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Issue #1381 - Monday, March 24. 2003 - Editor: Jerry

"Anything not specifically forbidden is mandatory."

Richard Alan Miller

Man can be thought of as a "negative universe." Consider this point. Everything you eat, everything you think or see becomes you. You take a wide disordered array of foods and they get organized into a complex or enzymes and proteins. In like manner, your thoughts also become organized. As the Universe becomes more disordered, man becomes more ordered. Therefore, if you wished to view reality from an ego type "I" point of view, where your physical body was where you stopped and the Universe began, then the main purpose for existence is for the assimilation of information. This, of course, is only one co-ordinate system for viewing reality.

Today we know that the individual does not stop at the physical body's surface. Electromagnetic influences and Lunar movement do alter behavior patterns to such a degree that we now do agree, in part, that man is somehow integrated with the rest of the Universe. In fact, one could even say that man is not becoming more ordered any more than the Universe is becoming disordered. They are simply one way of relating to reality.

We now come to what I shall call the Omega Principle: There is no such thing as absolute order. Order is found in the connectivity of two events. The structural similarities are expressed in our present culture as energy. A signal of information is sent across the space/time co-ordinate system for a re patterning of a zone. An observer sees this re patterning as a manifestation of energy.

Space is connected topologically. It is mapped in such a way that every point in space is directly connected with every other point. Social energy develops what I will call consensus reality. All geometry, whether it be a group of people or objects or events, contains information topologically. The manipulation of forms and geometry affect space and time. The concept of the Omega Principle is this, the whole trip of what "reality" is at this point is totally random, up for grabs by the largest and loudest group of people.

As Merlin put it to Arthur in a book by T.H. White: "Anything not specifically forbidden is mandatory." Once you set up a specific way of looking at reality, then there are only certain information paths connecting energy to space and time. It is therefore impossible to give a satisfactory definition of this "new force" in nature because the concept is diffuse to our present sciences. However, the Polynesians used the mana to describe something which was perfectly understandable to them and that they could use. It did not need any exacting scientific definition from their point of view, its existence was an undisputed fact and its manipulation an everyday occurrence.

A major theorem in Information Theory sums it up by stating: If you have enough information to ask a coherent question, then you have enough information to answer it. With this in mind, it has occurred to me that science today is probably just another religion. One which is particularly effective in manipulating physical reality.

Magic is the manipulation of organic realities as science manipulates physical realities. The ultimate goal for this generation then will probably be the blending of magic with science. The Omega Principle then is that there exists a Life energy which manifest itself as a pattern. I therefore offer the following postulates for this "new force" in nature:

(1) There is an all-pervasive ocean or medium of potential. Everything is simply connected.
(2) There are randomly-acting infinitesimals. These randomly acting infinitesimals are seen by consensus as patterns.
(3) There are patterns which exist and continue.
(4) There is the possibility of interaction of any two points.
(5) There is a possibility of interaction between patterns.

This "new force" then is the energy which patterns randomness. Magic can be thought of as the science of patterning. As Aleister Crowley states it in his classic text Magick in Theory and Practice: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."  This is the embodiment of fundamental truth. Our next journey, then will be to understand the "energy" of Will.

...Learning through conversation is not only a
waste, but stupidity, because learning is the
most difficult task a man can undertake.
Remember the time you tried to find your
"spot," and how you wanted to find it without
doing any work because you expected me to hand
out all the information. If I had done so, You
would never have learned. But now, knowing how
difficult it was to find your spot, and above
all knowing that it exists, gives you a unique
sense of confidence. While you remain rooted to
your "good spot" nothing can cause you bodily
harm, because you have the assurance that at
that particular spot you are at your very best.
You have the power to shove off anything that
might be harmful to you. If, however, I had
told you where it was, you would never have had
the confidence needed to claim it as true
knowledge. Thus, knowledge is indeed power.

Every time a man sets himself to learn he has
to labor as hard as you did to find that spot,
and the limits of his learning are determined
by his own nature. Thus I see no point in
talking about knowledge. Certain kinds of
knowledge are too powerful for the strength you
have, and to talk about them would only bring
harm to you..."

