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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Nondual Highlights #1430 - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 - Editor: Jerry  

from Sri Sankaracharya list  

Saundarya-Lahari  of Sri Sankaracharya
Tavajna-cakrastham tapana-sasi-koti-dyutidharam 
param sambhum vande paramilita-parsvam paracita; 
yam aradhyan bhaktya ravi-sasi-sucinam avisaye 
niraloke'loke nivasati hi bha-loka-bhuvane. 
I salute the Supreme Sambhu residing in Thy Ajna Cakra, 
who is resplendent as crores of suns and moons put together, 
and whose (left) side is integrated with the Supreme  
Consciousness and Self-luminous State which is not a Loka, 
which transcends the pale of the light of Moon, Sun and Fire, 
and which is beyond the ken of all.  

Mazie Lane
Being One  

Hot loader causes damage in Carlotta
By The Eureka Times-Standard
May 13, 2003

CARLOTTA -- Someone who stole a loader from Pacific Lumber Co. early
Monday morning apparently didn't know how to turn it and drove it
into Carlotta Volunteer Fire Department property, destroying a pump
house, water tank, and several spider webs in the process.
The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department said deputies responded to a
traffic accident around 2:30 a.m. and found the destroyed Carlotta
Volunteer Fire Department equipment, livening up an otherwise dull
Sunday night of stale Bridgeville jokes traded over the police band
and luke-warm coffee.

A loader is a bulldozer-like piece of equipment used to load logs
onto trucks. Then the trucks take the logs somewhere.

The crash scene is about a mile from where the loader was taken. It
is theorized that the thief was also the driver, but an anonymous
source (speaking on condition of anonymity) echoed the indian mystic
Ramakrishna by claiming that "Mother is the driver, and we but the
machine!"  The loader was found on a logging road a few miles east of
Carlotta, but our true treasure is neither lost nor found.

Pacific Gas & Electric also reported damage to power poles along the
route the loader thief took, provoking one to question whether there
is really any such thing as a  "coincidence".

The Sheriff's Department said that incident may have been
intentional, but only after spending some inquiry time internally
considering the nature of individual will in relation to the totality
of the universal functioning. The usual points of view were
inspected, and speculative motives were submitted to an investigation
into the nature of cause and effect. Of late, the concept of
independent doership has been questioned by some department personnel
over Krispy Kremes. They decline to be named, however, on the grounds
that names and labels are nothing but arbitrary and dream-like
superimpositions on consciousness itself. 

DC Vision
Being One  

Drunk Dry Three Times

The first layer of me
was shed like a
maelstrom of emotions,
and words that cut and burned
and raged like a wild fire,
at me and from me
hate hateful hatred...
all defensive
and all repitition,
until it burned away
all semblances of me,
and I knew I felt nothing.

The second layer of me
was shed like a shit heap
of inflated words,
and definitions
upon definitions...
lip service in place of experience,
shown the light of day
by the One who knew
that I did not know anything.

The third layer of me
was shed the skin,
of the snake that lived
in the tree of knowledge
of good and evil...
the skin falling to the ground
like pages of books,
I have lived and read them all
and come away,
knowing I am nothing.

The fourth layer of me
is an empty cup,
drunk dry three times.

2003 DC Vision  

from Allspirit  

A man has many skins in himself, covering the depths
of his heart. Man knows so many things; he does not
know himself. Why, thirty or forty skins or hides,
just like an ox's or a bear's, so thick and hard, cover
the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know
yourself there.

~Meister Eckhart

Allspirit Website:

Daily Dharma  

"What is the greatest obstacle to experiencing reality?   

Identification with your mind, which causes thought to become compulsive.  Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it, so it is considered normal.  This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.  It also creates a false mind-made self that casts a shadow of fear and suffering.”


