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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1543 - Wednesday, September 3, 2003 - Editor: Joyce (Know_Mystery)  

     Leaf - Collage by Rashani

     About the Artist/Poet:

       Rashani Réa, founder of Earthsong Sanctuary, has been an artist and
       social activist since childhood. She facilitates councils and retreats
       throughout the world, integrating self inquiry, shamanism, dreambody
       work, deep ecology, mindfulness practice, creativity, "crazy wisdom" and

       As part of her personal healing journey, she has recorded 14 audio
       cassettes and designed more than 300 unique greeting cards in celebration
       of the diversity of world wisdom. Earthsong has been her home since 1992.


[Editor's Note: This issue features original poems, collages, and haiku created by Rashani Réa, who has generously made available to NDHighlights some previously-unpublished poems and art. All works presented in this issue are individually copyright ©2003, Rashani Réa,  

grace can not be sought.
it is the ground of our being
here every moment..



Gold becomes


Collage by Rashani


The Unbroken

~ by Rashani ~

There is a brokenness
out of which comes the unbroken,
a shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable.
There is a sorrow
beyond all grief which leads to joy
and a fragility
out of whose depths emerges strength.

There is a hollow space
too vast for words
through which we pass with each loss,
out of whose darkness we are sanctioned into being.

There is a cry deeper than all sound
whose serrated edges cut the heart
as we break open
to the place inside
which is unbreakable
and whole,
while learning to sing.

~  Rashani  ~

Rashani on "The Unbroken":

"Written in December, 1991, following the 4th death in my family, this
poem speaks of the vibrant, 'true nature' which awaits us at the heart
of all experience, effortlessly residing beneath the many veils of

"Mysteriously, we often discover this state of being through the
willingness to befriend resistance and embrace what we think is
'unsurmountable' pain."

Five Haiku by Rashani

the breaking open,
melting again and again.
but Who is breaking?


the situations
i most wanted to avoid
have become the path.


what once felt like grief
is the very substance now
of these open wings.



mirror of mirrors,
reflecting all parts of me:
how can i thank you?


only when my boat
fully capsized in the waves
could i see the





Collage by Rashani

breath within the breath,
cloud within the drop of rain.
so, where is God not?


we mustn't forget
the body of the candle
becomes the pure flame.


where i thought i'd find
deep anguish, i found instead
a portal to God.




Collage by Rashani




why comb through ashes
when we have been invited
to feast with the Beloved?





Collage by Rashani

Rashani on "THE FEAST OF THIS MOMENT (a song of gratitude)":

"During the months of May and June, 2003, I offered 7 retreats, several
public satsangs and over 70 private sessions in New York City, at
Kripalu Yoga Center and in Sweden and Denmark.

The following is a song I wrote for the many people who attended these
events. I was deeply moved by their willingness to be present with
whatever arose and to trust in the unknown."


THE FEAST OF THIS MOMENT  (a song of gratitude)

welcome to the feast, it’s just begun.
it’s a celebration for everyone,
a chance to meet the moon and sun within you.

there’s space for every part of you,
regardless of your point of view.
come and share the old and new together.

bring to the feast your tender child,
bring to the feast the meek and mild,
bring the jaguar and all your wildest creatures.

bring the one who’s been abused,
and the part of you which feels confused.
bring the pride which has refused forgiveness.

bring your beauty and strike the gong,
enter the field beyond right and wrong,
bring the ones who long to be received now.

invite the one who’s so afraid,
invite the child who never stayed,
invite the part of you which played perfection.

come to the feast, oh come and start
to know the truth you kept apart,
bring to the feast your total heart and being.

bring the one who’s crying in pain,
bring the dancer in the rain,
bring the one who’s vain and sometimes selfish.

bring the parts you left behind,
bring the one who’s hard to find,
bring the lonely and confined fixations.

all are welcome here today.
i long to hear what they each say.
this feast of the moment may just last forever!

invite the beast who has no name,
who all these years you could not tame,
in mercy’s presence, even shame will turn to gold.

bring the nun & the monk you deified,
and the lover’s heart you crucified.
invite them gently, to abide together now.

bring the betrayer and the betrayed,
bring the wisdom you have not obeyed.
yes, come to find Who made what can’t be broken.

this is a feast of day and night,
where we receive the fragrance of light
while leaving behind the plight of past and future.

bring, yes, the one who wanted to die,
whose heart is sepalled within the sigh.
there’s space for every cry and song of creation.

we’ve come to remember who we are,
to marvel at the falling star
that reminds us how far we’ve been from home.

bring the child who wanted to hide,
the one you lock so deep inside.
even bring the voice which tried to silence you.

bring the boy who played in the streams,
whose only friends were deep in his dreams.
invite him now to surf on beams of laughter.

