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Nondual Highlights #1309 Saturday, January 4, 2003 Edited by Christiana

The variety of expression               
Photo: Barbara Valuckas, Sept 11, 2002 United Nations peace talks  

As It Is, Volumes I, II Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche  

What we need to know is that our nature is an
unconfined empty cognizance. Knowing this to be as it is.

Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing,
is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state.
When not altering what is, allow it to be as it is.

And the awakened state is now spontaneously present.

Amazing, natural awareness is beyond thought.
Vividly clear, there is no obscuration. Nakedly
manifest, there is no delusion. Wide awake, there is
no subject and object. 

The thoughtfree innate state is experienced in
vividness. We do not have to think of it to discover it.
The natural properties of rigpa are not conceptual. 

Jeff Belyea [email protected]  

Jesus and nondual expression  

Jeff: Fasten your selt belts all you recovering Christians, I'll keep it short - just one run-on sentence.   J

esus was unique in his ability to teach from from a
dual perspective by offering prayer and worship to
God as a separate identity, moving to the middle
ground between duality and non-duality with his
reference to himself as "Son of God", and finally into
non-duality with, "The Father and I are One."

Jerry: Thanks, Jeff. It could be said that Bernadette
Roberts even described a further step, if you'd like to
split the hair of oneness and nonduality:  

Jeff: Thanks so much. What a beautiful read.  

She teaches from telling her story so honestly. The
parallels resonate in many stories by awakened
teachers. They, and she, even use similar imagery
about the phenomenon of light that is experienced as
a prelude to the full merging into God, told by many
teachers. The words I use are, "checkered light". I
found this precise phrase used by Yogananda
Paramhansa, my wife's guru, in his exposition on the
Bhagavad Gita. When I read it, my heart soared.
Roberts used something like "daggers of light".
I really enjoyed the distinction that Roberts makes
when she says that she didn't follow Christ, that Christ
followed her. Awakening to Truth reveals Christ and
his teachings in a non-relative, clearly non-dual way,
but only after the revelation. When I opened the bible
a few days after my awakening, it was alive with its
clarity and precision, describing what I had received
by such an incredible measure of grace. Amazing! 

Those who attempt to preach and teach with
understanding often pluck out phrases, like found in
the outline of Roberts work, such as, "there is nothing
to seek, nothing to find" and such, but this truth is
known in its spiritually informed context only after the
Truth of Christ is known. 

The Boddhisattva and the Christian Mystics work to
bridge the gap in understanding and object to the
uninformed parroting that discourages those at, as
Roberts, says, "the beginning of the journey." 

M.F. Taylor 

The Essential Solution and
Transformation beyond the ego (Interview with Jesus Christ)

"Jesus communicated methods of entering the
Kingdom. He did not propose a new belief, but a new

". . .But when the mind looks at the Absolute it
generates paradox because the Absolute is beyond
the mind's duality -- [which is] the natural way the
mind knows things at its present level of knowing. The
only way to Know the Absolute is to become It, and
this is a radical spiritual transformation, an individual
direct opening beyond ego-mind. This is the
essential solution. . . " 

M.T. You seem to imply that it is the ego that is

J.C. Yes, in a sense. But it does not mean that the ego is some bad thing. The whole thing is just a mental construct, and the sacrifice comes naturally. But it does not come out of choice, for choice is also illusion. Rather it comes out of a seeing and hearing that is not a result of past or memory in a psychological sense. Love lacks a past to consider. An Awareness that is choiceless does not arise from the past.   

M.T. You do not sound like the Biblical Jesus.   

J.C. I am not the Biblical Jesus. The Biblical Jesus never existed. However, I existed as Jesus. It is just that I am not confined by other minds, even within an historical context. The Truth is never in the past.   

M.T. I see. Well, getting back to the ego-self, if the
ego-self sinks like a boat in water, is this not also the
disintegration of the personality? 

J.C. In a psychological sense, it is the Higher Self that
carries the ego-self. If the boat sinks and the Self is
realized, then you can walk on water. If the boat sinks,
and you are fused with the ego- self, you sink with it.
The ego-self depends on the past and knowledge,
and knowledge is always a limitation of Truth. 

Knowing is beyond time and knowledge. The
ego-self is more like a tool for a semi-conscious
organism in time-life, but it has become the life of a
tool. Love is the greater power and the greater Life. I
am not a philosopher, psychologist, or a theologian. I
am more like a poet. I am not trying to prove anything
. . . Truth cannot be proven. I am just presenting
something, and the parables were my poetry in that
time and place. 

M.T. If we are to see society or ourselves only as we
are, rather than what we think we should be, what
happens to progress and change? We see
something we don't like and naturally want to make it

J.C. The seeing is not a judgement but a
discernment. True Action is also the Realization. It is
Whole-Action that leaves no scar . . . like the parting
of water that leaves no trace of separation. The ego
always leaves its mark, a scar of separation, which
then creates another problem, another dis-ease.
There is not one problem in the world or in
oneself that cannot be solved by returning to
Wholeness, which is the Realization. At the source of
all advancement in society or the individual, is the
Seed of Wholeness. It is this Seeing that is sacred. It
is Sacred-Seeing that is the true Ceremony of the
Savior, the Christ-Mass. Merry Christmas. 

Art: chunk of basilica fresco  

Lobster [email protected]   J

Jerry hypothesised:   

Religions and controlling teachers assign values and
use personal power to impose them. A very good
example these days is Ken Wilber, who is a strict
assigner of values and exaggerates his personal
power of intelligence to impose them. When he
teams up with Andrew Cohen, who uses his
exaggerated personal powers, you get a heck of a
magazine! This is why it is said (mostly by the Sufi's, I
believe) that the real teachers are 'impossible' to find.
There are no flags waving in that one's hand.

Real Teachers are very easy to find by Real Seekers.  

The Sufis say that the Men (includes women) of
'greatest wisdom remain hidden'. The alchemists too
say, 'those that know do not speak'. 

Real Teachers find those worthy of transmission and
do so INDEPENDENT of any need to engage in
spirituality. This is because they are transferring
qualities - not information. 

It is possible (just about) for us to prepare or enhance
our potential receptivity to Truth. We do so by the
company we keep, the words and activities we
engage in, the efforts we make. 

If we are sincere in our efforts we may find the
qualities we prepare are enhanceable into genuine
  Another way   

Erich Haenseler  [email protected]   

The ego of me is an illusion Look through my eyes and see yourself! Look through buddhas eyes and see yourself! Look through your eyes and see ... yourself! If you look with no mind you look through everyones eyes.   

You become the realized teacher, the successful student, the insane sociopath and the person reading this.   

Share your mind! Open your mind! Adopt a new viewpoint! Meet yourself in the mirror of illusion! Where is the mirror of illusion?     

Carlos Santana Album Cover Silver Dreams Golden Smiles  


Live Journals (

~ seraphimsigris  

Building a House with Dimensional Doors--Join Me?
Friends, "if you could be magically whisked to any
place in the world where would you go?"

It strikes me to ask myself, and YOU if you will, what
doors I would put in, if I could live in a house with
doors leading to any place I wished in space or time. 

~ whiskchick - The Zen-Within Community's LiveJournal

  The Four Agreements   


Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid
using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip
about others. Use the power of your word in the
direction of truth and love.


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say
and do is a projection of their own reality, their own
dream. When you are immune to the opinions of
others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.


Find the courage to ask questions and to express
what you really want. Communicate with others as
clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings,
sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement,

you can completely transform your life. 


Your best is going to change from moment to
moment; It will be different when you are healthy as
opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do
your best, and you will avoid self-judgment,
self-abuse, and regret.

~ From The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz   

thomas murphy [email protected]

Meet Thyself  

Self may be regarded as a catalog of images
documenting the experience
of a particular perceptual node
now emergent within the swirling intelligence
of the infinite field of awareness.

