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Issue #1534 - Monday, August 25, 2003 - Editor: Jerry  

Steve Tagliere - Shaker chair and candle
- link no longer active   

Spare rooms simplify and clear the mind

By Deanna Larson, [email protected]
August 26, 2003
Less can be so much more when it comes to interiors. Aside from the savings on elaborate window treatments, rooms stuffed with furniture, and hundreds of knickknacks, spare rooms are easier to clean and harder to clutter.

Spare doesn’t mean cold and minimal. Rather, spare interiors have deliberately chosen pieces that are beautiful, functional and have personal meaning, or they’re weeded out. In Room Recipes (Rockport) the ultimate spare interior is described as a 19th century Connecticut or Pennsylvania farmhouse built for a “gentleman farmer.” The house has the bare but functional essentials: bed, sink, dining table. Each room is painted a “beautiful, soft, light, elegant color. The rooms are infused with light from uncovered or veiled windows. The combination of color and light make the walls luminous. The effect is not minimal, it is simple.”

Scandinavian and Shaker interiors embody this aesthetic. The opposite of overdone, Scandinavian interiors let the charm of homespun and the elegance of the well designed speak for themselves. Shaker furniture is imbued with the spiritual principle with which it’s created, one that reflects “the Creator of all things in the beauty of the wood and the simplicity of design,” according to the Sabbath-Day Woods, a Shaker furniture company in North Carolina.

A simple chair set against the wall, with a piece of art or beloved object above, sums up the uncomplicated beauty of the spare look, according to Room Recipes. Working, resting, eating and reading take place on these “platforms” 18 degrees off the ground, but the rest is embellishment. Nowhere is need vs. want more evident than in our interiors, and stripping away the extraneous can be freeing.

Warren Zevon: Lessons in leaving
Rocker's humor, life on display in VH1 documentary

Viewed this documentary last evening...
something that struck me was his simple answer to David Letterman.   
Zevon was invited to be on the show,  a special
edition, with no other guests.   

He was interviewed and he performed.
He appeared on the show with only one month
left to live (according to the doctors who had diagnosed him with terminal cancer.)

When Letterman asked him,
"Is there something that you now know about life and death that I don't?"
Zevon paused for a moment, and then answered simply:

"Enjoy every sandwich."

Enjoy every sandwich,

Read the article here: (may no longer be active link.)

Nina NDS  

You do not need to leave your room.
Remain sitting at your table and listen.
Do not even listen, simply wait.
Do not even wait, be still and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself to you
   to be unmasked, it has no choice.
It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

-Franz Kafka  

Daily Dharma  

"The Buddha in his travels encountered a Jain, whose practice
consisted of standing still on one leg. The Buddha asked him, `Would
you tell me please why you are doing this? What will this practice
of standing on one leg do for you?'

The Jain replied, `Through this practice, I am working out my karma.
It will free me of all past karma.'

The Buddha asked him, `How much have you worked out so far?' The
Jain replied, `I could not say.' The Buddha then asked, `How much
karma do you still have to work out?' The Jain again replied, `I do
not know.' Lastly, the Buddha asked, `But how will you know when you
have finished working out your karma?' The Jain could only answer
again, `This I do not know.'

At this reply, the Buddha spoke to him saying, `It is time for you
to set aside this practice and to understand the path to the end of
suffering. It lies within the truth of each moment, here and now.'"
~ Jack Kornfield

From the book, "Soul Food," published by Harper San Francisco.  

Michael Read

In the cold Northern wastes
There is a mountain
A thousand miles long
A thousand miles high

Once each thousand years
A small bird
Flies North
A small bird flies North
to sharpen his beak
on the cold hard stone

When the mountain
Is thusly worn down
One second of Eternity
Shall have passed.

-Tibetan poem

R. S. Mani

Study of Vedanta  


First of all, we must acknowledge that it is God's grace that you feel an urge to study Vedanta.

For a beginner of Vedanta, from my personal experience, I would like to suggest "Gita Home Study" course devised by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. It is in very simple English and in great detail, and can be followed very easily. I do not know where you are located. If you are in the U.S.A. you may get the course from Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Instt. of Vedanta and Sanskrit, P.O. Box 1059, Saylorsburg, PA 18353,

And Books Dept.

You can also get a list of books and tapes, CD etc. published by the Instt., and select, in consultation with learned people in Vedanta, the ones, which you can start reading. Reading itself may not be helpful. Try to hear the lectures/satsang by the disciples of Chinmaya Mission, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, etc. if they are held in your area.

When you proceed with commitment, and total devotion to the subject, in due course you will be drawn to a Guru. It may not be that some Sanyasies will come personally to you and help you, but opportunities will come themselves for you to be in touch with a Guru. This has happened to many.

Vedanta, to my understanding, is the process of dropping all notions/knowledge we have had all through since birth, about ourselves and others (all other than ourselves i.e. any seen or unseen objects, etc.) including God, as they will not at all help in attaining or getting what we are all really seeking in life; and getting the right knowledge about them. The Phala or result of this will be, we will in due course have inner leisure and peace, as the mind slowly, but definitely, gets freed from all agitations, by start looking at everything including ourselves, and God,  afresh, in the light of the ultimate knowledge i.e. Tattwamasi etc.

Hari Om



You really are one lucky fella!  

You are obliged by the Terms and Conditions of NDS to share
all lottery winnings with the rest of us.

Your winnings are our winnings.  

Trust me.  

I hope - we all hope - that you are willing to win real big
or if not - lose it all.

I'm a freelance heretic, so don't worry about the buddhist
name thingy. Call me JP.

You can call me anything you want. Just don't call me a
'dirty slut' because that would insult me and turn me on at
the same time.

You're Turkish. I'm part Greek. I'm supposed to hate and kill
you. I'm also part Armenian, so I'm sorry, but I have no
choice but to really hate your guts for wiping out my

I have learned that in this beautiful microcosmos of NDS,
what we put out boomerangs right back to us.

If we have an intention to direspect others who are trying to
share their wisdom with us, or fry others in hot oil like
old-fashioned English style fish and chips and then eat them
with a creamy tartar sauce and a tangy malt vinegar- we will
end up being forced to float in a vat of our own sizzling
bubbling Crisco and will be forced to chew and swallow our
own battered fish flesh without cutlery or chopsticks.

I have learned that it is unhelpful to underestimate the
intense ferocity of the blazing heat we will experience if we
intend to set others on fire.

May I suggest a size XL crushed blue velvet Armani asbetos
suit for you.

Anything tighter than that will just make you look fat.  

And for extra panache and style, you can tuck a
fire-extinguisher under your arm.

Dirty Shishkabob Slut JP

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