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#1300 - Thursday, December 26, 2002 - Editor:Jerry

Japanese Senkodokei or geisha house timekeeper
Courtesy of the National Science Museum, Tokyo.  

Alice's Restaurant

Dear List,

"In The Flower and Willow World" is an original article by Silvio A.
Bedini on the use of incense in timekeeping in the Geisha Houses of

The article was written especially for and is
now available at:

I am very grateful to Silvio A. Bedini for his contributions to this
on-line project as well as the incredible effort and years of
research in the writing of "The Trail of Time" and "The Scent of Time"

For those of you who are not familiar with the "Trail of Time" it is
unquestionably the best English work on the subject of Incense in the
Far East, surpassing such works as Lafcadio Hearn's "In Ghostly

A limited number of copies of the "Trail of Time" are still available
through Cambridge Press at $30.00 less then the original price. There
are no assurances at this time a second edition will be published.

The articles on the Japanese webpage were written
exclusively for this project, and used with permission of Silvio A.
Bedini. All copyrights apply and will be enforced.

I hope you enjoy these articles.

David Oller  

Abunaso - Looking like a dangerous situation; a geisha of the Meiji Era (1867-1912) 

from Daily Dharma  

"Again and again she (Toni Packer) emphasizes undefensive listening...
We need to listen to each other, and to ourselves, without any threat.
And this can happen only if there really is no threat - which is no easy
matter at all. 'It takes tremendous attention, and energy awareness, not
to be pulled into all these tendencies blindly.' It is so easy not to
look at what is happening in ourselves when we are envious, ambitious,
or disparaging of others. Where do these reactions come from? What is
the source of disharmony, war, and the lack of relationship among human
beings? We must look and ask and sit with these questions: What is it?
... 'You have to sit and let the question sit, and just look and listen
internally, without knowing.'"  

~Lenore Friedman interviewing Toni Packer

From the book, "Meetings With Remarkable Women, Buddhist Teachers in
America," published by Shambhala.

Lady Joyce
from HarshaSatsangh

Mine Is to Serve


Less than a year ago, I was sleeping soundly. Quite soundly. Suddenly, in the spring of 2002, I was awakened. I did not know it then. I am an attorney by profession and have practiced law for 21 years. I had gone away to a trial lawyers' seminar, to learn trial skills, working with a jury. The seminar was presented by the Trial Lawyers' College, based in the State of Wyoming, run by Gerry Spence, an American trial master, author, and teacher.

The first morning of that seminar, which took place in Pennsylvania, I received what I now know to be Shaktipat. I received the touch from a man who was standing behind me in the cafeteria. We had a brief conversation, I turned away, and all of a sudden his hand was on the back of my head, where he held it as I stood frozen with surprise more than anything. At the time, I felt a physical sensation as if some kind of energy entered into me from his hand. I avoided the man who had "patted" me so strangely on the head for the rest of the seminar.

The seminar focused on seeking justice as the foundation of our service as trial attorneys. By coincidence, some of the sessions opened an unexpected pandora's box on the subject of racism. I left, my heart burning with emotions which related to racism and employment discrimination as it had affected my life. For several days after returning home from the seminar, I took a short, unfinished "letter to the editor" that I had written and turned it into an article on racism, speaking as the white wife of a black man in America. In it, I revealed some painful personal experiences, which included my own father's inability to accept my chosen path. I was torn between what I felt I had to do and the shame I would reveal.

One day, shortly after the article had been accepted for publication in the Trial Lawyers' College publication, I was especially agitated over what I had done. I was questioning whether I was doing the right thing. I had tried to show the article to my husband, and he had recoiled from me and would not read it. Permit me to take you there with me briefly, to an excerpt from the book which eventually emerged from my chaos... most of which was written before I began to discover the meaning of Shakti...



...It is only natural that he does not want me to dig into pain that he would rather forget. I would rather not dig into pain that he would rather forget. I would rather forget it too. But there are times in your life when you must face your self. You must face the challenge that is placed before you. You must accept the challenge. You must stand up and say something. So, battered but not broken, I cry out for sanctuary but do not lose my resolve to forge ahead. I just feel so alone.

The next day is Sunday...thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning... All day long, the phrase runs through my head like a broken record!!! What is wrong with me? Why do I keep chanting this mantra to myself? It is the symbol of Trial Lawyers' College. A big huge cloud of thunder with a bolt of lightning coming out of the upper right. I am still feeling battered and needing to strengthen my resolve. I am thinking of the symbol to find strength to continue to write even though it is painful for me and the very anathema of life to my husband. I am truly up against the wall. I am feeling helpless. I am feeling deflated. Am I doing the right thing?

It is Sunday night. I am in my kitchen. It is around nine o'clock. Suddenly, I hear a loud crash of thunder. As I look out my kitchen window, I see a flash of lightning. As one who loves thunder and lightning, I immediately run to the door to see better. Jason runs with me. Then there is a second crash of thunder, then another flash of lightning. I hear the crash of thunder, then the flash of lightning, one more time, the third time. Loud and powerful, each crash of thunder. Beautiful slices of light into the night sky, three bolts of lightning. The thunder crashes, the lightning slices through the night sky. Three times. Then silence.

