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Issue #1397 - Wednesday, April 9, 2003 - Editor: Jerry  

Jody NDS  

"It became clear to me that enlightened people are as fallible as anyone. They are expanded human beings, not perfect human beings, and they live and breathe with many of the same faults and vulnerabilities we ordinary humans must endure. " --Osho  

Matthew Files

A man of peace is not a pacifist . . .
A man of peace is
simply a pool of silence . . .

He pulsates a new kind of energy into
the world . . . he sings a new song.

He lives in a totally new way . . .
His very way of life is that of grace . . .
that of prayer . . . that of compassion.

Whomsoever he touches . . . he creates more love.

The man of peace is creative. He is not against war . . .
because to be against anything is to be at war. He is
not against war . . . he simply understands why war exists.
And out of that understanding he becomes peaceful . . .
Only when there are many people who are pools of
peace . . . silence . . . understanding . . .
will the war disappear . . .

OSHO Zen: The Path of Paradox Vol. II ***

David Godman's new website:

Shankar's web page is now up to date:  


Hello Friends, Just looking for like-minded souls.

I am directly experiencing my life, emotions, habits, and the pain of
my own self-betrayals more and more.  With the support of this love.
Such Beauty.  Even in the pain. I pray for more willingness for my
heart to open all the way.  


This We Have Now

This we have now
is not imagination.

This is not
grief or joy.

Not a judging state,
or an elation,
or sadness.

Those come
and go.

This is the presence
that doesn't.

It's dawn, Husam,
here in the splendor of coral,
inside the friend, the simple truth
of what Hallaj said.

What else could human beings want?

When grapes turn to wine,
they're wanting

When the nightsky pours by,
it's really a crowd of beggars,
and they all want some of this!

that we are now
created the body, cell by cell,
like bees building a honeycomb.

The human body and the universe
grew from this, not this
from the universe and the human body.


Baghdad - 08 April 2003

"We have won the war", stated Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed
Saeed al-Sahaf in an impromptu news conference held early Tuesday

"We have beaten their stupid bombs and missiles with our palaces and
government buildings. The unholy mercenaries are running away into
the desert, flapping their arms like fightened drag-queens.

We have pulverized their cheap toy tanks with the bare hands of our
brave martyrs. The old, rusty helicopters they sent to annoy us were
pesky flies that we swattted and squashed with rolled Oprah
magazines. We have captured 263,000 American, British, Australian
and Polish mercenaries but we are treating them very well -
exceeding all Geneva Covention minimal requirements - with full
access to the tastiest low-fat beef shish-kabobs and our best
bellydancers. Their divisions have been utterly destroyed and driven
into the sea to drown with their evil dolphins and satanic sea

The foreign jackals never even came close to Baghdad. Saddam and his
glorious sons are driving right now through the city in captured
Hummers with expensive stereos blaring our national anthem - to the
cheers of his beloved flower and rice throwing people who adore
him.  Our brave hero they scorn as 'Chemical Ali' is alive and well
and he is planning to send aerosol cans of "special hair-growing
mousse" to Chemical Ari.

This morning, Washington has been pulverized into looking like
Afghanistan by our Cessna loaded with - believe me - a very powerful
really big exploding molotov coktail thing. The son of Bush did not
suvive. He could not hide in his Pennsylvania Avenue bunker when our
bunker busting dromadaires drilled through the cheap mortar and wood
of his fancy pants castle.

We warned them not to come here and invade our country, didn't we?
But did they listen? Nooooooo they didn't!

Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey, goo-ood-bye!"  

David Bozzi

The soap-opera of nationalism  

I really love
how the President,
(the one without most of the votes)

that Darth Vader wannabe
who pre-emptively attacks

his true feelings
before the camera eyes

   ...for once they did not lie


this president possessed
like a boy entangled
in his professional wrestling fantasy

gripping tightly
with both his hands
for all the world to his

gnarled fingers
surrounding empty space
where in his mind
he fetishes his inner demon's throat...

If that don't get me hooked
on the soap-opera of nationalism
well I'll be darned...


OM. May Brahman protect us both !

May Brahman bestow upon us both the fruit of Knowledge !

May we both obtain the energy to acquire Knowledge !

May what we both study reveal the Truth !

May we cherish no ill-feeling toward each other !

Om.  Peace !  Peace !  Peace ! 

The Brihadaranyaka and the Chhandogya Upanishads are the two longest Upanishads and occupy a superior position among the Upanishads.

Both of these Upanishads form the basis for later development of Vedantic teachings. 

There are 8 parts to the Chhandogya Upanishad which are divided into
2 sections. 

The first section has 5 parts which deal with upasana, ritualistic worship, and meditation.

The second section has 3 parts which discuss fundamental doctrines of Vedantic philosophy.

The sixth part is the of the vedantic dictum--Tattvamasi--That Thou Art

The seventh part is the doctrine of Bhuma, Infinity

The eighth part concerns itself with the Doctrine of Atman. 

Sri Sankaracharya drew his teachings from Upanishadic statements such as:

"One only without a second" in His non-dualism philosophy.

The Vedas have two sections :

1.  Dealing with karma and ritualistic worship, for those seeking happiness on earth and in heaven.

2.  Is about jnana and the Knowledge of Brahman for those seeking Immortality.


The Vedic theory is to slowly and methodically take minds away from the sensate world and lead them to the loftiest ideal--Brahman.  Therefore, the Upanishad will begin with the five parts of the first section :

Upasana, ritualistic worship, and meditation.




(From Swami Nikhilananda's THE UPANISHADS.  Chhandogya Upanishad in Book Four)


Om. Salutations to the Supreme Self.

The Chhandogya Upanishad, consisting of eight chapters, commences with the words :  "The syllable Om."  We begin this short treatise, containing a simple explanation of the book, for those who wish to know, in brief, the import.

to be continued..

Sri Sankaracharya will say :"When work is performed with a knowledge of such deities as the prana and agni, it enables the agent to attain Saguna Brahman."

If the study of and the means for attaining Brahman is of interest, you would enjoy Sri Sankaracharya's group:

Matthew and Gene

At NDS a lot of talk is given to the idea, or truth, depending how 
you look at it, that there is really no 'doer'and that what we call 
life, is the natural arising of phenomena. Why does this not seem to 
be the case when war is talked about? Why is war not talked about as 
the natural arising of phenomena? Why is it seen as seperate from the 
whole? As something that should not be? Why are those in positions of 
political and economic power, who are for the war, seen as 'doers', 
even creators of the war. How can Bush be wrong or bad if in truth 
there is no 'doer'?  How can war be the wrong path if all paths lead 
to the same end? 

Your concerns are noted.

If you are asking 'why', the answers
are not available without such as this:

The questions you ask are good leads,
but in themselves, incomplete.

If one does not know, and wants to
know, the information available thru
the link will start the actual questioning

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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