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NDH #1497 - Saturday, July 19, 2003   Editor: Christiana

from What is Enlightenment website:  

Stacey Heartspring Encounters the Postmodern Craze of Neo-Advaita       

A Truly Imaginary Spiritual Satire   

...These days the 'satsang circuit,' with its plethora of new, or 'neo,' advaita teachers, is attracting quite of bit of interest." Now, don't worry, dear readers if, like me, you're in the dark about satsangs and advaita, I did some research, made a few calls, and am here now to present, for your spiritual edification (and mine), this very special event: the first neo-advaita "satsang," or spiritual gathering, to take place without the usual impediments of space and time.    

THE NEO ADVAITA PANEL (some surprising guests also show up)  

STACEY: Welcome, everyone, to the Fourth Dimension! Wayne
Liquorman, Esther Veltheim, Tony Parsons, Gangaji, Francis
Lucille, and Isaac Shapiro, I'm just delighted that you could join
me for what is certain to be a consciousness-raising event. As
some of the most well-known Western teachers on the current
neo-advaita scene, you trace your roots to Advaita Vedanta, the
ancient Hindu philosophy of nonduality, conducting satsangs with
people all over the world. This is my first satsang. So, could you
begin by telling us what a satsang is, and how it relates to Advaita

[read this thought provoking satire at]  

Art: Willow_zzen (Tamara) from LiveJournal  

from An interview with Dr. Don Beck by Jessica Roemischer  

Having just immersed myself for the past three
months in Spiral Dynamics an incisive and far
reaching theory of human development, I can say
without exaggeration that Spiral Dynamics is,
indeed, one of the major breakthroughs in
mapping and managing complexity that complexity
being us. 

WIE: Could you outline the spiral model with its
hierarchy of eight memes, or levels of existence? 

DB: In the language of Clare Graves, the spiral's
"First Tier" is a set of six memes characterized by
existence or subsistence. What that means is
that we're more like animals than like gods and
we have to deal with what are essentially
earthbound existence problems. So the First Tier
clusters together our "subsistence" or
survival-level concerns, while the Second Tier
(YELLOW, TURQUOISE) works to create healthy
forms of all the First Tier systems in the context
of an information-rich, highly mobile global
community. While Graves identified eight levels
of existence, with a ninth on the horizon, the
Spiral is expansive, open-ended, continuous, and
dynamic. There is no final state, no ultimate
destination, no utopian paradise. It's a
never-ending upward quest, with each stage but a
prelude to the next, and the next, and the next. 

WIE: And what drives the evolutionary emergence of these stages, or memes, up the spiral?  

DB: Our crises, because they provide the inflection points and the benchmarks that trigger the shift up to the next level of human development. And each level of existence, or meme, is more like an emerging wave, a fluid living system, than a rigid hierarchical step. Once a new level appears in a culture, all of the previously acquired developmental stages remain in the composite value system. In Ken Wilber's language, each new social stage "transcends but includes" all of those that have come before. For this reason, the more complex thinking systems have greater degrees of freedom.   

Aweboss (Jerry Katz) Live Journal  

"Kriya is a Sanskrit word that means 'action.' In the context
of the risen Kundalini, kriyas refers to involuntary movements
which result from increased life force --pranic energy -- in
the body. Those who meditate or do yoga regularly may also
experience kriyas during their practice." --El Collie

Like chickens or ducks or anything in a shell:  

Whatever it takes to get out

crasch LiveJournal Life In 130 Square Feet  

For me, life in a tiny house has been truly blissful. With everything at arm’s reach and nothing superfluous in the way, I have found a real sense of luxury here. But I am certainly not proposing that a house as small as mine is for everyone. I am only saying that the scale of our homes should be as varied as the spatial needs of their occupants and that it is these needs, rather than imposed regulations and conspicuous consumption, that should determine house size.                 

