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The man who was the first to give me a 'name' for what I had
experienced ... is rather notorious for his simplicity. He
once told me that faith was not necessary.

Neither was religion, philosophy, ritual, meditation, nor
gurus. He said it's especially not necessary to sit in a
cave, or to 'do nothing'.

He said, "Melody, it's does not matter what you do, only
that you do it with your full, undivided attention."

Those words continue to serve me well. Do you hear how
simple this is? It is not necessary to *stop* being busy,
or anxious, or confused, or whatever! Just focus ALL your
attention on whatever is happening; rather than *dividing*
your attention between a)
what is happening and b) your mind 'chattering' about that
or something else.

It is not necessary (perhaps not possible) to stop the mind
from chattering. And how many of us has the luxury of time
to simply sit in retreat hours at a time? His suggestion is
to simply focus all your attention on whatever you're doing
or contemplating, and not on the mind's commentary about it.

Prima ballerinas and marathon champions do this all the time
(to name a few). Their focus is so complete that many will
say they hit a 'zone' where the whole world falls away, and
all that remains is 'dancing' or 'running'. Not "I am
or "I am running". Just... dancing' or just... 'running'.

My first recollection of a nondual moment was watching a pot
of soup boil on the stove as I was fixing dinner. After
only a few moments of watching with full attention, there
was only 'soup bubbling' "me" watching the soup
bubble. I was so excited I couldn't wait to tell my
friends. And when I did, all I got was rather blank stares
followed by, "that's nice, Melody". LOL!



Here are simple techniques I have used. If you mean you
really have a lot to do and feel some time pressure to get
it all done, actual breaks are paradoxically a good remedy.
You will get more "done" in 45 minutes, if 5 min of that
time is taken to be calm first. If you are referring to
just mind chatter busyness, the usual recommendation is to
focus on your breath...I mean just be aware of your
breathing and pay attention more to that than thoughts
flitting thru your mind, without making some huge effort to
stop thoughts, either. (You can learn to still walk and
even talk while breathing after a bit of practice.) Smiling
is a good practice as well!! True emptiness and silent mind
take some practice and getting used to, so don't be too hard
on yourself, as this is forcing to
relax. At the office, sometimes I would take a few minutes
to visualize being at the know, whatever you
associate with being calm and peaceful. To
*do* with a sense of no doer-ship is like being in the
groove, a self-forgetful state where you become simply what
is happening... remember when and how you have felt most
like that already, try different ways to become calmer till
you find what works for you.

Hey, if your mind is getting clearer about nonduality, peace
is around the corner.



Andrew: The list itself is the guru, the teacher. The list
itself is a living individual. We see our projections and
reflections in the list, but the list IS, perfect in its
imperfections. We have likes and dislikes, hopes and fears,
the list does not. By reading and writing the list, we
create the guru.

Christiana: Thank you for seeing and expressing from this
perspective, Andrew! I seem to stand on a nearby perceptual

The movement of a long held vision is to participate in a
community whereinwhich ...

* the idea-structures of the personal self are respected,
but not confused with Self as identity.

* when the personal (ideas, fears, feelings et al) interfere
with the authentic clarity of Being, that others will
compassionately assist in holding a still space for the
lesson and clarity to emerge... and that grace and
authentic humility (to lift the magnetic needle of
will dawn.

* we endeavor to collectively and respectfully abide in the
emergent interstices of Spaciousness.

In other words.. a community where life and Life emerge
freely; where the Background is seen and reflected, even as
the foreground is respected as part of our story, and where
we gradually communally

As we learn to cultivate (and operate within) new organs of
perception; as we learn to shift perspective from these
individual selves typing posts to an awareness that we are
also collectively Knowing Self as ever fresh unitive Being
in-form-ation, we become awesomely aware of (and surrender
to) this perfection of Being in Love.

/Christiana\ (trademark patent pending.. by Sam)



>From my great unmanifested Guru within. Does this ring
bells with anyone? Apologies for the length

Now and this will seem like a contradiction in terms, there
is nonbeing. It is a state, not of nothingness, but a state
in which probabilities and possibilities are known and
anticipated but blocked from expression. This is bound to
be distorted, because I must explain it to you in linear
terms of TIME as *you* understand it. So I must speak, for
your benefit as though it were in some indescribably distant
past, in which these events occurred, for you are unable to
understand the nature of simultaneous time.

