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#1464 - Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - Editor: Jerry

Formerly owned by the Murayama Family.
Heian Period, 12th century.
Important Cultural Property.
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"Silence is the language God speaks and everything else is a bad translation."

Thomas Keating  

(contributed by Jan Sultan to SufiMystic)

I received the following letter. Comments invited.  



Dear Sir,
Does anyone know of any living teachers of the same calibre as Nisargadatta or Ramana?
I have done EVERYTHING and still have not realised.
I need to go beyond words and to the direct experience of THAT in and through the presence of a fully realised teacher.


Vicki Woodyard  

Well, you need to realize at least once a day or you will become constipated. 
There are many realizers to be found, some above ground and some beneath. 
Some are beyond belief.  They must be extricated from the vaults and dusted
off, but they can do the job.  Sitting on the" can I,  should I,  will I realize "is a
healthy thing to do. Be sure to flush and wash your hands.  I realize that this is
not the answer that you are seeking, but what the heck.  Why not try the
pathless path where there is neither teacher nor student, just healthy

John L.  

The key word in the request is "done".
Doing is not the way; Being is.
When Being includes Doing, the Doing will adjust itself.

The question is "Who is doing everything?"
This question cannot be answered by logic, or analysis, or practice.

The question is "Who is realizing?"
There is nothing to be "realized". It already is. There is no one
to "do" the "realizing". These are only words, no answers here.

He is already in the presence of the living guru. If this is
understood, the question is already answered.

And beyond all that "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"  

Gene Poole  

Dear Inquirer,

Thank you for your interest; on the other
hand, what is the sound of it clapping?

You ask about calibre; am I to assume
that you desire 'high calibre', as in
'large bore' teachers?

But all seriousness aside, what you seem
to want, is to stop wanting. Well, stop.

Perhaps  you are receiving certain impressions
as you read this; perhaps you can identify the
voice that is speaking to you now. Whose
voice is it?

Welcome, seeker, to the aggregate and
unified world which is the internet. Here,
you may be subject to a rigorous grinding,
refining, and polishing process, by the means
of subscribing to a numer of 'nondual' Yahoo
groups, and then sincerely responding to as
many postings as you are able. This will deliver
the lesson of 'futility', in a fullness which will
simply overwhelm your current frustration
with yourself.

Given time and participation, you will be
subject to more than mere resurfacing;
your substance will be polished until there
is left nothing; and in the nanosecond of
your realization of which, your 'realizer' 
will vanish; yet, there will be no witness
to this non-event.

Later, you will awaken refreshed and
invigorated, to the dawn of a new eternal
day; memory washed clean of troublesome
remnants of identity, you will stagger forth
into the light, asking: "Who Am I?"


I'm brand new to the group.. but the one who led me to the highest
experience of "devotional nonduality" is Dr. David Hawkins, author of
Power vs. Force.. I believe he is a true living master..

I'm willing to be wrong, however. So do your own checking.

By the way, this is an awesome forum.. Thanks to all of you for
making this space possible.




Take two Gurus and call me in the morning.  

Patriarchs of Zen Buddhism By Kano Motonobu.
175.7x137.5 (2 scrolls), 175.1x92.4 (4 other scrolls).
Muromachi Period, dated 1513.
Important Cultural Property.
A288, A298
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Endless Eons  

cee: It seems like for endless eons I have been looking and
witnessing the states of mind. i was instructed to look the
other way. it made a huge difference. even the witness had
some sense of identity to it. the states of mind have no
reality. what is leftover is unmoving, so complete. this
teaching will take one all the way. the inquiry is the perfect
tool to dissolve any concept of who I am, and it is
communicated in silence because there is only one here, but
the words are perfect also. there is nothing left over. there
is nothing left over.  

nome: yes, the whole purpose of the inquiry is to negate
whatever is “other” so that the sense of reality returns to
its rightful place, so the sense of Identity returns to its
rightful place. in relation to all else, when we consider all
else, whether we view all else as real, as a passing
phenomena, as a dream - however it is viewed, in relation to
all else - the self is referred to as the witness, not just
the witness of phenomena, of course, but witness of the
content of the mind, witness of whole states of mind such as
waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, within which is all the
content and all the objects or worlds that one ever
experiences. in relation to all that, it has been called the
witness. that very same thing, called “the witness,” not in
relation to anything else, is just pure consciousness, the
unmoving reality that has no change.  

how does it get to be “not in relation to anything else?” by
deep inquiry, recognize there is no such thing as "anything
else.” it is not that we ignore anything else. rather, we are
no longer ignorant, and so no longer conceive of “anything
else.” then that very same thing that was called the witness
is just resting in itself as pure consciousness, one without a

that is the abiding reality. it is completely unmoving. it has
no change at any time. if some idea arises, even so much as
the idea of “i,” whether that “i” appears as an experiencer, a
thinker, an embodied being, so forth and so on, then the
inquiry should be taken upright then and there, so the sense
of identity or reality remains firmly right where it belongs,
not mixed up with something that is really born out of
imagination. yes, the way is always non-objective, not looking
outward, which means looking into imagination, but looking
inward, which really means not a direction but in terms of

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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