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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1458 - Wednesday, June 11, 2003 - Editor: Joyce (Know_Mystery)  


Eric Ashford


Bodhi Leaf

photo by Laurence Ranson


Up from behind the green slope of heaven

children are appearing

singing a Golden Buddha-Land song.

I am washing my hands

in the happy music -

just a stone buddha

melting into Spring water.



Hazrat Inayat Khan quoted by Gloria Lee ~ AllSpirit (forwarded from AlongTheWay - MJM Gilbert)


"The end and the sum total of all mysticism,
philosophy, and meditation, of everything one
learns and develops, is to be a better servant
to humanity. Everything from the beginning to
the end in the spiritual path is a training to be
able to serve mankind better, and if one does
not do it with that intention, one will find in the
end that one has accomplished nothing."

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan ~

"Mastery Through Accomplishment";Omega Press 



Bill Rishel


click to enlarge

Drawing by Bill Rishel



Kabir Helminski quoted by Gill Eardley ~ AllSpirit



AND yet the needs of humanity at this unprecedented time
are very great. Our humanness is more challenged than ever
before. We are swimming in a tide of unconsciousness,
consumerism, mindnumbing distraction, aimless subjectivity,
neurotic individualism, and philosophical fragmentation. The
artificial conditions of modern industrial and postindustrial
societies are accelerating time, increasing stress, isolating
individuals, reducing our human interactions, corroding our
hearts, and fragmenting every aspect of our existence. We
have lost the sense and purpose of life. As we have lost our
wholeness, we have fashioned a world that is not a garden
but a place where people are enslaved, where the beauties
of nature are pillaged, and where unjust and unnecessary
wars destroy what the human heart would create.

The fragmentation that we see on the level of society is, of
course, only mirroring what we are inside. The compulsive
ego is not a unified tyranny but a many-headed monster, a
shape-shifting phantom. The fragmentation of the self is
the fundamental cause of all our problems, and this
fragmentation is the direct result of our loss of an objective
knowledge of the self and Reality.

We are living in a time when the knowledge of all the world's
spiritual traditions is available to more and more human beings.
We can no longer easily maintain the kind of blind faith and
insularity than suited human beings of former times.

For many people this is an experience of the relativity of all
approaches to the Divine. Many people are struggling with the
question from where will we draw our certainty, our faith, our
commitment to spiritual discipline? One of the most pressing
questions of our time is: Do we live in a postreligious,
postdenominational era? And if we do, from where will we
draw our discipline and practice?

From: 'The Knowing Heart' ~ Kabir Helminski


Benny ~ NDS

Sandhill Crane

The sandhill cranes are all over the place
They are pretty fearless or could it be their small
brains? No matter--it is seldom that we see two offspring
usually they come in threes.

Photo & Quote by Benny ~ NDS ~


Yosy Flug ~ SufiMystic


my friends, the poets....

the poet is

like a flute

shaping the breath

into a melody

true poet

shapes his life

into a breath

of the divine. . .

hollow from self

touched by intuition

life breath becomes a tune

in the symphony of being




ps: when you read/hear a poem

and it touches your heart

it is because

you yourself

are the endless


of life



Sri Ramana Maharshi quoted by Jan Sultan ~ SufiMystic

Questioner: I find surrender is easier. I want to adopt that path.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: By whatever path you go, you will have to lose yourself in the One. Surrender is complete only when you reach the stage '`Thou art all' and `Thy will be done'.

The state is not different from Jnana (knowledge). In Soham (the affirmation of `I am He') there is Dvaita (dualism). In surrender there is Advaita (non-dualism). In the Reality there is neither Dvaita nor Advaita, but that which is. Surrender appears easy because people
imagine that, once they say with their lips '` surrender'' and put their burdens on their Lord, they can be free and do what they like. But the fact is that you can have no likes or dislikes after your surrender; your will should
become completely non-existent, the Lord's will taking its place. The death of the ego in this way brings about a state, which is not different from Jnana (knowledge). So by whatever path you may go, you must come to Jnana or oneness.

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi ~

Balkesar quoted by Jan Sultan ~ SufiMystic

Spiritual Progress

The surest sign of spiritual progress is a total lack of concern about progress. There is an utter absence of anxiety about anything like liberation and a sort of hollowness in one's being, a kind of looseness and
involuntary surrender to whatever might happen.

~ Balsekar ~

 Nisargadatta quoted by Jan Sultan  ~ SufiMystic


Suffering is due to non-acceptance

Whatever may be the situation, if it is acceptable, it is pleasant. If it is not acceptable, it is painful. What makes it acceptable is not important; the cause may be physical, or psychological, or untraceable; acceptance is the decisive factor. Obversely, suffering is due to non-acceptance. Why [shouldn't pain be acceptable]? Did you ever try? Do try and you will find in pain a joy which pleasure cannot yield, for the simple reason that acceptance of pain takes you much deeper than pleasure does.

~ Nisargadatta ~


Jerry Katz ~ NDS

yeah, who?

who wrote a message on the back of a sheet of paper

containing my private notes

how did they get hold of my page of private notes

i was so careful

i locked my room and hid the key

but now this

these were private notations about things I think about

about plans, schemes and dreams

about money, people, places and things

about what could be and how it could be

who would steal my notes and write a stupid message on the back of it



it just occurred to me

the message was written a couple of weeks ago

they wrote the message on a blank sheet of paper

there was nothing written on the reverse side when the
message was written

blank, pure, new

it has only been since the message was written

that i used its reverse side to write my private notes


Tim Gerchmez ~ NDS

Which OS (Operating System) Are You?

fewtch is: Apple DOS 3.1

 (BS... give me a good Commodore 64 and
programmer's reference guide anytime, and stand back! ;-)

Bill Rishel


Dream Quest


Uncutting Tao

  To identify is to define.
  To define is to distinguish.
  To distinguish is to sense a this and a that.
  To sense a this and a that is to sense
    a here and a there.
  To sense a here and a there is to be
    absorbed now here, now there.
  To be absorbed now here, now there,
    is to be broken into portions,
    to move in cycles,
    to be not still,
    to know restlessness.

  To identify this is to identity self.
  To identify that is to identify thing.

  How does this all begin?

  In the separation of things a sense of
    actuality arises.
  When the bubble pops
  We are again in the
    silent oneness
  Witnessing, flowing,
    unfolding beyond/within.

Art by Bill Rishel


Yosy Flug ~ Chishtiyya

Remember, there is only one way to meet real friends, wherever you go: be a true friend.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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