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#1502 - Thursday, July 24, 2003 - Editor: Jerry  

©2003 Jeff Winke    

"When you take photographs, just before you click the shutter, your mind is empty and open, just seeing without words. When you stand in front of a blank sheet of paper, about to make a painting or a calligraphy, you have no idea what you will do. Maybe you have some plan for a painting, or you know what symbol you want to calligraph, but you don't actually know what will appear when you put brush to paper. What you do out of trust in open mind will be fresh and spontaneous. Opening to first thought is the way to begin your action properly."

~Jeremy Hayward From the magazine, "Tricycle: The Buddhist Review" (seen in Daily Dharma)  

Jeff Winke  



faint autumn moon

a sheet of newspaper

crumpled by the wind

distant thunder clouds gather all the shadows

dusting of snow

a sparrow's footprints

every which way

ice skin

on the clear water

koi move slowly





my windshield

reflects the setting sun

still winter --

the distant clatter 

a passing train 

wispy moon

the long sigh

of my workday commute

all night

that same conversation

repeated in my head

biker bar

the toilet tank

bolted to the wall


to the elements

a shoe




her seven button

blouse . . .

three undone

hunger moon

her brown eyes


tentative touch. . .

her warm breath

I steal with a kiss

small bed lamp

a soft yellow cast

defines her shape

rising up

to meet me...

the deepening


the cafe couple lovingly

devours breakfast


Some of these haiku have appeared in the following print or online poetry journals: Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, Brussels Sprout, Samsåra Quarterly,, Frogpond, Raw NerVZ, Electric Acorn (The Dublin Writers Workshop) and


For Chances, a dynamic, online collection of haiku go to:

©2003 Jeff Winke.  

Ben Hassine

Holding on the pure I AM the "I" makes Itself known as the Heart of Hearts. It shatters all delusion and suffering in a silent explosion of untold Wisdom.  


The body and this world is the reflected light, I AM is the mirror, "I" is the sun. Understanding can take you as far as the mirror. At that point there is only one word to utter: surrender.  


To replies: I am not what you think: find out yourself.  

Mary Bianco

American Splendor is new movie coming out in August...looks interesting:  

Bob Rose
Meditation Society of America  

I just got my copy of Boundless Giving,
  The Life of Sri Swami Satchidananda, and
  it is one of the best publications I have
  ever seen. If you are familiar with the
  work of Swamiji, you are going to really
  enjoy it. If you don't know about him, this
  work of high consciousness will be a great
  introduction to the life and teachings of
  the wisest, most compassionate, humble, and
  loving person I ever met. This is actually a
  special edition of Integral Yoga Magazine,
  which is always top notch. For more information:

  Peace and blessings,
  Bob Rose, President,  Meditation Society of America

"O you followers of Truth! If you wish to obtain an orthodox understanding of Zen, do not be decieved by others. Inwardly or outwardly, if you encounter any obstacles kill them right away. If you encounter the Buddha, kill him; if you encounter the Patriarch, kill him; . . . kill them all without hesitation, for this is the only way to deliverance. Do not get yourselves entangled with any object, but stand above, pass on, and be free!"

- Lin-chi (translation: Suzuki)   from the Zen Within community:

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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