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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #152

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In the wholeness of Reality nothing is negated.


Everyone needs only taste eternity once... it is the only remedy that
can slow you down.


Slowing down... it is the remedy by which to taste eternity.


The Truth is ultimately simple and never absent. It could not be
otherwise. Truth Sees It Self with Its Own Truth. We are the Truth. We
must See It with our Own Eye. It is Only what One Is.
Self is Always Self-Awake and Complete. The mind identity that arises
out of the Self, and that is of the nature of Self in essence, has the
feeling of limitation and weakness. Many explanations are given for this
such as Karma, Maya, etc. So the practical instructions of the sages
emphasize contemplation on the essential nature of identity with
faith. Without faith one can never jump into the arms of the Divine
Beloved. To allow that jump to take place at all is called Grace. Faith
allows for total and immediate availability. Without it one speaks
eloquently of water but remains thirsty. Any "doing" with the mind
presupposes the retention of the mind and does not allow the conscious
sinking of the mind into the Self from where it arises. The complete
acceptance of things as they are, when it permeates meditation and life,
undermines the resistance of the mind to merging in the Self. Faith is
important. It is the preface to Grace.
What IS, IS YOU. Not how you imagine yourself to be. But What you
really are. Accept It Fully without compromise.


If one mixes automobile oil and vinegar, it will not make for a tasty
salad. To see "no distinctions" involves great clarity, including the
ability to discriminate in the midst of the "no distinction" reality.
In other words, the distinctions that form perception are themselves the
expression of the reality beyond distinctions. This is why clear
awareness is sometimes termed a walk on a razor's edge - it's not a
matter of simple black and white thinking, or a formula to be applied
to living. There is a perverse aspect to human awareness and behavior
that involves bringing together what otherwise would be best kept apart
(e.g. treating children as sex partners, bringing a club to a person's
head). If someone wants to caress dog shit, that's their business, but
when someone else is imposed upon, it's another matter.
I have found teachings on this in psychology and Qabala. There is a
kind of "distorted enlightenment" that arises from wanting to run
everything together, a pattern seen in some "left hand pathwork" in
which evil is treated as good, darkness as light, etc. Nonduality as
full awareness isn't a great white blob, isn't running everything
together in a mish-mash, isn't the end of ethics. It's clear seeing --
seeing that distinctness is unity, differentiation is Oneness, time is
Finally, to "get" the fullness of human awareness, one is aware of
the distinction between sacred and profane, of integrity and perversion,
and also "gets" that "all this" is the Human Being.

RAINBO: really understand the life of Christ
and His initiations one must probe the meanings of what was said
and this is not a job for just pulling the bible off the shelf, much
as meditation is not a one night stand. It's really very deep and
meaningful ... for those who prefer "instant enlightenment" there
are other roads available...


Rosicrucians (Holland) successfully interpret the NT as a veiled
teaching in K. rising. The matter dual/nondual (rightly) isn't touched
as a successful practitioner will find out experientially in the course
of events. Core of their teaching is that the Christ (the Redeemer) has
to be born in each individual. After this spiritual birth, it is said
one is neither the Christ nor the "old" selfish personality because the
first has to grow, the other has to die and the consequences of "two
natures" have to be endured for as long as it takes.


In a way I feel that Christianity itself is in need of redemption. There
are many christianities. There is room for radical nonduality in
christianity, people like Thomas Mertom or Meister Eckhart. I consider
myself christian + buddhist + taoist + pagan + advaitin + + + + + ...,
but christianity is my mother religion like english is my mother tongue.
Nondual awareness is what Zen calls "the special transmission outside of
scriptures", so it is available no matter what one's faith, it's
inherent in our humanness.


The other thing that came to mind is the descent of the
dove upon Jesus at Baptism. In the Anglican Church I used to
attend with Dolores there was to the left of the attendees a
banner showing the descent of the dove, and to the right of
the congregation a complementary banner showing the rising
of flames.

And that is exactly what I've known of Kundalini: the
descent and the rising. Also the dove can be replaced by
soul mate, and the fire by apple pie. Those are the kinds of
things that are there for the seeing.


'I am that I am' is a 'stationary' statement of being
expressed 'by' God, as the 'name of God', which means
'I exist because I exist'. Wow! Is that not powerful
statement of the 'not-two I am' centered awareness?

However, as we know, the moment of conscious existence
is that of leaving/returning and/or being/becoming
therefore the word 'that' also acts as a
'tranisionary' word in the sense of 'I am 'that'
(pointing to other) I am' thus balancing the 'being
/becoming model', remaining consistent with the
perpetual yin/yang dynamic of 'creation' !and!
remaining in 'oneness'.

Thus, as we leave 'I am' in 'this' moment, we 'return'
to the 'next' 'I am' moment which was God's 'last'
moment, centered in 'I am', being/ becoming, I am what
God was which is what he will be as I become I am then
and now... hehehe.. got a little carried away there...
this is all so very exciting to me.

Thus, Jesus said "what you do to the least of these
you do to me" meaning he becomes 'that' of the weakest
link in the overall consciousness awareness of the
'whole' is the level of consciousness of God himself
and acts as the 'only' Bodhisattva which will close
the door and be the last to enter.

'I am' here.

God is unable to share his love, his wealth, his
kingdom(s) with us because he barely knows his
existence beyond that of 'I am' in the annilalated
state of Advaita which is 'source'(the moment 'before'
creation) and not destination.

God's 'miracle of creation' is more attuned to the Tao
as source, meaning that intelligent creation means
balance in truth but 'it does not mean' that God is
'consciously aware' of his creation as he remains
asking 'Who am I?'

Friends, what I am trying to say is that there is only
'one' God consciousness (I am) and we, self actualize
this consciousness as an 'expression' consciousness
which is 'individualized' by our 'degree' of awareness
and depth of this consciousness.

Thus, by raising our 'self' awareness leading to a
greater conscious awareness of God realization, what
we in effect do is allow a 'vessel' for the 'Christ'
consciousness to arise (the 'Christ' consciousness is
where the 'God realization' collides with the 'self
realization' remember back to the 'God realization as
the Goal' essay I do not have a copy as my hard drive
is gone)... as this vessel becomes full, it begins to
'overflow' into the consciousness of all around us
thus again, increasing the Christ level of
consciousness to the point where we can say that:

!Christ is risen!

...Why do you persecute me?...

You 'all' must realize that Jesus 'did not' relieve
'each' of you of your personal responsibility of
locking into the path and walking the sacred way on
your own. He provided you 'a way, a truth, a light'
not immunity from you actions!

The 'law of truth' applies to each of us individually
and it does matter what the least of us does as it is
the least of us that controls the 'level' of chaos and
injustice in our world through 'thought' alone...


Sin and karma arise from separation, separation is the original sin,
repentance/forgiveness is the recognition and acceptance of unity.
Sin is error, ignorance, denial of reality, the illusion or lie of
separateness. What you do unto the least you do unto me and I dwell in
you and you in me, so what you do you do to yourself. Forgiveness is
self forgiving self and so becoming whole, sin is self drawing apart
from self.


...Another view is that remission of sins invokes eternal mutual
forgiveness in human interactions, such that one is forgiven before one
acts. Such forgiveness is a doorway into eternity, ultimately an ending
of any "need to forgive" as perfect Love is viewed, and transgression is
no longer a viable concept.
Thus, the doctrine of mutual forgiveness that Jesus preached can be
viewed as the dissolution of the formula that perpetuates guilt, a
removing of the basis for carrying forward the past into the present.
Beyond any legalities, it is then the ending of the entire configuration
by which we determine guilt, blame, and revenge in the ways we "explain"
reality, and as we construe reality through interaction and thought...


Let us "empty ourselves" first, before we engage in debates about
reality. Otherwise we run the risk of debating until the cows come home
and never knowing what it means to "empty". It seems that this emptying
is how "Jesus" and "me" end up not being separate. It's not me saying
that this is so, it's the emptying that is the seeing that it is so.
Such emptying is not a doing on my part, so Grace may be an appropriate
word to suggest that it is not "action of the me" that can ever "empty
me of me."


... The Source of all scriptures, the Source of All, is Itself the All.
When Something is its own Source, it clearly transcends any categories
of human spatio-temporal gradual knowing.


...just an additional observation that this move towards oneness is not
just up to us.


I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I wonder sometimes if it is actually up
to us at all, or if that idea is just another part of our illusion that
we are 'do-ers' of our lives. It's an ancient and unresolved question
of free will. More personally, I recognize every day my utter dependency
on Grace to free me from the web of identity and limitation.


Or,...It is a wonder that it is up to us at all. Including Grace.
You chose to be free of 'the web of identity and limitation'.
You clearly Graced yourself. What is this talk of Co-Dependency?

And as far as that ancient question of Free Will, who is it 'unresolved'
Those already Saved? Those Co-Dependent?


I would not describe it that way. I felt compelled toward freedom.
Seeing "the web of identity and limitation" and attempting to choose to
free myself of it I found I could not. Therefore I 'chose' to give up
"my way" and depend on eternal Grace.

I don't see where you get any 'co' out of this dependency as though the
infinite compassion of All That Is somehow would be in need of anything.


...Even 'non-resistance' doesn't really express the active turning to
embrace - by being fully present as - whatever it is I have been
resisting to any degree at all. Coming from the illusion of separation
and opposition, once we recognize what we are, the work of
transformation continues as the *inclusion* of every fragmented bit
wherever we find it - head or body, me or you.


...all the talk about tolerance, non-resistance, making a decision to be
there, and all the things we tolerate, 'non-resist', decide upon, it all
gets 'taken up' by that (by 'who I am', 'what we are', 'vacant head').
So 'inclusion' is a good description. It all dissolves into That.


... Dolores predicted the Nonduality Salon, you know.
Before I got into the Internet and knew what it was about,
Dolores said that after her passing I would become involved
with many people talking about 'all that spiritual stuff'.

I didn't believe her for a second because I didn't know how
it would happen. I knew nothing about the Internet, and she
sure didn't either. She repeated that prediction many times.
All she knew is that I'd lock myself in my room with my
books all around me and a notebook to write in and I'd stay
there for hours. Often I'd read a passage then stare out the
window at the old maple tree for an hour. It was the best of
times. I don't do that anymore. Now I'm doing exactly as
Dolores said I would, while neither she nor I had any idea
how it would be achieved, although it started to become
clear in the last months of her life.


There is nobody alive or who has ever lived who is free. Nobody can
ever be free. The presence of a "somebody" or a "me" *is* bondage, and
how can bondage itself become free?

No, the "me" must go, so there is only freedom. Freedom = no person
there to be either free or bound. Let the "me" go, and freedom is as
natural and ever-present as breathing.

* "me" = bondage.
* bondage cannot be free.
* "not-me" = freedom.
* "not-me" is neither free nor bound, but is freedom itself.

"I, me, mine..." is bondage. Possessions are not owned by us; they own
us. Let the attachment to possessions go, then let "you" go. "You"
excludes everything that is "not-you." When "you" are not there, this
exclusion dissolves.


Consider this: Resistance to *me* reinforces it as an idea.
Ideas of 'me' and 'not me' are the essence of duality.
In the wholeness of existence through formless and form
- the undefinable and the defined-
- eternal and temporal -
I am.


As Wei Wu Wei said:

Pack your bags, go to the station without them, get on the train, and
leave your self behind.


chopping onion, carrying groceries,
writing posts, feeding the cat.
nothing has changed
except this eternal silence
fills up everywhere and
all Those Things just go on.


... Nondual truth, not having layers, ranks, or strata
doesn't fit with the conceptual basis of hierarchical structuring. And
yet, humans inevitably construct these, perhaps similar to bees
constructing their hive, or walruses their herd, etc.


Seek, seek in the air, seek in the sky, seek in your heart.

I am not hidden in what is high or low. I am hidden in the heart of the
faithful. That is certainty, O Beloved.

Bhajan, bhajan, bhajan, ba ba ba (black sheep have you any wool?)


"Things are not as they seem -
and nor are they otherwise."

Lankavatara Sutra


...Love is laughter. Bubbling up and everpresent -
comes from nowhere and goes nowhere.

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