The curator of this personal library
is an organizing principle
that first manifests a perceiving organism,
then uses it to record, correlate, organize
and finally reflect upon experience.

It is infinite intelligence eternally doing its thing.  

The trick of reflection, of course,
is to quiet ripples
in the sensitive medium of attention
so the exquisite rhythms, melodies and sensations
of the cosmic symphony
may be discerned.

Don Juan refers to this as
"polishing one's connecting link with intent."
Whether it is regarded as intent
or as infinitely intelligent awareness,
the challenge is to "see,"
regardless of the solicitations of the moment.

This means not disturbing the medium of attention
with a shimmering montage of recollections.

a_warriors_ intent [email protected]  

Warriors perception  

"The basic difference between an ordinary man and
a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a
challenge while an ordinary man takes everything
either as a blessing or as a curse."

Tales Of Power Carlos Castaneda   

Tykal [email protected]  


Look, the mirror doesn't lie, look at yourself until
there's nothing you can't say is 'I.'

Onniko [email protected]  

You could think of it as the source being the center of
ourselves at all times, and we reach out in all
directions to explore but never really go anywhere at

Selfless service - lamed-vov  

I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I
do know: the only ones among you who will be really
happy are those who have sought and found how to
serve. -Albert Schweitzer

For a special example of the volunteer spirit, look no
further than the Jewish legend known as lamed-vov.
According to this tradition, there are always thirty-six
people alive in the world who selflessly contribute
their services for those around them (lamed-vov
means thirty-six). 

These thirty-six people may be famous, unknown,
rich, or poor, but they are genuine and caring human
beings who always look for ways that they can help
others. They do not know that they are one of the
lamed-vov, and anyone who claims that they are a
lamed-vov is not. 

James Twyman Peace experiment  

"Don't try to bend the spoon, because that's
impossible. Just realize the truth, that there is no
spoon." (From the movie, "The Matrix")

The Great Experiment III: By February 9 we hope to
have 100,000 trained Lightworkers who will use the
tools from the Spoonbenders Course to create a
wave of peace that will wash over the whole planet.
We have hired statisticians in Israel to scientifically
measure the impact of the vigil on that day, an
attempt to show the powerful effect of this modality of
prayer. I have also received an invitation to travel to
South Korea a few weeks later to perform the same
peace work. I will need you there as well. We are
forming an amazing team of Peaceful Warriors, and I
am honored to have you with us.

Kindling the Inexhaustible Lamp

Leaving behind all leakages, day by day you get
closer to the truth and more familiar with it. As you go
further, you change like a panther who no longer
sticks to its den - you leap out of the corral. Then you
no longer doubt all the sayings of the world's
enlightened teachers - you are like cast iron. This is
precisely the time to apply effort and cultivate
practice and nourish your realization. 

After that you can kindle the inexhaustible Lamp and
travel the unobstructed Path. You relinquish your body
and your life to rescue living beings. You enable them
to come out of their cages and eliminate their
attachments and bonds. You cure them of the
diseases of being attached to being enlightened, so
that having emerged from the deep pit of liberation,
they can become uncontrived, unencumbered, joyfully
alive people of the Path. 

- Taken from Zen Letters - Teachings of Yuanwu -
Translated by J.C. Cleary and Thomas Cleary (1994)    


freyjartist --Zen saying   

The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection.
The water has no mind to receive their image. 

John Metzger - BuddhaJones Cinema 

Trip out, man, but my favorite is still
"The Mystic Nature of Life: Good, evil and donuts"  

Enlightenment through dancing Inner Rave
John Gorman and Katherine Munro  

Dance and meditation come together in the
experience of absolute spontaneity! When we are
completely in tune with the music, not a thought in our
mind, and no idea where the next beat will take us,
then we are in touch with our own spontaneous
perfection. This is dance as a spiritual path to

"In this moment, when past thought has gone and
future thought has not yet come, do not reconnect to
any thought... Be awake, vibrant, crystal-clear, fully
present." - Tulku Urgyen 

Inner Rave dancer

  A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses. (Chinese proverb)

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