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Issue #1297 - Monday, December 23, 2002 - Editor: Jerry  

The Teide - same mountain, never looking the same.
At the places where the pics were taken,
the wind is the only sound. --Jan Barendrecht NDS

dg from Daily Dharma  

"(Jesus saw rich people putting their gifts into the treasury, and he
saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins): 'Truly, I tell you,
this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for all of them have
contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put
in all she has to live on.

Buddha: Giving is the noble expression of the benevolence of the mighty.
Even dust, given in childish innocence, is a good gift. No gift that is
given in good faith to a worthy recipient can be called small; its
effect is so great."

What gifts are we giving this season?  It is easy to buy a material gift
with our "riches" - are there other gifts, that cost so little, but we
guard so preciously, that we could also give? How about that relative
who drives us batty with his complaining?  Can we give her a smile, an
ear to listen to what she is really trying to say - perhaps a few words
of kindness?  We all have someone in our lives who is "estranged" - can
we make contact with them, give the gift of forgiveness? We do not have
to list many examples; we all know in our hearts what the "two copper
coins" are in our own lives, and the difficulty we have even with the
thought of parting from them.  "Worthy" - hey, unworthy! recipients wait
for our benevolence -  may we know the "great effect" of letting go. ~dg

The quotes of Christ and Buddha are from the book, "Jesus and Buddha,
The Parallel Sayings," by Borg, published by Ulysses Press.

Blessings to all.  May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.  

from NDS News Service  

Homeless give Christmas check to officer

uesday, December 24, 2002

NEW YORK (AP) -- A police officer got a Christmas gift of $3,000 from homeless people who wanted to thank him for standing up for them.

Officer Eduardo Delacruz was suspended for 30 days without pay last month after he refused a sergeant's order to arrest a homeless man found sleeping in a garage.

In gratitude, organizations for the homeless put together the fund for the 37-year-old officer, his wife and their five children. Homeless people also contributed change scrounged from passers-by, money earned from recycling cans and bottles, even a portion of their welfare checks.

"We just wanted to thank him by contributing however we could," said Joe Bostic, one of 30 former and current homeless men and women who announced the gift. "And a lot of us gave quarters, nickels and dimes."

According to police, Delacruz told his superiors in the department's Homeless Outreach Unit that he would not arrest a homeless man on Nov. 22 because the man had nowhere else to go. The officer was suspended for refusing to comply with an order.

Delacruz's attorney, Norman Siegel, said the officer was back at work Tuesday but was "very moved" by what the homeless did.

The officer and his family "specifically asked me to say, 'God bless everyone, especially the homeless,"' Siegel said.

J.P. NDS  

Check it out - from the depths of the heart - the Living Light of
Love Sings.

I love you - yeah you - like Nick Cage loved Cher.

There's no time like the present moment to point and click:
"So what if his face is smeared with coal dust? The man can sing, especially to the dream behind the blinds. This lovely peek into the power of untouched fantasy does a heart good. ... The aria is performed by tenor Richard Margison."
(Canadian made, of course)   ---------------------

And from Canada's own Neil Young - that Shining Being of Love
and Honesty!

"Heart Of Gold"

I want to live,
I want to give
I've been a miner
for a heart of gold.

It's these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.

I've been to Hollywood
I've been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean
for a heart of gold
I've been in my mind,
it's such a fine line
That keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.

Keep me searching
for a heart of gold
You keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.
I've been a miner
for a heart of gold.  

ROB RABBIN from his newsletter  

Dear Friends,

I am currently working on a new book, "Crimes Against Consciousness:
A Spiritual Manifesto for Social Activism," with co-author Deborah

We would like to invite you to participate in this project by writing
a short essay  (300 words) describing a mystical experience you may
have had, and what it taught you about the nature of reality.
"Mystical experience" is our term for those times of deep, selfless
connection with life, when you enter the Oneness and become All,
wherein you are full and whole and wildly in love with creation. Some
examples can be found on my website 


although feel free to write in
any style and manner that best expresses your experience.

We are going to print these pieces in a chapter called"Epiphanies."
The purpose of this chapter is to show the universality of the
experience of Oneness, and what this  shows us about the truth beyond
the mind.

We hope you will take the time to write and submit an essay for
inclusion in our book! PLEASE send your full name and mailing address
or fax number along with your essay, as we will need to send you a
one paragraph release form for your signature.  PLEASE feel free to
forward this request to anyone who might be interested in
participating. If we get inundated with essays, we may spin off
another book project, called "Epiphanies."

Our deadline for these essays is January 15, 2003. For your
convenience, submissions are happily accepted by return e-mail. We do
reserve the right to edit for grammar and length, but you have our
promise to respect the integrity of your writing.

Everyone whose essays are accepted for inclusion in the book will
receive a complimentary signed copy, upon publication.

Thank you so much for your participation,

Robert Rabbin
Robert's new book, "Igniting the Soul at Work: A Mandate for Mystics,"
is now available through bookstores and
(ISBN 1571742719; Hampton Roads, 2002, 143 pages, $15.95)
"A Catalyst for Clarity"

20 Sunnyside Avenue
Suite A-118
Mill Valley, CA 94941-1928

Voicemail: 415.705.0807
E-mail: [email protected]

  R.K. Shankar, who translates works by and about Ramana Maharshi, has an updated web page at --Jerry

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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