Dimly, through what you would call history, hardly
remembered, there was such a state. It was a state of agony
in which the powers of creativity and existence were known,
but the ways to produce them were not known.
This is the lesson that All That Is or Primary Energy
Gestalts had to learn, and that could not be taught. This
is the agony from which creativity originally was drawn, and
its reflection is still seen.
All That Is retains the memory of that state, and it serves
as a constant impetus in your terms, toward renewed
creativity. Each self, as a part of All That is, therefore
also retains memory of that state. It is for this reason
that each minute consciousness is endowed with the impetus
toward survival, change, development, and creativity. It is
not enough that All That is, as a primary consciousness
gestalt, desires further being, but that each portion of It
also carries this determination.
Yet the agony itself was used as a means, and the agony
itself served as an impetus, strong enough so that All That
Is initiated within Itself the means to be.
If and this is impossible, all portions but the most minute
last ‘unit’ of All That Is were destroyed, All That Is would
continue, for within the smallest portion is the innate
knowledge of the whole. All That Is protects Itself,
therefore, and all that It has and is and will create. When
I speak of All That Is, you must understand my position
within It, for there is much I do not know.

All That Is knows no other. This does not mean that there
may not be more to know. It does not know whether or not
other psychic gestalts like It may exist. It is not aware
of them if they do exist. It is constantly searching. It
knows that something else existed before Its own primary
dilemma when It could not express Itself.
It is conceivable, then, that It has evolved, in your terms
of time, so long ago that It has forgotten Its origin, that
It has developed from still another Primary which has,
again, in your terms, long since gone Its way. So there are
answers that I cannot give you, for they are not known
anywhere in the system in which we have our existence. We
do know that within this system of our All That Is, creation
continues and developments are never still. We can deduce
that on still other layers of which we are unaware, the same
is true.
The first state of agonized search for expression may have
represented the birth throes of All That Is as we know It.
Pretend, then, that you possessed within yourself the
knowledge of all the world’s masterpieces in sculpture and
art, that they pulsed as realities within you, but that you
had no physical apparatus, no knowledge of how to achieve
them, that there was neither rock nor pigment nor source of
any of these, and you ached with the yearning to produce
them. This, on an infinitesimally small scale, will perhaps
give you, as an artist, some idea of the agony and impetus
that was felt.

Desire, wish, and expectation rule all actions and are the
basis for all realities. Within All That Is, therefore, the
wish, desire, and expectation of creativity existed before
all other actuality. The strength and vitality of these
desires and expectations then became in your terms so
insupportable that All That is was driven to find the means
to produce them.
In other words, All That Is existed in a state of being, but
without the means to find expression for Its being. This
was the state of agony of which I speak. Yet it is doubtful
that without this ‘period’ of contracted yearning, All That
Is could concentrate Its energy sufficiently enough to
create the realities that existed in probable suspension
within It.

At first, in your terms, all of probable reality existed as
nebulous dreams within the consciousness of All That Is.
Later, the unspecific nature of these ‘dreams’ grew more
particular and vivid. The dreams became recognizable one
from the other until they drew the conscious notice of All
That Is. And with curiosity and yearning, All That Is paid
more attention to Its own dreams.
It then purposely gave them more and more detail, and
yearned toward this diversity and grew to love that which
was not yet separate from itself. It gave consciousness and
imagination to personalities while they still were but
within Its dreams. They also yearned to be actual.
Potential individuals, in your terms, had consciousness
before the beginning or any beginning as you know it, then.
They clamored to be released into actuality, and All That
Is, in unspeakable sympathy, sought within Itself for the

In its massive imagination, It understood the cosmic
multiplication of consciousness that could not occur within
that framework. Actuality was necessary if these
probabilities were to be given birth. All That Is saw,
then, an infinity of probable, conscious individuals, and
foresaw all possible developments, but they were locked
within It until It found the means.
This was in your terms a primary cosmic dilemma, and one
with which It wrestled until All That It Was was completely
involved and enveloped within that cosmic problem.

Had It not solved it, All That Is would have faced insanity,
and there would have been, literally, a reality without
reason and a universe run wild.
The pressure came from two sources: from the conscious but
still probable individual selves who found themselves alive
in a God’s dream, and from the God (All That Is) who yearned
to release them.
On the other hand, you could say that the pressure existed
simply on the part of the God since the creation existed
within Its dream, but such tremendous power resides in such
primary pyramid gestalts that even their dreams are endowed
with vitality and reality.
This, then, is the dilemma of any primary pyramid gestalt:
It creates reality. It also recognized within each
consciousness the massive potential that existed. The
means, then, came to It. It must release the creatures and
probabilities from Its dream.
To do so would give them actuality. However, it also meant
‘losing’ a portion of Its own consciousness, for it was
within that portion that they were held in bondage. All
That Is had to let go. While It thought of these
individuals as Its creations, It held them as a part of
Itself and refused them actuality.
To let them go was portion of Itself that had created them
Already It could scarcely keep up with the myriad
probabilities that began to emerge from each separate
consciousness. With love and longing It let go that portion
of Itself, and they were free. The psychic energy exploded
in a flash of creation.
All That Is, therefore, ‘lost’ a portion of Itself in that
creative endeavor. All That Is loves all that It has
created down to the least for, it realises the dearness and
uniqueness of each consciousness which has been wrest from
such a state and at such a price. It is triumphant and
joyful at each development taken by each conscious-ness, for
this is an added triumph against that first state, and It
revels and takes joy in the slightest creative act of each
of Its issues.
It, of Itself and from that state, has given life infinities
of possibilities. From its agony, It found the way to burst
forth in freedom, through expression, and in so doing gave
existence to individualized consciousness. Therefore is It
rightfully jubilant. Yet all individuals remember their
source, and now dream of All That Is as All That Is once
dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense
source....and yearn to set it free and give it actuality
through their own creations for within each of you is the
memory of that primal agony.



GENE: Our 'original nature' is that we are, like a wind-up
toy, 'pre-wound-up'; this is how we 'come from the
manufacturer'. Our hungers are installed and in place, _as
our original condition_. Living in the original condition,
is the 'Edenic state'.

Only later, upon our immersion in the 'world-dream', do we
equate our hungers with pathology or 'something wrong'.
There was no fall; see below.

MELODY: Inside your original post you had also used the
world _originally_.

Putting this together, this suggests to me you are speaking
of our introduction into the material world as our original
experience? Am I following you here?

Gene: Not quite, Mel. Our 'original condition' is the gift
of life; we appear, quite mysteriously, fully equipped with
the hungers which sustain life. That is the original
condtion. Our hunger is the gift of life, our sustaining
Grace. World-dream values come later in the story.

Melody: This clariŽcation is rather important to my
following your line of thought, as I see our original
experience (original consciousness) as *prior* to our
birth. In Christian terms, it would be called the Garden
experience, prior to the consuming of 'knowledge of right
and wrong'.

Gene: Yes, this is closer to what I actually said.

Our consumption of the 'knowledge of right and wrong' was a
necessity, which itself initiated the beginning of the
world-dream. But this is not a 'fall'.

Melody: BTW, I have heard you say briežy on a couple of
threads that 'there was NO fall'. I would love to explore
this persepective with you further. I sense that this ties
into our thread in handŠ.perhaps we could explore that, as

Gene: Certainly. This is a very important issue to

You are apparently intuiting the linkage of the necessity of
hunger (our original condition) with our 'Edenic state'.
This is a true correspondence.