the sadness he carried all those years
which turned his thoughts into so many fears
are transforming now, into tears of understanding.

bring the girl who was taught to believe
that pain was the only gift she’d receive.
deeper than pain, her Heart can perceive the truth

she tried so hard to therapise
and then she tried to analyse
her purest being which has no guise or garments.

invite the one who tried to transcend
the haunting memories that would not end;
who tried, but failed, to bend the spoon of childhood.

bring the fear you tried to cage,
the explosiveness that turned to rage.
invite the tyrant who wants to wage each war.

bring to the feast the exhausted mind
which searched for years, hoping to find
a way to change and leave behind all suffering.

let us open now to this blessed day!
and trust that there’s an effortless way
to Be who we are while giving away our burdens.

let’s close our eyes and open to grace,
see, without seeing, our original face
and know, deep within,our place  in this creation.
it’s a caravan of no despair!
it doesn’t matter what you wear.
you’ll see that love is everywhere around you!

around, within, above, below,
in the breath itself, it’s not fast or slow.
kiss the earth and throw to God your sorrows.

feel the butterflies in your womb,
the cobra rising from the ancient tomb.
we’re the tapestry on the heart-loom of existance.

there’s something waiting deep  inside.
a radiant aliveness unable to hide.
it’s the  ever-abiding  current in our center.

it’s "the pearl beyond price" deep within,
it’s the essence of both yang and yin,
what we are, have always been & will always be!

it’s the golden light in the polarbear’s fur,
the star that shines in every "him" and "her".
it’s the gentle purr of the white siberian tiger.

it’s the sea turtle eating what you thought was pain,
the woman in the desert who you thought was insane,
who turned out to be the sanest, wisest shaman.

it’s the diamond he gave you from the other side,
the forgiveness from your sister who long ago died,
it’s the nectar of love residing in us all.

purusha, buddha, quan yin, and tao,
tatanka weanska, to you i bow...
coming home, without knowing how i came here.

"blissful sobriety" is one of its names,
a pristine clarity that plays no games.
it’s a quiet spark within the flames’ bright center.

it’s a powerful force,
an effortless current, ofcourse:
an invitation to divorce the mind’s dilemmas.

to dyhani ywahoo and ma ananda mayi,
to every bodhisatva in their suit and tie,
to the 5 year old child who asked, "Why do stars grow
in spirals?"

i bow to ramana and papaji too,
gangaji, faisal, pema and norbu,
to family, friends and lovers, who show me the
pathless way.

Wake Up


Collage by Rashani


          "do you know the sound
of one heart healing?" she asked.
the moon replied, "ours."


Prayer Flag


Words and Collage by Rashani


thin interstice
between breath and the breathless.
yes, this fleeting life.

breaking into prayer,
quietly falling away.
the husks of my heart.

again and again
in the mirror of your eyes
i discover God.


birthday poem.
december 2, 2001
  waking before dawn
i finger with softened eyes
the strewn mala of stars
outside my window
knowing that i, too,
am one of a billion beads
passing through the infinite
hands of creation.
i want to be born heart-first this time
with no epidural please.
i want to feel each contraction,
to yield to, not flee
from the pangs of death and birth
and be breathed into
again and again
by You who breathed me into being,
whose Breath, inside my own,
is the string on which i am
loosely strung.
  may i be as young and real
as the two soft kittens
who curl and purr into my side
reminding me of effortless action.
may i not hide in the absolute
to avoid what i need to feel,
may i heal the feral wound
which pushed so many loved ones away,
may i pay homage to
instead of running from
situations that give rise to fear.
may i truly hear what others say
and speak the simple truths
which for so long
were hidden beneath
sophisticated sentences
and stories, impressive words
and spiritually correct costumes.
  this raw kernel,
a rather shy and tender woman
gestating for years
beneath the garments
of "shaman" and "priestess"
crowns slowly and quietly
in this open desert of moonlit snow
from the deep emptiness of herself
through the dissolving veils
and shadows
of who she never was.

Act of Love


Collage by Rashani



longing for union
my lover doesn't yet know
we're already one.


there is only love.
all else: repeating stories
exhausting themselves.


the place i meet fear
turns in the instant we meet
into openness.



this is what it is.
"happilly ever after"
right in this moment."


holding us in love,
this mudra of the moment
becoming laughter.


Live more


Collage by Rashani


rivers of blessings,
unstoppable as fountains
rise from the ashes.




now i need to rest.
poetry woke me from dreams
and wouldn't let me sleep.

All poems and collage art are presented in this issue of NDHighlights with the kind permission of the artist.  All works are  ©2003, Rashani Réa, % earthsong sanctuary,   p.o. box 916,  na'alehu, hawai'i, 96772, u.s.a. (808) 929 8043.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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