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Highlights #141

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Infinite resting, infinite allowing, infinite heart
Unending gratitude


words without words with which
to express themselves--words cold
steel electric words--day to day
words--words for night & dawn & noon
& moon words--words which wrap
themselves around a thought:
a tree
word, trees that are poems
that write themselves from the roots
up. . .branches down. . .words to the sky-kind
of words. . .stretching words. . .reaching
words. words that are kites
free-falling jerked
away string bound lazy
lifted retrieved
as day sleeps kind of string
wound words or trying to sleep kind
of word-ful shaking like a leaf or
a kite or a tree kind of words.
specialty words--words for sale--free words--others'
words--police words--nurse words--tax man words--worn
weary words.
words that slice--weapon words--no shield
to ward off words words--words that shroud
vulnerable souls in creeping wetness under
cold steel trees of you deserve what you get words--
words--broken kite words--fog words--no shelter
words--words one can't use in a song-- a song without
words words.
words say it's over--words say it has just begun--words say
i love you and glare stare hatred from i's at once. words call
words imitate words
words name words
words name you
words can name you lunatic &
you know why & you don't know why but you know that
full moon lunacy is word-less-word-ful-love-word is
beam bright primative futureless word-warm word is
warm steel word
hot hot word
new not-word
warm head spark words--given words--understood & earned
by life pain words--words to say halt with words to surrender by. . .
words to process--words to pen
you are word i am word iam
a tree i am a kite i am a lunatic i am a word
lazy lited [flying word]
cold steel [weapon word]
warm head spark [crazy words]
soft spun touching [gentle words]
word wiz--word smith--word monger--word warrior-
words float--words sink like lead-- words:
it is only in your head. words.
human words pronounce you christened married weary dead.

lunacy. the moon never spoke such word. moon shone
fall crisp leaf coming snow peace & spit fire all in one

[ ]

love and blessings
for words and back words :)
aleks :-X!


... Email is a different form than talking, obviously, and
still quite different from communicating through movement or sound. It's
any better or worse than any other. I think it is unique and myself
somewhat new to lists in
general, am still investigating how it is I respond and communicate

If you suppose that we are dependent on intellect and senses for
communication, then, could you also suppose that as we give up those
dependences, we are replacing them with another (email)? What is the
of communication and why are we doing it? That seems to be a question
must ask of oneself prior to clicking the 'send' button. There is an
interest and/or need here, each for their own reasons.


...Having been away from this forum for awhile and
considering the return to it, I looked at this "why?" question too.
what I found:

There is an opportunity here for vigilence to Wholeness in the midst of
various responses to people and what they say.

In wholeness I am discovering an increasing ability to enjoy and to
appreciate, independent of situation.

I don't talk to people other than my sons that much, and it's fun to
it out about 'what is enlightenment?' etc., not because it means
but more because it doesn't.

As for what forms communication may take when we rely less on intellect
senses and words? Give it a shot. Try letting those things stop for
just a
moment. As my teacher Papaji said, "We'll just see."


... I have thought that everything including
enlightenment is the result of three forces. First force
is definition, second force experience, third force
realization and the result is enlightenment. First
there is "new" thinking, second experience, third
understanding or realization and the product is
enlightenment. Where I get confused is in not
separating the first force from the product i.e.
I come across "new" thinking and I think I am already
enlightened without have gone through any process.
You can "define" the three forces any way that works
for you. I was just trying to make them fit what Xan
was saying. The idea is to take it as a hypothesis and see
if it can be verified.


I can see this, Marcia. First one receives an idea of a possibility
previously unknown. That opening may lead to a direct, non-conceptual
recognition of it's reality. As that becomes more consistent it is
as one's reality.


Perhaps it is because we have come to a
half understanding of the nature of reality that we wail
"failure" empty or not. With each step we come to recognize
certain *facts* about the nature of reality and we begin at
once to alter the conditions that have caused us much
dismay and dissatisfaction. We are already
doing it with the little "me" but our creations are slow
and feeble reflections. The 'I' that is greater than any
"am" or "me" is the creator that will heal our world.


How to share it? is that my question or am "I" rushing on ahead?
Why do i wish for life to be swift?
Surely I must be able to to cherish to the depth of each moment.
What *develops* this? am i struggling?
I may not recognize my own worth and beauty, I know. Is this why I wish
for approval? Don't I know that if I seed approval, disapproval grows in
vision as well?
What if I simply did what my heart told me to do> What is That???
I have been out of that listening, hard to return to it
Is it ill to ask for guidance? Ma?
guide me, teach me from on high
fed by ravens sipping on dew
I wish my beauty and grace to shine a light
to consume all fear
Love Light, bring your torch to my willing heart
Brilliant Fire!!

Two days ago Eric and I spent hours upon hours posing me, him sketching,
preparing to paint
erotic poses, scary to share and yet we will and do
We consume our fear of loving others together
each of us in our own way confronting and embracing our demons
shining a light on their faces with Love.

Skye posted:

"Reality is fine in small doses, but as a lifestyle I find
it confining."
-- Lily Tomlin

Old Hag:

Hello all dears:

Well, for those that cared, i rode out Irene.

Stood on top of my garbage pile, hands outstretched, and welcomed her
howling embrace....beautiful! And then, just as she began blowin'
powerful, beyond old frame's resistance, i watched and learned from the
trees, the flowers and plants, even Mr. Mockingbird on a tall pine. They
were bending to her, surrendering, so old hag bent, surrendered, and
creaking bones still here! Even renewed a bit, ready to dance! ,^))
Thanks for your concern very fine dears.

Here is some Lao-Tzu (we went to third grade together):

"Other people are excited,
as though they were at a parade.
I alone don't care.
I alone am expressionless,
like an infant before it can smile.

Other people have what they need;
I alone possess nothing.
I alone drift about,
like someone without a home.
I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

Other people are bright;
I alone am dark.
Other people are sharp;
I alone am dull.
Other people have a purpose;
I alone don't know.
I drift like a wave on the ocean,
I blow as aimless as the wind.

I am different from ordinary people.
I drink from the Great Mother's breasts."

Have a wee sip before retiring, eh?


May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.

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