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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Issue #1328 - Thursday, January 23, 2003 - Editor: Jerry


Theater and dance is an integral part of Balinese culture. Balinese dances are famous all over the world and the Balinese themselves take them very seriously. Birthdays, weddings, and temples festivals are all occasions for dramatic performances and dance is inextricably linked with Balinese religion.


There is a need for a summary, culture by culture, of the special insights which are perceived as characteristic of the mental framework or attitude of each such culture, namely the way people are empowered to think and organize their environment. What are the uniquely valuable insights or modes of thought that that culture has to contribute to humanity - and especially as a resource with which to respond in new ways to the world problematique ? What characterizes the special wisdom or "genius" of the culture?

Solutions, or at least more fruitful approaches, to many of humanity's problems may well emerge from modes of thinking already practiced by inadequately appreciated cultures.


it is ... appropriate to distinguish the following four varieties of conceptual insight, each calling for a somewhat different approach. A major criteria in selecting such insights would be their relevance to social change and to sustainable socio-cultural development.

(a) General insights from the culture or language. Examples, some well-known and frequently cited, are:

(b) Insights from scientific and artistic disciplines. The notion of "culture" and "language" can be usefully extended to include the "language" (langage in French) or mind-set characteristic of well-defined disciplines in the sciences (e.g. economics, biology, physics, mathematics, etc) or the arts (e.g. poetry, music, painting, etc.). Such an approach was attempted by the UIA in the 1976 version of the Encyclopedia (1) with the encouragement of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Science Council. The focus in this case is on the unique perspective offered in terms of any specific relevance to social change and development.

(c) Insights from spiritual disciplines. Given the important place allocated to spiritual disciplines in many non-Western cultures, the scope of the project might also be extended to include those spiritual disciplines deliberately used to reorganize perception of the social or natural environment and the relationship of the practitioner to it (e.g. zazen meditation, practice of sakina, raja yoga, aikido, zikr, via negativa).

(d) Insights implicit in collective behaviour in different cultures. Those with experience of development at the interface between Western and non-Western cultures, report many remarkable situations in which, because of their particular belief system, communities have developed unique patterns of behaviour which ensure the sustainability of their development in ways not normally foreseen by foreign experts.

Examples include:

More controversially, there is also a need, in each of the above cases, for insights into any special disadvantages of particular modes of thought. An example is the effort to identify the special obstacles to social or conceptual change associated with a "linear thinking" style.

E. Recent insight identifying exercise: a concrete example

The spirit of this proposal is appropriately reflected in a book, published in 1988, by Howard Rheingold under the title They Have a Word for It (subtitled: A lighthearted lexicon of untranslatable words and phrases). He comments on 170 concepts in 40 familiar and obscure languages "to discover genuinely useful (rather than simply odd) words that can open up new ways of understanding and experiencing life". His bibliography of sources includes 100 items. Some examples included are:

The book invites readers to send further suggestions to: Untranslatable Worlds, Jeremy P Tarcher Inc, 9110 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90069, USA.

I have spent thirty-five years of my life seeking the maturity of
a warrior.  I have gone to places that defy description, seeking that
sensation of being seasoned by the onslaughts of the unknown.  I went
unobtrusively, unannounced, and I came back in the same fashion.  The
works of warriors are silent and solitary, and when warriors go, or
come back, they do it so inconspicuously that nobody is the wiser. 
To seek a warrior's maturity in any other fashion would be
ostentatious, and therefore, inadmissible.

Commentary on Tales of Power
Carlos Castaneda



The well-ness of simplicity
   can never be drained,
 as life breathes in,..the night,..
   exhaling,...the day.
 Thoughtful words
   arise from breath,
 creating what they may,
 but beneath all made complexities,
   simplicity remains.

Fanimutation: Safe when used as directed


heh heh heh...

==Gene Poole==

PS:  Be sure your sound is  turned on
Help stamp out, eliminate, and abolish redundancy.

EkAntha dEsath thirundhAsai yindRiveLi
pOgAdhu vendru porigaLai - yEkamA
yanthami lAnmAvai yanniyamil pundhiyanAych
chindhikka vENdun theri.   38.


"(1)  Abiding in a solitary spot, without desire,
 (2)  not going outside, levelling the senses,
 (3)  becoming the 'otherless' wise one,
 (4)  must think of the Endless Self as 'the One'." know (thus).  38.


of Sri Bhagawan's Tamil Atma Bodha verse 38

Yours in Sri Bhagawan
RK Shankar
from the I Am list

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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