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Highlights #132

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Billions of lines of wisdom are uttered;
It takes only one to serve as a world.
Who knows what happens to the rest?
And what is all this uttering about?

The concept of enlightenment can be very misleading...
IT can become a type of experience that some have and others
don't, and some want, and others don't. It then becomes a kind of
commodity, something to have or get. My point of view on this is that
kind of enlightenment sounds very limited and limiting. It seems to me
better to throw out that concept and begin with one's awareness exactly
where one is. What is the difference between your current awareness and
"enlightenment" or "perfection"? Is that difference created by anything
other than one's own concepts, one's own "mind"?
One could discuss one's awareness as "realization." A holistic
understanding of realization would result in this equation:
awareness=reality=realization=being. Now, did this equation arise from
effort or will? No. It's simply "what is" when thoughts, feelings,
reactions to percepived separations are released. Did such a release
from desire, intention, grace, or predestination? A holistic
shows that these all "come together" in one instant of being. This
could be considered totally free expression of what is, and totally
determined by the nature of what is. It's grace and intention unified.
This is clear when one sees that the self/other dichotomy is equivalent
the will/grace dichotomy and the choice/predestination dichotomy.
Resolving self/other resolves the others.

...look directly into the nature of
"what is" to see yourself *as* part/Whole being.

My suggestion on "how to connect" in this regard is to look at any
assumptions that one is other than the Whole. On what are these
assumptions based? How did the dividing line arise? There is nothing
needs to be "connected," rather it is the assumptions and perceptual
impressions of separated beingness that need to be questioned. This
of "deep inquiry" involves all of who one is, as assumptions about
separation have gathered over millenia and deeply affect the
as well as "conscious" aspects of our being. My further suggestion is
inquire in a way that inquiry=openness=beingness. Then, there is
that "you" have to "do" to connect. With love ---

ALECS: envious that you
were actually given the mantra!
"Now where are my keys?" :)


Saint Kabir has very beautifully said:-

"Pothi Par Par Jag Mua Pandit Bana na Koye, Adhai Akhar Prem
ka para to Pandit Hoi"

People in the world have died learning books whole of there
life but could notbecome learned. Those who have studied two
and Half word of Love( Prem when written in Hindi is two and
half word) and have become learned.

The study of scripture alone is not enough. that's how
Shankra starts his Bhaj Govindam.

"Oh, Fool ! Oh, ignoramus ! Grammar rules (in fact all your
secular learning) will not come to your rescue when death
knocks to snatch you away. Instead of wasting away the
precious span of your life in a futile
manner, turn to and seek Govinda, who alone can save you
from the jaws of life and death".


Apropos of nothing, I'm sitting here surfing the net and watching the
Teletubbies with the color on my t.v. turned way up. It's really


Give me a mirror. Why should I deny my self?


Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all? Well, you
are my pretty! heh, heh, heh, heh. Here, want an apple?

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