There is no forecast for rain or thunderstorms tonight. I am incredulous. No, that cannot be. I look out into the sky to make sure that no storm has moved in. The sky is clear. In fact, I can see stars. It was so close to the house, in full view of my kitchen windows, there was no way I could miss it. Three perfect crashes of thunder, three perfect flashes of lightning, each one unmistakable in the night sky and in my ears.

There is no turning back. I shake from the very force of all that is happening to me, my hand just a quiver in the air when I try to hold it still in front of me and it will not stay still. My whole being is gripped in paroxysms of disbelief of what I know I have just seen and heard. I shake like this for about a week before I finally calm down a bit.....

An excerpt from Genocide of the Damned...A Child's Prayer for Life, Chapter 4,
Journey to The Top of The Mountain

It was this moment that defined my future path. Where I come from, you do not ignore thunder and lightning. Although I knew instinctively that I had been graced by the healing hand, I had not asked for it. At least that is what I thought. In the beginning, I resisted more than I surrendered. I ranted against the new presence I felt within whenever things became overwhelming, which was often. "I did not ask for this. You took me from behind You did not request my permission."

I now know that I was brought to the seminar. High in the mountains overlooking the very valley where I was born but had not lived for over 25 years. When I came down from the mountains, I did not come down the same way I went up. There was a new energy burning in my soul, in my heart, the fire of rebirth and renewal. Suddenly, I had to write. I could not stop myself. For over three months I lived and breathed my book, pushed forward again and again by the new force within me. I could not stop if I wanted to. I did not want to stop. I was driven.

There was no turning back. There was no escape from this . It had to be done and I had to do it. In the beginning, I was driven by my pain and by my anger. I wrote to seek revenge and to avenge the hurts. Specifically, the hurt from the racism at my husband's place of work which resulted in the loss of his job and the loss of my silence. Part of my agenda was to out them for the racism they had spewed upon my household. Hate was in my heart for them. I wanted to out the racist employer who had injured my husband and my family and me. I wanted to make them hurt because they had hurt me. I wanted to bring them to their knees the way they brought me and my family to our knees.

Yet, as I wrote, I was confronted again and again by the specter of my dead father, a man of his times who was racist like so many others. A loving decent man who could not bring himself to accept or meet my husband. After I would write in earnest, when I was done, I would feel both purged and empty at the same time.

Purged because I had released so many demons. Empty because I did not yet know what to put in their place. All I could find in myself was anger. Yet my father had hurt me, too. I had found forgiveness for him. It haunted me everywhere I turned. No matter where I turned when I attacked them, I was counterattacked by the ghost of my father's racism and my forgiveness of him.

I lost the need to avenge as I found the need to love. Not to love the acts of the people who hurt me. But to understand the need to love the collective of us. As I moved into the light, I also found love. I became humbled by the knowledge that there was so much more than my insular little world. While I felt as if I walked in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, racism was flourishing around me in the light of day for all to see and ignore.

I began to understand that my call to write and the gift of my words was not so I could have revenge but so I could find love. That was my calling. To share the love that was sent my way as I battled my own hatred. So, although this book is about evil, in the end, it is about love.

Eventually, I was graced into surrender. I try to listen. I really do. Now I have been led here. I come to you seeking assistance with my mission. For I know that I cannot do it alone without assistance from the many helping hands. I am asked to speak to the issues of prejudice and hatred, as it relates to the death of the Spirit, the death penalty in America, and Peace throughout the World.

From what I have read so far of the posts on this list, it is clear to me that I belong here for Sustenance and Wisdom as I seek to understand. I embrace That from whence I come, That to which I am now instinctively drawn. I seek knowledge of the publication process, so that my words reach the light. I seek guidance as I write the third draft of the book. If anyone can help me offlist with information, I humbly request your help. It has waited patiently for several months for me to reach a point where I am ready to go back to it. It is time. Mine is to serve.

The Upanishads


Lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.


May the Lord of Love protect us.
May the Lord of Love nourish us.
May the Lord of Love strengthen us.
May we realize the Lord of Love.
May we live with love for all;
May we live in peace with all.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


May the Lord of day grant us peace.
May the Lord of night grant us peace.
May the Lord of sight grant us peace.
May the Lord of might grant us peace.
May the Lord of speech grant us peace.
May the Lord of space grant us peace.
I bow down to Brahman, source of all power.
I will speak the truth and follow the law.
Guard me and my teacher against all harm.
Guard me and my teacher against all harm.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


Filled with Brahman are the things we see,
Filled with Brahman are the things we see not,
From out of Brahman floweth all that is:
From Brahman all -- yet is he still the same.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


May quietness descend upon my limbs,
My speech, my breath, my eyes, my ears;
May all my senses wax clear and strong.
May Brahman show himself unto me.
Never may I deny Brahman, nor Brahman me.
I with him and he with me --
may we abide always together.
May there be revealed to me,
Who am devoted to Brahman,
The holy truth of the Upanishads.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti


OMWith our ears may we hear what is good.
With our eyes may we behold thy righteousness.
Tranquil in body, may we who worship thee
find rest.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti
OM. . . Hail to the supreme Self!


