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Nondual Highlights Issue # 1427 Editor: Christiana

Pronoia: the unshakable conviction that life is a conspiracy to liberate you from suffering, fill you with joy, and make you really smart.   "Time is a human invention. When we live by the clock, we miss the
passing moments of life, which means that we do not live at all. These passing moments are all that we have. The rest is merely a dream."

Roy Whenary  

Art: mamani_cholaguagua

                                    The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost

Lisa Haynes journal..  

april 27th  

Dear Mom, I am the bruises on your hands and arms, I am your swollen
feet, the pain in your legs. Next week I will feel your absence like heavy
stones and will look into your eyes begging you with my own to
recognize me while I smooth the hair back from your face and later that
night, when I lay down to cry myself to sleep, I will feel your hands in my
hair and will hear you telling me like so many times in my life, Oh,
sweetheart, don't cry. This is just one more part of life.     

April 11th: Chaos & The Sacred Space Between Exhalation and Inhalation  

This mind spins like a ferris wheel. I don't allow for commercial breaks.
I flip the channels relentlessly between the things I need to do and the
things that occupy my senses. The world is a room full of colorful toys
and I only have two hands. My arms are empty and I feel like grabbing. I
am not particularly restless at the moment but I feel it at the edges. If I
turn suddenly, I will brush against sharp shadows and feel the bite of
gnashing teeth. There is a certain need for chaos within me. Nietzsche
would call it creativity, I think. He said, "You need chaos in your soul to
give birth to a dancing star." It is a difficult labor.   

Martin Charles told me a long time ago that there is a sacred space
between exhalation and inhalation. I practice when I lay down to sleep;
when I am sitting here in the dark silence. I try, but I can't find it. Maybe I
have sold my silence for words and now there are no spaces left
between the letters. Maybe I have swallowed my sound.  

  "...have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love
the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books
written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which
could not be given you now, because you would not be able to live
them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now.
Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without ever
noticing it, live your way into the answer..." -- Rainer Maria Rilke  

Benny [email protected]  

Oh Woman without you
no place of offering can be sanctified
no communion is possible
without denying force first force
could not exist

Observations of dullness from LiveJournal  

A day in my life...
Some of you may have wondered....why doesn't userinfocrasch post more about his personal life? (O.K. So none of you wondered this...humor me.) Well, the answer is because if I did, the results would bear a striking resemblance to this blog.  


juiceboxhero's fantasy parenting on Live Journal  

"When I have a kid, the first thing I'm going to do is to put up hidden
cameras everywhere. I'm going to know every single thing the little tyke
does. Every night I will review the day's activities with him or her,
praising good behavior and criticizing behavior. His or her earliest
memories will be of me and my uncanny knowledge of what they've
done. He or she will grow up believing that I know everything they do,
that my powers of perception aren't limited by time and distance. Once
they are old enough for school, I'll take it wireless, and I'll make sure to
catch them in all their untruths and misdeeds, and generally lead them
to believe that I am Godlike in my omniscience. I think that would be

Bill Rishel [email protected]  

A couple of months ago it struck me that my "real job" is to be a *being
of light*, and it is a job that no one can take from me. It is a job that is
always mine, if I want it.   

And more recently it has struck me that, "If I don't stay on the job, I don't
get paid!" 

Joseph Riley  [email protected]    

There are mothers
            for everything, and the sea
            is a mother too,
            whispering and whispering to us
            long after we have stopped listening.
            I stopped and let myself lean
            a moment, against the blue
            shoulder of the air. The work
            of my heart
            is the work of the world's heart.
            There is no other art.  

~ Alison Luterman ~

  Viorica [email protected]  

I AM - THE FIRST NAME OF GOD  David Godman  

The sadhana of loving God as He really is, as 'I am,' with all one's
heart, having rejected all other thoughts, is identical to the path of true
devotion as taught by Bhagavan on many occasions:   

Question: That is why I am asking you whether God could be
worshipped through the path of love.   

Bhagavan: . Love itself is the actual form of God, If by saying, 'I do not
love this, I do not love that,' you reject all things, that which remains is
swarupa, that is, the real form of the Self. That is pure bliss. Call it pure
bliss, God, atma or what you will. That is devotion, that is realisation,
that is everything.   

If you thus reject everything, what remains is the Self alone. That is real
love. One who knows the secret of that love finds the world itself full of
universal love.  

Jesus instructed his followers that they should not merely love God with
all their heart, they should also love their neighbours as themselves.
Here Bhagavan is saying that this automatically happens when the first
commandment, loving God with all one's heart, is fulfilled. When one
experiences 'Love . the actual form of God', the world itself, including
all possible neighbours, is experienced as one's own Self, and is found
to be 'full of universal love'.   