The Teachings of don Juan
Carlos Castaneda

from The Other Syntax

"All these ideas of yours are binding you. Once you understand that
there is no knowledge, that it is all ignorance, you are on your
proper level. You have the idea that I have the knowledge; this is
only an idea. Honestly speaking, there is no knowledge whatsoever. It
is beyond all imagination, it has no attributes. It cannot be
imagined at all."

-- Nisargadatta Maharaj, _Seeds of Consciousness_

from Daily Dharma

"Presence arises at first as the ability to watch the
workings of one's mind.  Then comes the choice not to
identify with those mental structures.  More and more,
you realize that you are not your thoughts, because
they come and go.  They're all conditioned; they're
all just the contents of your mind.  Instead of
deriving a sense of self from those contents, you
realize that you can simply observe the contents.  A
deeper sense of self arises then.  That is the aware
presence, and it feels very spacious and peaceful, no
matter what happens in your mind.  You no longer
identify with your mind, which is just conditioned
thoughts, and instead identify with the observing
presence, which can see the conditioned thoughts and
emotions in continuous flux.  When your sense of self
is no longer tied to thought, is no longer conceptual,
there is a depth of feeling, of sensing, of
compassion, of loving, that was not there when you
were trapped in mental concepts. You are that depth."
~Eckhart Tolle.

From the article, "The Power of Presence," published
in Ions Noetic Sciences Review, March-May 2003.

from Incense Exchange

Making Smudges

Gather several fresh stalks of your favourite herbs. Some of the most
common herbs yield the best fragrances. Mugwort makes a fine smudge on
its own. You may also want to try cedars, junipers, sumac, osier,
mesquite, tansy, and pinyon. Each of these botanicals has its own savory
aroma. Experiment with different combinations to suit your various
needs. This recipe makes an aromatic smudge that is wonderful for
meditation. It also makes a fine insect repellent and helps to banish

Lay the sheet of newspaper open. Gather the selected herb stalks
together and hold them tightly in one hand. Bend them gently back over
onto themselves 6-7 inches from one end. Quickly bend the remaining
lengths back on themselves again in this same 6-7 inch long wand.
Holding this all together well, place it on the newspaper at an angle.
Roll it up tightly, like a big cigar, and secure it snugly with the
rubber bands or string.

Place the stick in a warm place, out of direct sun, to dry for at least
several days and preferably a week. You may unwrap it in a day or two to
check it, then wrap t again more snugly. Let it dry out thoroughly for a
few more days. If it is very humid, it may take a couple of weeks to

Unwrap the stick, discard the paper, and tie the herb bundle securely
with fine cotton cord or thread. When ready to use, ignite one end and
get it smoking. You can use this as a ceremonial smudge. To make a
mosquito repellent, perch it upright in a clay pot or coffee can filled
with an inch or two of sand. If you want to burn the smudge for only
several minutes, you can snuff out the smoking end by rubbing it outside
the pot or shell, or pressing it into the sand. Don't use water to
extinguish it.

from Nonduality Salon

if vichara is done as a method of chipping away
at something in the hopes that it will clear
away that obstacle forever, then it's a kind of
practice that will never accomplish that goal.
On the other hand, if you're looking into
things to see what you're really doing, what
you really, really really want, and what they
heck you really are ... if you do this to get
to the bottom of things, sparing no prisoners,
as though your life depended on it -- this is
vichara. It's not a practice, it's a digging
tool. The Understanding that is spoken of in
that way is *not* your IQ or quickness with
brainteasers. It is behind that, behind
wherever you look, yet inseparable from it as

Michael Gluckman
Yes, this is the big contradiction. The sages
say put in full energy as if you are fighting
for your next breath of air. Then they say that
the Self is right here now. That the infinite,
undying, and blissful Self that you seek is
just your very sense of 'I' - right here. If it
is right here why do you have to put in any
energy to finding it.

That Self that the Sages are talking about is
you. So the kind of energy to put in is to
eliminate assumptions; that life is suffering
and that you are limited. When there is no
place left in you for limitation and suffering
then you become who you really are.

To see limitations that you have taken to be
true and just natural as untrue and unnatural
is to sit in consciousness, your real nature,
and not in the limitation of what you see.

To me the hardest kind of energy to put in is
to rethink and eliminate my assumptions. But my
experience is this is the kind of energy I need
to gain freedom.

A blog from Baghdad

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