May my speech be one with my mind,
and may my mind be one with my speech.
O thou self-luminous Brahman,
remove the veil of ignorance from before me,
that I may behold thy light.
Do thou reveal to me
the spirit of the scriptures.
May the truth of the scriptures
be ever present to me.
May I seek day and night to realize
what I learn from the sages.
May I speak the truth of Brahman.
May I speak the truth.
May it protect me.
May it protect my teacher.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

In Humble Service,


found on  

James Traverse

Hello Joyce,

      This is Beautiful - thank you for your courage.

      I feel that your guide is clearly in the 'Lightening and
Thunder' - in other words I feel that you are called to report both
the dark and the light - the marriage which includes and is beyond
these is what your book will be - the Whole - Love.

      I feel that you book must provide 'the solution' and the
solution is to "See the Situation" - I feel that this means that you
Lovingly report the facts of your family's experience and your
forgiveness and growth so that it is a model for excellence.

      As you have already reported - your own experience is one of
transformation - it is Love that transforms things - this
transformation allows one to reach the highest potential onself for
the benefit of all.

      In this spirit I feel that you will do well to report 'the
behaviour' that represents 'the dark' and the behaviour that
represents 'the light' - the metaphor of Lightening and Thunder - and
to show that both are Love (Love is self-correcting - the enourmous
pain and suffering of violence such as racism is really a 'lesson'
that Love is providing to *end this*, and, the joy when Love is
flowing is the 'lesson' to *support this*).

      And, by focusing on 'behaviour' that is inappropriate you will
not be condeming people (more violence) - you will be sheding Light on
violence. And, when there is clarity in SEEING - the way to proceed is
obvious (some folks will feel that you are attacking them and will
defend themselves by attacking you - yet if you remain focused on the
fact that 'it is the violence that is not acceptable' - they will SEE
that you are not condeming them but rather 'ending all violence' is
what you are proposing AND that Peace, Love, is the default state when
violence isn't [we do not make peace - peace is natural]). 

      Seeing is Doing. 

      Blessings on this Christmas Day and All-Ways,
      Love and Gratitude,

I Am list

As long as you feel yourself the doer of action so long you are bound
to enjoy its fruits.  But if you find out whose karma it is, you will
see that you are not the doer.  Then you will be free. This requires
the Grace of God, for which you should pray to Him and meditate on

Hari Aum !!! 

"V. Krishnamurthy" <[email protected]>
The Advaitin list

How to think like History's Ten Most Revolutionary Minds


Today I came across a book 'Discover your Genius - How to think
like History's Ten Most Revolutionary minds' by Michael J. Gelb.
Harper Collins (2002).

The Ten Minds discussed are: Plato, Brunelleschi, Copernicus,
Darwin, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Jefferson, Gandhi,
 and Einstein.

The Book is interesting because it provides several
thought-provoking questions as exercises and the way the author
has connected the ten minds above, to motivate a moderner to
think in innovative ways is interesting.  The book is also
discussed at the website:

praNAms to all advaitins


Saw The Matrix Revisited on dvd. It's about the making of the film and  unzipped another layer of reality, with many avenues of interest emerging. It is intriguing, fun, and revealing to see behind the scenes. A good way to kickoff the coming Matrix 2 and 3 season, which apparently both go beyond the first Matrix technically and storywise.  


The Matrix Makers
One year, two sequels--and a revolution in moviemaking. An exclusive look behind the scenes of 2003s hottest flicks

The above Newsweek article may contain spoilers for Matrix 3 and 4.  

from his blog:  

One of the most powerful practices

of Tibetan Vajra yana is Toglen

Here is a version that is rarely found

for those in extremes

It is used by Boddhisattva Warriors

and is considered an unrevealed

Wrathful Maitreya teaching








1. Breathing in

focus all suffering - Yours, others

into tightening fists

(the fists are above ones head

and back as in wrathful yidam images)

2. Holding the breath

bring the fists to the solar plexus

and build up the tension,

intent and concentration.

Drawing all negativity

into the emptiness inside the fists

3. From the solar plexus

Metta radiates out

into the emptiness inside the fists

They become Pure Dharma Fists of Light

4. The Dharma Fists are released into

forward open 'palm hands'

as the breath and all difficulties

are expelled with the mantra







This technique was taught to me in

three postures

Horse stance

Full Lotus and Sanchin Dachi

Of these the easiest to understand

and most effective is the horse stance

Stand as if riding a horse

keep the back straight

and lower the buttocks

With practice the top of the thighs

become parallel to the floor

If you have no legs

just use the arms

If you have no arms

visualise them

One of the Mahasiddhas of

Indian Tantra (an amputee)

after 20 years of visualisation practice

created legs out of Nothing and walked . . .

Anything *is* possible - we are proof of that :-)


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