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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Non Duality Highlights - Tuesday, March 18, 2003 - issue #1375 - editor: michael    

Illusion & Reality  

Black Pearl Necklace, 2000  

  Yeah yeah, we'll be peaceful allright. Now, about that technology you mentioned.  

The Weekly World News also used a doctored picture of George W. Bush shaking hands with an alien when he took office /AP  

"God is the only explanation, without GOD there are no answers. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the BIG BANG theory and the expansion of the universe, but without GOD there's nothing, not even the BIG BANG. I'm not the type who thinks, that the whole process even life on Earth was a freak accident, like some scientists suggest. Or maybe that we're the only ones in this galaxy, let alone in the whole universe. Of course extraordinary claims need evidence, however, I don't see with my eyes, I see with my heart."

Jesus and The Aliens

Editor's note: I haven't read this site.

After a quick scan I was afraid it might be real.

The Nature of Reality

What is real? What is the universe made of? How does it work? Physics has always been an attempt to understand these questions. In the twentieth century, physics has developed two very powerful ways of looking at the world. The first was General Relativity, developed by Albert Einstein, which describes how gravity works. This theory is very successful at describing the actions of stars, galaxies, and objects on the largest scales. The other theory is called Quantum Mechanics and it is used to describe objects on microscopic scales - such as atoms, electrons, protons, etc.

  Calculating God   by Robert J. Sawer

Did God create the universe? The aliens think they can prove it!

A dying paleontologist comes to terms with life, the universe, and everything. Set in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum.  

The World Is a Stage

All that you see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allen Poe

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their entrances and exits; And one man in his time has many parts. William Shakespeare

The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast. Oscar Wilde

The Self alone exists; and the Self alone is real. Verily the Self alone is the world, the "I" and God. All that exists is but the manifestation of the Supreme Being. Ramana Maharshi  

If one can only realize at heart what one’s true nature is, one then will find that it is infinite wisdom, truth, and bliss, without beginning and without end.


Ramana Maharshi


  Supreme Beings


What is the Game of Life?   JAN BARENDRECHT

"My maze has been smashed and I wander about in wonder" - michael

Thanks for the loud laugh - oh wise one, the maze is "sentience" itself :)  

  Sentience: The next moral dilemma

16:30 Wednesday 24th January 2001
Richard Barry   Humankind will have to decide how to live with a new sentient race

Sometime in the future machines will reach a level of intelligence that will challenge, or even surpass our own.

Revered members of the academic community deem the event an inevitability. These include names like Ray Kurzweil -- inventor of the first reading machine for the blind -- Berkeley's John Searle and perhaps the man who deserves most credit for adding legitimacy to this belief, Sun Microsystems' Bill Joy.

If they are right, one day man will give life to a new race of intelligent sentient beings powered by artificial means.,,s2083942,00.html

The University of Sydney News - 27 March 2002

Questioning voice in the animal kingdom

By Alison Handmer

A fascination with the relationship between animals and humans has led Dutch anthropologist, philosopher and hitchhiker Barbara Noske to Sydney, where she is continuing her work at the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences.

In her quest to understand the subjective differences and similarities between the human and animal experience, Dr Noske has travelled the world, changing academic disciplines and writing widely on the failure of traditional mindsets to comprehensively grasp "animal-human continuity".

"There are dilemmas and contradictions everywhere," Dr Noske said. "Why do people say of a murderer 'He is just an animal' when in fact very few animals have a massive lust for killing?

"Why do we call someone who is a coward a 'chicken' when in fact chickens are most courageous?

"Why do many environmentalists refuse to take sentience, the capacity to feel pain, into account and why do animal rights supporters and liberationists see nothing but this capacity?

Anthropologist and philosopher Dr Barbara Noske.

"Why have we taken the most social animals, such as chickens, cows and pigs, and subjected them to lives in which their feet grow onto the metal of their cages and they can no longer even stand or socialise with each other or have any quality of life? And because they are no longer considered 'nature', environmentalists have no time for them.

"Why do we separate out humans from animals, and then lump together so much variety under the amorphous term 'animal'?" 2703_animal.html art/gallery.htm    

May all beings everywhere awaken to the dream and find themselves in peace.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: