal to be different than what it is.

Power cannot be resisted, whereas force can. By the
realization of our own innate perfection, we impact
the consciousness of all of mankind.

The new yardstick of society today is integrity. What
holds up is integrity. Integrity impacts the bottom line.

To be integrous is a way of worshipping God. Your
integrity influences everybody else. And the new
measure of success is going to be integrity.

We find God through simplicity, through renunciation,
which is internal, to be willing to surrender to God the
satisfaction one gets out of one's mental gyrations.

Everything we let go of within ourselves, we also let
go of in the world. Everything that serves my Self also
serves the world. What we heal within ourselves, we
heal within the world.

In quantum reality, the pull of the future is equal to or
greater than the drag of the past. Everyone here has
a great future. You're not here because of the guilt of
the past; you're here because of the joy of the future.

At a certain high level, beyond ecstasy and the
willingness to surrender even that to God, one
reaches an incomprehensible level. Then, one may
return to the world, respond to it in a way that the
world comprehends, and be undisturbed by it.

There is no now, any more than there is a then or a to
be. There is only alwaysness. Always is always, until
one elects to leave it.

There is a counterforce to every level of
consciousness. It can be very effective but also a
snap to get rid of when you know how. You may find
something in yourself that drives you crazy, but it's
actually caused by something small. You can stop a
four-ton locomotive when you know the simple small
button to hold. When you know, the solution can be
very simple. You're frustrated because you can't turn
on the light. Then you see, "The light switch is over on
the other side. Oh."

Listen to Dr David Hawkins live or on audio clip at


Extracts from the online journal Amigo 4

The unbearable apparentness of being

Tony Parsons

Amigo: 'Nobody here, nobody there'. Is that your message? The
apparent 'us' having an apparent interview with an apparent Tony

Tony Parsons: Yes, everything ... we sitting here ... it is crazy;
and yet this is it: nobody here, nobody there, no destination and
nothing to talk about.

A: Could you speak about the two different Paths: the Way of the
Insight or Knowingness and the Path of Love, Surrender and
Devotion? Does 'nobody here, nobody there' actually mean
surrendering to what is? Is surrender important?

TP: It is in one way -except what seekers have to realize is that

the whole seeker is an illusory thing. The only thing worth
realizing is that there is no one. And actually at the end there
is no one who can seek. There is nothing to seek but, what I do see
is that for some apparent people (and I have to add the word
'apparent') the way for them is to understand and be clear and then
the melting happens. For other people understanding is not really
that relevant. It is not important for them. Somehow for them it is
an intuitive opening into what is being talked about. There is an
element of understanding and clarity about it but basically I do
see these people are ready to just open. In the end every apparent
person in the world lives in their own unique Invitation. Whatever
is happening to that person is uniquely their invitation to
discover that they are the One. So everybody in the world actually
is meditating. Everybody in the world is in what you could call 'a
process', except that the process is not happening in time because
there is no time.

A: Is Realization a fixed state?

TP: No, it is not a state at all. And it is not an object. There
is no such thing as Enlightenment.. There is no such thing as an
'enlightened person'. No person has ever been 'enlightened'. All
there is is light. And in that light arises apparent darkness.
Part of that apparent darkness is the sense that there is some
one, an identity. There, in that sense of 'there is someone',
arises separation. Separation is the root of all fear and
alienation and disease and feelings of discomfort, alarm, etc.
Then there is a need to go beyond that, and so the mind thinks
that there is a way of going beyond that, because it thinks that
there is a person there that can find something that takes them
beyond this fear of separation. And so there is the confusion
about this because most teachings are speaking to an apparent
person attaining something called 'enlightenment'. All of that is
totally illusory and rooted in a misunderstanding or ignorance.
There is only light. And there is apparent darkness. Awakening is
simply the dropping away of the idea that there is anyone, and the
apparent darkness is again seen as light.

Jan van Rossum

The whipped cream that we want on our desert has already melted
into it. We just have to be ready to taste it. With the entering
of enlightenment, reality is nothing different from the reality
that what we call 'daily life'. Enlightenment is only 'reached' in
order to live the life of everyday as it presents itself. Because
then there is surrender to what is. That gives me again and again
and on an ever deeper level a really happy feeling. Everydayness
is therefore my favorite occupation.

Jan Koehoorn

When you come in contact with Advaita, then at first it
can be used at an intellectual level to answer the
questions that you ask yourself.

But that is only in the beginning. The longer you are
busy with it the crazier it gets:

Am I now everything, or am I now nothing?
Is there well something to do, or there is actually nothing to do?
Why am I not yet enlightened? I understand the whole story but nothing happens!
Do I have to just let everything happen to me, because after all I am consciousness that observes everything?.
I still allow myself to be pulled around by emotions.
I can't get rid of my identification!

The confusion arises mostly because there is search
for a permanent solution on the level of what changes,
namely that of body - thinking - feeling. Thinking does
not offer the searched for rest and simplicity and
becomes frustrated, and at this point it is possible
apparently that total insight arises, called
self-realization, by means of which the solution is no
longer searched for in the thinking. By means of
which the entire mechanism of seeking for something
outside of itself is disabled. And then everything
becomes simple again. No searching, no doubt, no
explanation or interpretation needed, just: what IS.
What I see exists. What I don't see is not there. No
worries about tomorrow, no regrets about yesterday.
No searching for a cause, or a how or a why.
Just be!