I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded
by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it. - Harry E. Fosdick

There is no pleasure without some degree of pain. There is no pain without some amount of pleasure. -Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, "Mindfulness in Plain English"
zen_within peregrinus Livejournal  

Mark Hovila  [email protected]  

OK, let's say this is all a dream. You can't get out of the dream by
doing some kind of practice to convince yourself that the dream
isn't real. You get out of the dream by fully accepting the dream,
by deeply looking at it, not trying to escape it at all. You accept the
sensations, the thoughts, the fears, etc., without trying to escape
into a more "spiritual" place. 

We have been told to enquire 'who is this me?' by Ramana
Maharshi, very ernestly. This presumes that 'I' am not 'me'. Who is
making this enquiry ? Answer: 'me' + 'I', which has forgotten its
independent 'I' nature. 

Don't be quick to answer your own question. That just brings the
inquiry to an end, back to the known. We are making a leap into
the unknown. 

Vicki Woodyard to NDS - Thoughts too vague to matter


I haven't even had breakfast yet and I am thinking of what
Jerry wrote about listcology and how and why we post here. If
everything just "happens," then a list is an event to which
everyone is invited. The ones who come are those who had to
be there. 

We all post in a unique way. I like to roll my posts in chopped
nuts before hitting send. Why? You got me. Even the heavy
stuff ends up with a cherry on top. I enjoy posts that are sent
by the jesters and wags among us, as well as the artists like
Al Larus, Sam, et al. And then there are the posts that parse
and analyze, sifting truth from falsehood. 

We exist as readers and lurkers as well. Peeping Toms
looking into egos undressing themselves. Sometimes it is
downright embarassing the way we bare our idiosyncracies
and hearts. Our depths are plumbed by our own instruments
and we almost never admit that we, too, can be shallow. 

As far as using the list to broaden our perspectives, I am not
sure if that happens very often. We are too entrenched in
strengthening our positions and looking in the mirror of the
list. We see ourselves in odd, distorted ways as well as true

Nds is indeed an ecology, a garden and a gathering place, a
watering hole. It's a strip joint, AA and an art museum. At
times it is play therapy, grief counseling or adult education.
When we read the highlights we see that it is also the art of
commingling ourselves with others. We blow bubbles and
sing songs that quickly fade but it is what we do. I, for one,
have found my thrill on nds hill.....(The moon stood still....and
luckily Alan took a picture :) 

Jerry: That's a good report of the scene. It's a view that clues us in
that we're dealing with something beyond netiquette, list
theme and moderation. Listcology, as it's developing, seems
to be beyond that stuff. It's a mental/emotional group
informational telepathic quantum plasma, if you will. Totally
flowing, giving, harmonizing. And I'll ban the hell out of anyone
who disagrees.

But seriously, I'm interested in where the listcology thing will go.  

Benny:      Lists are a part of the social domain as is also the street
                Both encourage intercourse
                whether in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual realms
                An airing of our laundary
                a shake out of the rugs
                tiny bits and pieces
                all float up in the breeze

Nonduality Salon (/\)  

Jan Barendrecht  

what no one can teach
beauty shows to all senses:
"in perfect silence"

Michael Read  

I stumble drunkenly 
from door to door
Pounding on windows
And yelling  -
there is too much love!
It can't all be just for me!
Come and share!
There is plenty!

photo: Orchid cactus  

Osho - Meditation is a state of no-mind.  

Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content.   

Ordinarily, your consciousness is too full of rubbish, just like a
mirror covered with dust. the mind is a constant traffic: thoughts
are moving, desires are moving, memories are moving,
ambitions are moving - it is a constant traffic! Day in, day out.
Even when you are asleep the mind is functioning, it is dreaming.
It is still thinking; it is still in worries and anxieties. It is preparing
for the next day; an underground preparation is going on. This is
the state of no meditation. 

Just the opposite is meditation. When there is no traffic thinking
has ceased, no thoughts move, no desire stirs, you are utterly
silent - that silence is meditation. And in that silence truth is
known, and never otherwise. Meditation is a state of no-mind.

The first thing is to know what meditation is. Everything else follows.  

I cannot say to you that you should do meditation, I can only
explain to you what it is. If you understand me you will be in
meditation; there is no should to it. If you don't understand me you
will not be in meditation.

from Xan - Discovering the Mermaids Thor Janson  

A Story of Kinship with All Life  

November 8, 1977. Upon awakening
the next morning I looked over the side of my boat and saw evidence of two manatees grazing on the other side of the lagoon. Then one head broke the surface and looked over in my direction. During the morning the two gradually edged closer and closer to the boat. One was a juvenile male about six feet long, the other, an adult female, measured about 11 feet. Both seemed unusually fat. 

As I watched them I felt an unusually strong and persistent attraction towards
them, a feeling I was not familiar with. I
had the strongest, though unexplainable,
impression that they were trying to communicate with me. I
lowered my hand and lightly splashed the water. To my extreme
surprise, the adult manatee, seeing this, came right up to the side
of the boat and lifted her head above the water. I slowly lowered
my hand until it was within an inch of her nose. In a quick
movement she pushed her nose upward, nudging my hand, and
disappeared back into the water.   

I could hardly believe this had happened. I felt a mild tingling
sensation from head to feet. I put my hand back into the water and
within a few seconds I found myself stroking a big, soft, manatee
nose. She would stay for a few moments and then go away, only
to return again in a minute or two. This went on for quite some
time until I decided to see what would happen if I entered the
water. I could not have been better received. The huge, but
graceful, sirenium swam over to me and brushed up against my
body. I rubbed her back. This she seemed to like very much. We
swam together around the lagoon. 

I had begun to wonder what had become of the young male when I
happened to notice him following us at some distance. Eventually
he too came over and allowed physical contact. This interspecies
meeting continued for most of the day and the young manatee
became increasingly playful. He would allow me to come just
within reach of him and then would rocket away at full speed
(which for a young manatee is about 12-15 mph). At other times
he would allow me to put my arms around the middle of his body
and we would swim together. Unexpectedly, in a quick,
jack-knifing movement, he would throw me off and swim around in
circles. The older female was not interested in this sort of play,
preferring to solicit my scratching and rubbing. 

Near dark, after grazing for a time on some tender grass along
the bank, my new friends swam over to me. I realized that they
were about to leave. I can only say that I feel that a bond of love
existed between us. I watched from the middle of the lagoon as
they swam out of sight. I felt that this had been one of the most
joyful days of my life.  

quotes from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj   

The world is but a show, glittering and empty. It is, and yet it is not.
It is there as long as I want to see it and take part in it. When I
cease caring, it dissolves. It has no cause and serves no
purpose. It just happens when we are absent-minded. It appears
exactly as it looks, but there is no depth in it, nor meaning. Only
the onlooker is real, call him Self or Atma. To the Self, the world is
but a colourful show, which he enjoys as long as it lasts and
forgets when it is over. Whatever happens on the stage makes
him shudder in terror or roll with laughter, yet all the time he is
aware that it is but a show. Without desire or fear, he enjoys it, as
it happens.  

Everytime you refresh a new quote from 'I am that'.   

Susan Dane  

Contrary to popular opinion, the unenlightened mind cannot grow
itself up into spiritual awareness. Illusion doesn't "grow into "truth.
It dissolves, and what remains in its place is truth. 

Spirituality is about one central thing--not self promotion or
self-improvement, but rather becoming the space where Spirit
lives its life as us.  

Gary Merrill  [email protected]  

My Me Mine  

Perhaps one of the most politically incorrect things to question is
the concept of possession.

All the vested interests are against questioning it. Religion has
amassed property, holy books, beliefs galore. Economics
supports it in the notion of the market and profit. Politics affirm it
by nation and leadership. Science goes beyond it in its theories
but in practice the scientists have nobel prizes.

Which is not to say communism is the answer, that would be a
reaction. Such that the philosophy of Marx becomes applied by
'communists'. The description becomes a prescription for some
one to hold to.

The question, then, is there such a thing as possession, at all?
What do we mean by 'mine'? Does anything or anyone possess

What proof are we offered for it? Well, I've been shopping and I
have the receipt. This house is mine (or the loan company's)
because there are deeds in writing to say so. I gave money for it,
and money is real. Or its mine because there are laws which say
so, because there are police, armies, guns to protect it. Or
because I have arms and legs to protect and define my space.

More personally. Things are mine because I can hide them. I can
put them behind walls, behind locked doors, in my memory. My
body is mine because it can feel pressure, pain, pleasure. My
thoughts are mine because I can think them, because I have

Now there is the rub. How do I control myself? How do I pull myself
up by my own bootstraps? I have yet to find an answer to this.
Further the alternative seems now to be true.

The alternative? That there is no self to control, to act or possess.  

In conclusion, it is not being suggested that one possess nothing,
but that the self/possession concept was ill founded from the first.
That the security it promises is only illusion, a source of fear.

Lisbeth [email protected]  

Wen-tzu eight 8  

Lao-tzu said:  

The totality of all beings goes through a single opening; the roots
of all things emerge from a single gate. Therefore sages measure
a track to follow once and do not change the original or vary from
the perennial. Freedom is based on following guidance, tact is
based on honesty, honesty is based on normalcy.

Joy and anger are deviations from the Way, anxiety and lament
are loss of virtue, liking and disliking are excesses of mind,
habitual desires are burdens of life. When people become very
angry, that destroys tranquility; when people become very joyful,
that dashes positive action. Energy diminished, they become
speechless; startled and frightened, they go crazy. Anxiety and
lament burn the heat, so sickness builds up. If people can get rid
of all these, then they merge with spiritual light.

Spiritual light is attainment of the inward. When people attain the
inward, their internal organs are calm, their thoughts are even,
their eyes and ears are clear and their sinews and bones are
strong. They are masterful but not contentious, firm and strong yet
never exhausted. They are not too excessive in anything, nor are
they inadequate in anything.

Nothing in the world is softer than water. The way of water is
infinitely wide and incalculably deep; it extends indefinitely and
flows boundlessly far. Increase and decrease pass without
reckoning. Up in the sky it turns into rain and dew; down in the
earth it turns into moisture and wetlands. Beings cannot live
without it, works cannot be accomplished without it. It embraces
all life without personal preferences. Its moisture reaches even to
creeping things, and it does not seek reward. Its wealth enriches
the whole world, without being exhausted. Its virtues are
disbursed to the farmers, without being wasted. No end to its
action can be found. Its subtlety cannot be grasped. Strike it, and
it is not damaged, pierce it, and it does not smoke. Soft and fluid,
it cannot be dispersed. It is penetrating enough to bore through
metal and stone, strong enough to submerge the whole world and
take and give. It is bestowed upon all beings without order of
precedence, neither private nor public, it is continuous with
heaven and earth. This is called supreme virtue.

The reason water can embody this ultimate virtue is that it is soft
and slippery. Therefore I say that the softest in the world drives the
hardest in the world, nonbeings enter into no gap.

The formless is the great ancestor of beings, the soundless is the
great source of species. Real people communicate with the
spiritual directorate, those who participate in evolution as human
beings hold mystic virtue in their hearts and employ it creatively
like a spirit.

Therefore the unspoken Way is very great indeed. It changes
customs and mores without any order being given. It is only
mental action: all things have results, but it only stays by the gate.
Thereby it is possible to find the end of the endless and the
ultimate of the infinite, to perceive things without being blinded
and to respond echolike without minding.

~ translated by Thomas Cleary   

[email protected]  


[Marilyn] Where did the illusion come from????????  

[Halim] Well, it used to be a well illusion before it got sick.

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