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Just found this page on the web.
Cartoon postcards about enlightenment.
I liked them, thought they were funny.
Thought you may like them too.

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I've updated the Satsang with Everyone web page, and added
some other touches to the website. Please go to the
following link for more details. Thank you.

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There is no enlighening anyone else! Really, everyone
understands that. Yet, there are some things that a truly
enlightened person says that are like seeds (to use a common
metaphor) that fall and may take root. And we understand
that too, which is why read and listen to those we sense to
be sages. And why do we talk to each other, I wonder.
Perhaps it is because we sense we are all One and come to
know the One through each other.


I'm going to post some information soon that is helping me
to look further into why I identity with anything at all.
It is my only dilemma about nonduality. Secretly I cherish
the creativity of ideas and have no plans to go into a
sterile singularity for many dimensions yet. I am merely
learning here that they are made of nothing like me, so not
to cling to them, that ideas and beliefs are not cast in



It is by seeing the reflexion of ourselves in others, and
their responses, that we learn about parts of ourselves we
didn't know existed. I got a little of everything in me,
and there's a little of me in everything.



Even before Zecharia Sitchen wrote his books, Jan van
Reykenborh, a Dutch Rosicrucian realizer and author, wrote
something about the fact that mankind was instructed in the
art of Self-realization by beings from other, highly
advanced, civilizations. According to him, this was the
onset of the "golden age" of humanity; from animal
consciousness (the Gilgamesh epic mentions the
"domestication" of Enkidu) to full realization (snatching
the plant of immortality away from the snake in the sea).
The sign "mission completed" is given with the full
realization by humans, so that in this respect mankind
became independent (the advent of human teachers).

However, on this planet something went wrong and a decline
set in. From a certain moment, important documents were
purposely burnt (like Alexandria's library) to prevent
spreading of the truth. For "visitors from outer space",
other indicators are the Dogon with their knowledge of the
Sirius system, ooparts (out of place artifacts like pieces
of "impossible" alloys found in ancient layers of soil)
stuffed away in museum's cellars according to the dictum
"what doesn't fit in with theory shouldn't be showed",
glazed sands that can only be caused by a nuclear blast. So
it is all tied up with nonduality; if everything would have
developed according to "plan", nonduality would have been
the norm instead of the exception.



I can believe this. Knowing that my own experience with
'visitation' of uncommon beings is fairly common, I can
accept all kinds of visitations. I have a hard time
imagining these beings actually climbing into space ships,
turning a key and flying out here. (And you know,
complaining about the food, their gall bladders, and all
that.) Rather I think they move through psychic dimensions
and do interface with the physical world. They are
dimensions of us. 'They' are us.



And This,

is the really spooky part. Just little tiny human
organisims, speculating upon their ancient roots, forgeting
for a time, that we are the ever present Gods' Eye.

Nibirian, pliedian, sirian, orionian, and All steming from
little Sidhartha's (that would be 'Our')
belly's dreams.

"Rather I think they 'are' the psychic dimensions as We
interface 'through' this physical world. ... now I
understand why I've never seen Big Space Brothers, excepting
of course, in Our little war of the gods, here on NDS.

Who was it recently that 'Proved' we were not the center of
gravity? (and Universes)

Bring them onto Me.

Sunday Happy Here...

Shiva :-)



RAINBO: A friend of mine, a Ph.D. geologist, Chris Lorenz,
(nephew of Konrad Lorenz of the Nobel for study of animal
postulated that there had been either a huge meteor or
something like a Nibiru which cased the Earth to wobble on
its axis, causing the Nile to shift direction. Therefore,
what was once paradise became a desert. He had done quite a
bit of work in Africa, including opening the iron mines in
the Sudan, and had studied the region intensley. The theory
sounded quite plausible to me. (He's dead now.) Sound
plausible or is there a hole in the logic I'm unaware of?

JAN: I would say it is insufficient. Jan van Reykenborgh
stated mankind was visited several times and if one thing is
certain, it is the existence of knowledge concerning K.
world wide. But also he pointed out that yoga systems like
karma, bhakti, raja , jnana, once were integrated and that
knowledge was complete.
As such a complete system is likely to give a full treatise
on matters like siddhis as well, it is understandable that
knowledge was destroyed for two reasons: preventing both
abuse and being used. Ransacking the cellars in the Vatican
could be interesting...

RAINBO: The Bible's real beginning is the word "Elohim"
which can be translated in a myriad of ways but one is
"There were Light Beings." Which I agree there is alot of
support for...
but I think theories then extracted from this get very
nebulous and cannot be well supported.

JAN: With Light Beings could be meant astral beings as well
as fully realized ones; it leaves a lot of room for

RAINBO: The last part of the statement "plans gone awry"
sounds implausible to me, we have freedom to choose and the
Creator of what we know I don't think goes "oopz," such
that the premise that nonduality now being the norm is
wishful thinking?

JAN: One could say self-consciousness is a two sided sword;
it can cut ignorance about "the substratum of everything" or
it can cut the roots with nature, remaining in ignorance.
Instead of a conscious choice, it is more like a gene is
turned on and it reminds of the myths regarding stomach
ulcers; it took a long time to find out a bacterium is
causing them instead of diet :) It is rather safe to say
that unless a self-conscious species is well known with
"unconditional happiness", it won't survive; 1/3 of all
species has already been successfully exterminated and a
negative influence of human actions on the climate will
probably be denied until it is too late for corrective

The existence of something like a nonduality gene that can
be turned "on" is far more likely than the necessity for
1,000 lifetimes or so to gain experience before insight will
dawn :) It would still mean nirvana could "take" more than
one lifetime. Apart from that, there has been a time when
Buddhism was flourishing and quite a number of householders
nirvana with substratum remaining. So nonduality has been
the norm already :)



A loaf of bread a jug of wine and thou.

"Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint,
and heard great argument About it and about: but evermore
Came out by the same Door wherein I went."

--Omar Khayam



I find it interesting that the folks I know of for whom "it"
happened without a teacher insist a teacher is not only
unnecessary but a trap. Those I know of for whom it happens
with a teacher insist that a true teacher is essential and
thinking one can do without one is a trap.

It is always amazing to hear a "that's not possible"
about something which is going on personally and profoundly
in my life.

Where I agree with you whole heartedly is that each
individual's life is the path - as unique as each of us
illusory, only apparently existent folks are. For some of
us that includes dancing our life paths with exquisitely
pure beings in and out of the body (me too, Jerry) and for
some of us it doesn't.

If the point is that we see through our delusions and
rediscover the simple empty fullness of ourselves, what
would be the purpose of saying how it can or cannot happen?
My experience is that "it" is a gradual and continuous
happening. At some points there has been a "teaching" that
blew away a veil in my mind revealing the vastness. At
others an indescribably intimate communion with a master has
undone me.
At most moments I have no idea - just as you said.



Advaita is one of the schools of Vedanta. As far as
being considered the "highest" and all that, well, what can
anyone say really. As someone born in India in a Hindu
family, I can tell you that such things as, considering a
school of thought to be the "highest" or the "lowest",
really depends on the one doing the considering! :-).

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