Art: Kathryn Lawrence - Ballet within form


Viorica Weissman [email protected]

Why not investigate the very idea of body?

Does the mind appear in the body or the body in the
mind? Surely there must be a mind to conceive the
"I-am-the-body" idea. A body without a mind cannot
be 'my body'. 'My body' is invariably absent when the
mind is in abeyance. It is also absent when the mind
is deeply engaged in thoughts and feelings.



Xan [email protected]

The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to yin and yang.
Yin and yang give birth to all things.
Now forget this.

The complete whole is the complete whole.
So also is any part the complete whole.
Forget this, too.

Pain and happiness are simply conditions of the ego.
Forget the ego.

Time and space are changing and dissolving,
not fixed and real. They can be thought of as
accessories, but don't think of them.

Supernatural beings without form extend their life
force throughout the universe to support beings both
formed and unformed. But never mind this; the
supernatural is just a part of nature, like the natural.

The subtle truth emphasizes neither and includes

If people understood this, world peace and universal
harmony would naturally arise.

But forget about understanding and harmonizing

and making all things one.

The universe is already a harmonious oneness;

just realize it.

If you scramble about in search of inner peace,

you will lose your inner peace.

-Hua Hu Jing Chapter 46


Astrid Fitzgerald

artist and author works within the spaciousness
and grounded harmony of perennial wisdom and
Golden Mean spacial proportions.

She has two noteworthy books:
Being Consciousness Bliss;
An Artist's Book of Inspiration;
and a website of interesting art


Gene Poole offers many links to subliminal transfer of data


[email protected] News stories with a nondual perspective

John Metzger,3604,321127,00.html

All Roads Lead Home

Many will no doubt still prefer the security offered along these
ancient paths, but the future lies beyond God, beyond scriptures
and ecclesiastical authority, in the non-dualistic experience. By
whatever channels this may be found, whether through the arts,
nature, human relationships or in meditation, this is the way

Jerry Katz

Jihad: holy war or internal spiritual struggle?

From The Daily Times of Pakistan By Barbara Ferguson

"In its primary sense it is an inner thing, within self, to
rid it from debased actions and inclinations, and
exercise constancy and perseverance in achieving a
higher moral standard."

ART: Leszek Forczek Chards of a Nation's Soul


Farishtah [email protected]

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by -- Hazrat Samuel L. Lewis:

The Cross is the symbol of Light. The vertical line is
the way by which Light passes from Source to
manifestation and also the way by which energy
returns from manifestation to Source. This is seen in
the breath. The horizontal line is caused by the action
between the lower and upper currents and forms the

The Cross has two forms, one like the letter 'T' in the
European languages. This represents the crucifixion
of the soul in matter. The energy does not pass
above the horizontal line. It strikes it and returns again
to the earth-plane. This action is called Karma, and it
brings to one the results of all speech, thought and

The teaching of all sages was to rise above this
Karma. That brought the upper part of the vertical line
of the Cross. It is that portion which is the Divine
Light. But one cannot carry anything through the close
lines of the mind-mesh. Only light will go through. Not
only are all passions and sentiments too coarse to
pass through and above it to the Buddhic Condition
(Nuri Mohammed), but even good thoughts and
feelings cannot pass. Nothing can pass but thought
and feeling of Unity, which is called Love, and this is
the very essence of Soul.

By this the false self is crucified and left behind. What
is the false self? It is nothing but the thought of self
made into a false reality, a pseudo-sun in the mental
world. When one perceives the true Light this sun
disappears, or by ignoring this false sun, one
perceives the true sun. This is the higher crucifixion,
and in the case of Jesus Christ and Moses and some
others, it even caused the disintegration of the
physical body, which had been kept together by the
thought-form of the personality. When thought
became completely immersed in God, even the
physical body disintegrated. That is Parinirvana when
even matter is spiritualized.


Gene Poole [email protected]

Susan Blackmore

"I asked at the outset 'What is all this? What is all this
stuff - all this experience that I seem to be having, all
the time?'. I have now arrived at the answer that all
this stuff is a grand illusion. This has not solved the
problems of consciousness, but at least it tells us that
there is no point trying to explain the difference
between things that are in consciousness and those
that are not because there is no such difference. And
it is a waste of time trying to explain the contents of
the stream of consciousness because the stream of
consciousness does not exist."


John Metzger [email protected]

Before and After NDS

Jack and Karen were your typical couple. They liked

having their picture taken with USA TODAY, lunched
at Burger King almost daily, drove a SUV with raised
white lettered tires. They were reasonably happy, but
felt a sort of void.

Then, they subscribed to NDS, and started reading
there instead of the newspaper.They met new friends,
new ideas, new voids that were superior to their old
void. They traded in the SUV and became vegetarians.

They recently sent an updated photo. I am so happy for them!

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