~~Eckhart Tolle
From the book, "The Power of Now,” published by Namaste Publishing
  ~ ~ ~  

”When we find ourselves in a place of discomfort and fear, when we’re in a dispute, when the doctor says we need tests to see what’s wrong, we’ll find that we want to blame, to take sides, to stand our ground.  We feel we must have some resolution.  We want to hold our familiar view.  For the warrior, ‘right’ is as extreme a view as ‘wrong.’   They both block our innate wisdom.  When we stand at the crossroads not knowing which way to go, we abide in prajna-paramita.  The crossroads is an important place in the training of a warrior.  It’s where our solid views begin to dissolve.” 


~Pema Chodron 

From the book,  “The Places That Scare You,” published by Shambhala

from The Other Syntax

The life of a warrior cannot possibly be cold and lonely and without
feelings because it is based on his affection, his devotion, his
dedication to his beloved.

And who, you may ask, is his beloved? This earth, this world.

Tales of Power


SARS Alert! SARS Alert!

Sequential Awareness of Reality Syndrome, that is.
Yes, folks, it's a worldwide, all-pervasive set of symptoms, that,
unfortunately for those so infected, exhibit no symptoms that can be
detected by anyone else, precisely because everyone is infected.

Life can be viewed as an infinite comment - mere pieces of which are
constantly being heard, and perforce of that hearing, expressed by all
the living humans of the day, as their own.

Ordinary awareness, being fragmented and sequential, claims ownership
of each little piece, and that ownership is the personality (property)
called, Fred, or Mary, or Jane, or Aloysius - though it hardly
matters, since all are simply squatters on the same plot of ground
wherein everybody lives, and again, unfortunately for those so
infected, it's an out-of-the-way leper colony on an out-of-the-way
island, on an out-of-the-way planet, etc., etc., etc, that is
populated by pretentious, pompous, little kings and queens and paupers
all trying to dominate the place with their "view of things" reflected
in their own tiny mirror - wherein they are the most beautiful
creature alive.

Funny? Sad? Who's to say, but those so infected who discover the truth
about where they live, before they die.

#104, in a continuing, piecemeal, Grand Diet of Thoughts, for the
tragically unsuspecting...

ps- oh yeah, there are a few (probably millions, really) symptoms
which begin to develop at different times, in everyone -
1) refusing to believe the syndrome exists
2) refusing to believe you're actually infected
3) denying the, according to you, "poor choice of words" (sequential,
awareness, reality, syndrome - hey, words in general)
4) wanting to argue about those words, ad nauseum
5) thinking everything is just "all in your head"
6) thinking everything is just "too obvious to think about further"
7) DUH!! ("Damn U Homey! Time to die." as in "kill-the-messenger")
8) syndrome, sin-drome, sin-drone, droning on about syndromes, it's
what fuels the leper colony - and, don't you just love it?

Gene Poole

The Gospel according to Neo.
From the site linked below:.
"The Matrix" is compelling people to examine the plurality of
religions versus the unity of truth, says cultural critic Read Mercer
Schuchardt. Like the movie's characters, who strive to understand
what is real, Matrix fans are hoping the trilogy's second installment
will help them unravel the film's tangled symbolism, say film
experts. .

"Gnosticism never developed a well-defined theology, but it depicts
Jesus as a hero figure who saves mankind through "gnosis," or
esoteric knowledge. In the Gnostic philosophy, the physical world is
not part of God's creation, but a manifestation of a lower god - a
nightmarish reality that imprisons mankind, say religious experts.
Gnostics believed they could achieve salvation, not by overcoming
evil and sin with God's grace, but by learning the "higher knowledge"
about reality.".



20,000 Canadians worship at the church of Yoda

R.K. Shankar
I Am

upAdhinA saththA luRuvAn muniva
nupAdhiyil vishNuvi nuLLE - yabEdhamE
thoyaththiR Royamun thUviNNi lEviNNun
thIyiRRI yumpOlath thEr


" 1)   The sage will attain, by the destruction of the delimiting adjunct
(of ego),
   2)   into(!) the adjunctless 'All-pervading One',
   3)  (there is only) non-differentiation(!), like water in water,
   4)  space in pure space(!) and fire in fire,"
thus attain to clarity


of Sri Bhagawan's Tamil Atma Bodha verse 53

Yours in Sri Bhagawan
RK Shankar

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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