"The experience of not forgetting consciousness ['I am'] alone is the
state of bhakti, which is the relationship of unfading real love, because
the real knowledge of Self, which shines in the undivided supreme
bliss itself, surges up as the nature of love. Only if one knows the truth
of love, which is the real nature of Self, will the strong entangled knot of
life be untied. Only if one attains the height of love will liberation be
attained. Such is the heart of all religions. The experience of Self is
only love, which is seeing only love, hearing only love, feeling only love,
tasting only love and smelling only love, which is bliss."  

Whom It Chooses   

Someone asked, "It is stated in the scriptures that the Self will reveal
itself only to one whom it chooses. Then what is the use of our effort?"  

Sri Bhagavan replied: "The Self will draw unto itself an aspirant only
when he becomes introverted. So long as he is extroverted, Self-
Realisation is impossible. Many people try to define the Self instead of
attempting to know the Self and abide in It."  

- from Sri Ramana Reminiscences  

Tykal [email protected]


the eternity
of embracing
this nowness
like an invitation accepted,
come on in
and have a time or two
or however few
to be the view,
across the big screen
we've got us
on a live feed 24/7,
no cover,
and a never-ending
link to perfectly being
the self
you always are
the only
hidden charges,
at the mention
of wearing anything
but our beautiful
naked soul
                                                                                                                    photo: Fred Voetsch

Courtesy of Xan:  

My grandmother and I had a great discussion when she was 94:  

"So what is this Tao ?"  (I'm reading the book, TaoTeChing)
"A book of neat poems that help me understand how to be a better me."
"Is it a church or something? Do you pray?"
"We meditate, seek Zen, etc."
"I know Zen.  And meditation."  

I blink, stunned. My mom was having a hard time wrapping her head around
Tao, and my "fascination" with it.  

"When I crochet, knit or embroider I am with myself and my God."  

Her hands reminded me of a saying: The wisdom of the master is evident in
every movement of her hand. That she was.  


To deal with things knowledge of things is needed.
To deal with people, you need insight, sympathy.
To deal with yourself, you need nothing.
Be what you are--conscious being--
and don't stray away from yourself.

- Nisagardatta Maharaj

Roy Whenary [email protected]  

Don't forget that you do already know yourself on a deep level - you
may just keep forgetting this fact, then you keep remembering, then
forgetting again. The mind remembers and forgets - this is what it
does, amongst other things. But when you allow this knowing to enter
your 'feeling', there is nothing to forget. When you have really allowed
this knowing to flood into your 'feeling' (not as emotion, but as a very
basic, almost tactile, sensing) then your 'feeling' is always informed by
your deep knowing. This is why I call my book "The Texture Of Being".
And I would say that perhaps the easiest way for most of us to "enter
the feeling" is by simply Listening - simply being open, receptive, not
chasing thoughts or answers. You can even do this as an experiment
whilst sitting or standing, preferably in nature. Then one can feel an
almost sweetness in the Beingness - dare one say "an incredible
lightness of being". 

extracts from: Hymn to the Great Mother   

The Ultimate Reality isn’t God, Father or Being, but the Womb, the Great Mother, the Vacuum,
the Inconceivable Abyss of the universe.  

There is Nothing to achieve
Only relaxing in What You Are Already
To open yourself like a flower in the morning sun
Trusting the wondrous "laws of the Universe"
Getting in touch with the Space in and around you
Restoring the Wholeness of Life

Beyond Enlightenment and Death
The Real Treasure resides
It is the Womb, the Abyss of the universe
How compassionate She was to me
Breaking me down until Nothing was left
Hence I called Her the Great Mother

At the end of suffering the Origin appears
It is the meaning of all destruction and loss
Rather than trying to "save all beings"
You should let it happen
In order to discover what is Behind
To die and being reborn is where IT is all about

Your burn out is a rebirth
This is the meaning of a culture that is dying
Emptiness doesn't tolerate too much accumulation
Both inner and outer things will be broken down
It is the goodness of the Mother to take
All ignorance, self-centeredness and ugliness back

Reflections on mothers -  

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. Mark Twain   

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.
She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is. Ellen DeGeneris  

A mother is not a person to lean on but person to make leaning unnecessary. Dorothy Fisher  

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Author Unknown   The more people have studied different methods of bringing up children the more they have come to the conclusion that what good mother and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is the
best after all. Benjamin Spock   

Honoring Mothers, and That which mothers us all...  


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