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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1459 - Thursday, June 12, 2002 - Editor: Jerry  

"There is a lot of confusion over this imaginary goal, this spiritual concept referred to as enlightenment. So let's clear it up, once and for all. It has nothing to do with some future, hoped-for experience. To imagine that it does is just the play of spiritual desire and self-centered escapism, of mental commentary, memory, and fantasy, based on what has been read or heard. To be enlightened is simply to be absolutely, unconditionally intimate with this moment."

No past.
No future.

Open Mind.
Open Heart.

Complete attention.
No reservations.

That's all.

Scott Morrison

I am Kim Scheurmann. I have found that in this group someone has translated an extract from the german book Der Papalagi into English. The Author Erich Scheurmann is my grandfather so i am interested to get in contact with the person who made this posting.  

Hi Kim,

Tuiiavi's lectures (in German) have been published on a website:
and some of what was thought to be relevant for this group i
translated into English, several years ago. Your grandfather did
a great job writing down what wasn't meant for white man's ears,
many of which are (de)tuned to pings of the cash machines.


Jan Barendrecht's translation is at  


By the sea  

Dusk along the North Sea

Everyone going home

So small there in the distance...  


I have been lying here in my bed
my arm around Oscar until he goes round and round
and ends up near my feet.
I am listening to Keith and the old Koln Concert
And remembering when I was fifteen and went round
Lake Selene over at Saint Anne Shrine where I lived collecting
the frogs for disecting in Mrs Lord's biology class.
There were so very many.
Now this year thirty nine years later I have  seen so few
of the frogs and only two fireflies.
When the war was hot and heavy I searched the short waves in search
of an honest perspective and on some German broadcast I heard how
concerned Europeans were that of all the pharmaceuticals that were
being taken so much was being passed down the sewer systems and how
the treatment facilities were not designed to remove any of the
complex chemical compounds from the treated water. The genetic
defects were greatly mounting-for amphibians, for us mankind.
This I have never heard in out land-Have you?
No fireflies, no frogs only a population addicted to miracle pills
how long can this continue?  We already can hardly reproduce--
Soon we shall join the fireflies and frogs.
Another helicopter downed today not by Iraquiez who want us out of
their land-but by shadows of Sadaam.
So many lies.  How long before Jessica Lynch spills the truth?
When will a nondual God get really pissed  because we have killed
off all his fireflies and frogs? 

Lincoln was a Buddha

[A work-in-progress. Early draft.]
by Tom Armstrong
Writing in 1880, John Caird, looking back at the man's life, wrote these eloquent summarizing words …

[My overall impression] is that of a man who combined with intellectual originality other and not less essential elements of greatness, such as magnanimity and moral elevation of nature, superiority to vulgar passions, and absorption of mind with larger objects, such as rendered him absolutely insensible to personal ambition, also self-reliance and strength of will – the confidence that comes from consciousness of power and resource – the quiet, patient, unflinching resolution which wavers not from its purpose in the face of dangers and difficulties that baffle or wear out men of meaner mould. Along with these, we must ascribe to him other qualities not always or often combined with them, such as sweetness, gentleness, quickness and width of sympathy.

Caird's words are about Gautama Buddha, but can very much be said of Abraham Lincoln, as well – a person no less extraordinary and no less different from the people all about him such that his impact was astonishing. Events, time and place all had overwhelming influence in making Buddha

Gautama and Abraham Lincoln immortal persons. But both had buddhaseeds sprouting when they were children. And both acted in ways that baffle ordinary men.  

full story at                      

  The Core of the Teachings  

The following statement was written by Krishnamurti himself on October 21, 1980 in which he summarizes the teachings. It may be copied and used provided this is done in its entirety. No editing or change of any kind is permitted. No extracts may be used.

"The core of Krishnamurti's teaching is contained in the statement he made in 1929 when he said: 'Truth is a pathless land'. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection. Man has built in himself images as a fence of security - religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man's thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man. His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. This content is common to all humanity. The individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires from tradition and environment. The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness, which is common to all mankind. So he is not an individual.

Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not a choice. It is man's pretence that because he has choice he is free. Freedom is pure observation without direction, without fear of punishment and reward. Freedom is without motive; freedom is not at the end of the evolution of man but lies in the first step of his existence. In observation one bgins to discover the lack of freedom. Freedom is found in the choiceless awareness of our daily existence and activity. Thought is time. Thought is born of experience and knowledge which are inseparable from time and the past. Time is the psychological enemy of man. Our action is based on knowledge and therefore time, so man is always a slave to the past. Thought is ever-limited and so we live in constant conflict and struggle. There is no psychological evolution.

When man becomes aware of the movement of his own thoughts he will see the division between the thinker and thought, the observer and the observed, the experiencer and the experience. He will discover that this division is an illusion. Then only is there pure observation which is insight without any shadow of the past or of time. This timeless insight brings about a deep radical mutation in the mind.

Total negation is the essence of the positive. When there is negation of all those things that thought has brought about psychologically, only then is there love, which is compassion and intelligence."

1993 The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd,
Brockwood Park, Bramdean, Hampshire, England.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: