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Highlights #147

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I celebrate my self.............

Walt Whitman

(sent by Harsha)

If you dare to give your heart, your soul, your mind, your
body, and your life, unconditionally, to what you discover
to be true, you will know an infinitely deep and abiding
peace that has never been even a breath away.

This bliss, this tranquility depends on nothing, and It is
not capable of ending. Furthermore, it doesn't make a bit
of difference what you've ever done... or not done. You
can put an end to the battle. Yes, that's correct, just
walk right out of the war, right now. All you have to do is
surrender, absolutely and completely, not to me, not to some
authority figure, or some organization or institution, but
surrender only to your own deepest Purity.

God and your own Unbounded Love are not different. If you
truly give yourself up completely, it will shock your whole
system. It will suddenly dawn on you,

"Oh my God, what a fool I've been! What was I thinking?"

Then the absolute insanity of giving yourself to anything
else will become apparent. Why wait? Why put off your own
complete and total liberation? In your innermost and
outermost places, in every single moment, Love waits for you
everywhere. Is there really something else you would rather
do? Is it possible that the thing that you fear the most,
the thing that you avoid the most, is what you truly desire
the most? It cannot abandon you. Even if you choose to
ignore It, betray It and walk away, It is always closer than
your next breath. Suspend all opinion and debate, and find
out for yourself.

>From There Is Only Now by Scott Morrison (contributed by


when you ask the question Who am I? if you haven't noticed
by now there is no answer. the answer is that we cannot
find any thought or feeling that is solid. it
dis-identifies us from the thoughts that keep us stuck to
ideas which have no substance. it is our ideas that create
us from being open and receptive to what is happening now.
ideas mean, responding to a present situation from a past
experience. when you enquire, or examine that "to who is
this happening?" you're left without an answer and if it is
understood rightly, that past response is seen only as that
and it drops immediately. continue to do it until it gains
enough momentum to burn out all these ideas of oneself, and
then the preparation for awakening is ready.



As multitudes of "teachers" "gurus", "Masters"
have said "find a path or way which you are comfortable
with" to no avail to many, I will encourage seekers to seek
a path which is the most un_comfortable. Diamonds are made
of immense pressure, fine furniture is hewn of rough timber,
etc. We all know this yet seek the easier path.

Therein lies the cause of failure IMHO, but I am here to
"teach" no one. I was not taught, nor can anyone else be.One
experiences,one does not "learn" this from a book.Books,
retreats, meetings, foot sitting with a Master, etc, lend an
air of respectability to the seeking, but its like Jesus
fussing at the Pharisees and gotta get
down and get dirty......Jesus dined with the prostitutes and
drank with the winos..they could not accept such behavior
and strung his ass up, I've had alot of people who would
love to string my ass up for what I say, but fortunately
live in the good old USA.


I've always been puzzled by our human tendency to decide
that 'how it works for me' must be a universal Right Way,
despite all evidence of our variations upon variations of
personal expression.

I was deeply involved in a powerful community for a few
years where true awakening was going on. Along with the
real stuff, however, was a generally accepted belief that
this was the only place awakening was actually occuring in
the world and a great deal of fear of leaving was imbedded.
I found myself subject to judgements of the group when I
expressed a different point of view.

Some people even took it upon themselves to walk into other
spiritual groups of various kinds and assertively attack
their flaws in understanding. I have never been able to
reconcile the level of Self-realization I saw in them, and
in others, with the continued existence of subtle personal
agendas. I can't resolve this paradox in myself either.

There is no way to convey the profound spiritual, mental and
emotional bonding that can go on in a group like that. I
still think of those people with the passion of a deep heart
connection though I have no desire to maintain any
relationships there at all.



...reminds me of something i learned when reading 'The
Tibetans' work. About the variety of families of
consciousness, aspects and rays etc...which he used to
explain the reason why our paths of learning are so
different. I never found the details as important as what
they basically helped me realize and am still realizing more
each day. That all the various methods are valid in their
own way.

We seem to have various psychological affinities in this
realm. Just as substances attract or repulse certain
vibrations in order to manifest in their unique form, so too
human beings seem have psychological affinities. What may
be a beneficial way for one family of consciousness to learn
is not a consideration at all for another family.

As for my own experience learning is predominately brought
about in a love fest environment (which also keeps my body
healthy) with only occasional bouts of light trauma, but for
my sister the lessons are learned in deepest emotional
trauma, which sometimes feels as though my heart is being
torn from my breast to see her in such pain.

And i often ponder about the shortness of our lives. Our
Elder's leave the body so early. Just when they begin to
get the bigger picture and pass the flame, they are gone!!
We live such short dogs years on this plane??....almost not
conducive to enlightenment?? :-(

The whole is the sum of its hearts



<snip> With all the changes the Bible has gone through over
the centuries for various religious-political ends, no
telling what was meant in the first place.

D: And with all the changes everything is going through
from moment to moment, with no end in sight, there's no
telling what any of us meant in the first place, or even if
there is a first place with words.
It's just plain enjoyable watching all the words moving to
and fro, like leaves in the wind, or spirals in the clouds.
Aleks imparted some of this feeling for me in her "word"
poem - quite exhuberent it was



1 - "I" = (:)(:)

1 + "I" = _†_
..................................... +
2 = ):(_†_):(
............................... :2
1 = (+:-) and "I" = +):-(


Perhaps it is just active kundalini. Or, perhaps it is a
gentle way of helping someone gain insight rather than
bopping them over the head with it, which i have seen, once
in my life *g*

~ Rainbo ~

May I remind you that for instance electronics engineering
(my former profession) does add quite a lot of symbols,
necessary to communicate effectively? So the above is no
more than a little mensa puzzle aimed at 100 :)

For a nondualist, Kundalini isn't important; surrender,
intuiting and grasping are sufficient as this can lead to
the "first flash". Kundalini merely effectuates nonduality
(Sat_Cit_Ananda) in mind and body literally: first, by
making conscious of what *hinders* and then, by "burning" it

This has to be understood as a dynamic, autonomous process
that will do
*anything* to continue, be it the production of extra
neurons to enable additional understanding or the
provisions, forcing one to circumambulate the Himalayas
1,000,000 times on bare knees :)) Non-understanding this
"works" just as well and is called Grace.

Knowledge of the chakra system is totally irrelevant,
suggested by the disagreement on for instance the number of
chakras and their colors, as given by different sources.
The analogy: One can drive a car without being a
car-mechanic, one can use the PC without being a programmer
or hardware designer. Only when a problem arises a mechanic
is required.

What cannot be denied is that regarding one's "human
interface", it is possible not to be conscious of its
behavior like a compass needle moving to the "tunes" of the
magnetic fields resulting from the electrical currents
caused by Kundalini. To stretch the analogy a bit further,
fields can interact in many ways :)

What has a "beginning" must have an "end"; this is
applicable to Kundalini as well. When the "end" doesn't
coincide with the death of the body, it leaves the
impossible paradox of Sat_Cit_Ananda and a living body, no
longer subjected to the limitations of the three states or
to feel pain.

Understandably, this paradox which both is and isn't, can
neither be described nor explained. Yet it is the
foundation of all scriptures.



...self is awareness; awareness is power; and power lives in
space. The greater the space afforded, the greater the
power that can dwell therein; and the greater the power, the
greater the awareness.

In my reality, power and awareness are interchangable; space
is discovered, granted, and utilized by untrammeled
awareness. Our discussion is about reclaiming our space, of
taking it out of the hands of others, of having it and being
responsible for it. This claimed space, is 'awareness
itself', or self (or Self, as preferred).
Having ownership of space, is related (conceptually,
experientially, and energetically) to having actual
effective boundaries.

Seeing and claiming space, is the same as 'growth'; in this
model, awareness is either limited to 'dualistic'
assumptions (relativistic or conditional awareness), or it
is not so-limited. 'Growth' then, is the moving into
greater and greater space. I can say this: No-one 'needs'
the permission of other, to expand into all available space.

However, in our cultures, it is a matter of permissions; it
is very common to find that one is reluctant to 'usurp' the
space that has already been claimed by dominant
personalities; one has been conditioned to avoid the
conflicts which erupt over the issue of 'who is in charge'.
So the usual result, is that people shy away from such
conflicts, by voluntarily taking-on an identity which is
'good enough'.

I see that we all experience the pain that results from this
socially-mandated _bad agreement_; each in their own way,
struggle with an identity which is the 'embodiment of
submissiveness'. For one to stand up, to full height, is to
risk being slapped right back down. Degenerative diseases
commonly occur as a result of the self-limitation which
people take on, to avoid being characterized in an
unpleasant or socially-disadvantaging way.

Power/awareness 'lives in space'; spiritual community (such
as this list) is defined as 'sharing of power'.
Power-sharing includes the necessary permissions to expand
_infinitely_. Each can help the other, if we can overcome
our culturally conditioned fear of expansion into space.




Selections from Chapter 14: Don Quixote

The Don Quixote of the First Part is Zen incarnate, of the
Second, a sententious buffoon. Sancho Panza also suffers a
complete change. In the First Part he is the ordinary man,
self-seeking, fond of money, fond of his belly, stupid, a
coward, yet not altogether devoid of some natural Zen and
faith in his master which lifts him, like Babbit, above the
entirly material. In the Second Part he becomes a just,
benevolent, disinterested, clever judge and faithful
servant, and at times the foolish knave of the First Part,
but disbelieving his master's visions and helping to make a
fool of him. The Second Part is better writen, it is true;
more cultivated, more urbane. It is a book. The First Part
is not a book, it is life itself with its medley of
gentleness and brutality, humour and pain, nobility and
vulgarity, all united by the vision of Don Quixote himself,
into a meaningful whole. The words of Byron in 'Don Juan',
though devoid of poetical merit, need to be pondered over
once more:

I should be very willing to redress Men's wrongs, and rather
check than punish crimes, Had not Cervantes, in that too
true tale Of Quixote, shown how all such efforts fail.

Of all tales 'tis the saddest -- and more sad, Because it
makes us smile; his hero's right, And still pursues the
right; - to curb the bad His only object, and 'gainst all
odds to fight His guerdon: 'tis his virtue makes him mad!
But his adventures form a sorry sight;-- A sorrier still is
the great moral taught By that real epic unto all who have

Redressing injury, revenging wrong, To aid the damsel and
destroy the chaff; Opposing singly the united strong, From
foreign yoke to free the helpless native:-- Alas! must
noblest views, like an old song, Be for mere fancy's sport a
theme creative, A jest, a riddle, Fame through thick and
thin sought!
And Socrates himself but Wisdom's Quixote?

Cervantes smiled Spain's chivalry away; A single laugh
demolish'd the right arm Of his own country;--seldom since
that day Has Spain had heroes. While Romance could charm,
The world gave ground before that bright array; And
therefore have his volumes done such harm, That all their
glory, as a composition, Was dearly purchased by his land's

Jerry:I think it would be cool if the Nonduality movement
made it into the list of cults to watch out for. Anyway we
can push for that?

oops! forgot who wrote this reply:
This and the missing posts are the best threads to come
along since Ethyl removed hers (Haines) and chased the
Streaker thru the green beans...

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