In the Biblical account, we appear as Adam and Eve, born
hungry. G-d points to a tree and indicates that even though
we are hungry, we should not eat those 'apples'. Then, G-d
conveniently goes away for a walk, or to tend to an unstable

In the 'Gita, 'man' is seen as a passenger in a chariot
which is being drawn _chaotically_ forward by a team of six
powerful white horses. These powerful horses represent our
original nature; powerful hunger (desire) out of control.
But how are we to learn to control this motive power? It is
the very motive power which we are gifted with, which is
seen as our 'downful', the cause of our 'banishment from
Eden'. Our inability to control ourselves, is remedied by
'eating the apple' and thus being booted out of the Edenic
state, into the shadowy lanes of the world-dream. It is in
the stressful contradictory duality of the world dream, that
we are subjected to the pressures which either temper us or
kill us.

It is the introduction of 'right and wrong' which allows us
to learn, by subjecting us to the conditions of the material
world; to survive, there must be 'right' ways and 'wrong'
ways. The world-dream is an extension, 'as seen through a
glass darkly', of the rigid conditions of physical survival.
The world-dream is a prison of assumptions, and is not an
accurate reflection of reality; it contains myriad
superstitions. But it is the ambiguity of the world-dream
that gives it value as a training-ground. We discover in
the world-dream, the evidences that 'there is more and
better', as our appetites go unsated by world-dream
'nutrients'. The world-dream is realm of suffering and
remedy, and of never seeming to 'get it quite right'.

It is the gift of the motive force of life which must be
mastered; right and wrong are the 'training wheels' which
are so powerfully featured in the 'world-dream'. It is
'world-dream values' which we adopt, when we adopt
standards, morals, and ethics.

By our imbibing of the 'forbidden fruit', we (eventually!)
become masters of the motive forces of life; we become
masters of the team of powerful white horses which, if
mastered, lead us to G-d. That is, I think, what 'satan'
referred to in his speech to Eve, when he suggested that she
and Adam could 'become like G-d' if they knew of good and

Nondual realization seems to require the mastery of the
motive forces of life; this is also referred to as 'getting
off the wheel' of obligatory reaction. It is obligatory
reaction which the world-dream is composed of; to abandon
the seductively cradling 'support' of the world-dream, is to
suggest that we are actually always in the arms of Grace.

Difficulties arise, when we forget (or do not know) that the
spectrum of 'realities' is an upramp to being in our
original condition... this time, after life-experience,
learning, and the dawning of wisdom, being in control of the
motive forces of life. And the entire story is the gift of
Being and existence, often reputed to be the Gift of G-d or

So in this entire story, there is nothing wrong; I hope to
be able to adequately convey this, difficult in such a short
letter. All of the 'steps' are necessary and essentially
'programmed in' to our Being and existence. In realization,
we are able to look back, and to know this. But to those
who are trying to find 'salvation' in the world-dream, such
an exalted viewpoint is only fantasized. I should note,
however, that even the desire to 'transcend the illusions of
the world-dream' is itself, a great gift. I cannot disparge
any aspect of the schema of life.

Melody: Returning to your answerŠ.

<snipping down for bandwidth

G: I say, that it is hunger which sustains life, and is thus
a necessity. If someone told me that there was a special
meal, which if eaten would forever banish the desire to eat,
I would not eat it. Hunger is symptomatic of wholeness and
of the ability to maintain wholeness. Hunger sustains our

If someone offered a 'special relationship' which would
forever end longing, I would avoid it. It is longing which
keeps the heart open to possibility, and it is openess to
possibility which sustains our growth. Growth is a reality,
and I can see no end to it; I would say that it must

Melody: Beautifully stated, Gene. As I pause just a moment
and režect on what you have offered thus far, it seems that
you have effectively described the 'human experience'.

It seems to me, perfectly natural for one who lives in a
material world to Žrst seek to satisfy 'hunger' with
resources available in materiality. It does not take long
(afterall, what is time?) for one who is satiated in
material offerings to recognize that the hunger still
exists, that it is a hunger for that which is not material.

Gene: Yes, that is an important part of the 'plan'.

Melody: And how many men and women seek to satisfy their
longing for intimacy within a relationship, and still Žnd
that even with the companionship of a loving, intimate mate,
that longing still is?

Gene: Longing still is, and is love.

Melody: For some that longing, that hunger, is quieted with
a loving mate, and with an abundance of material 'fuel'.
And yet, in others, like me, the times I was the wealthiest,
the times I was married to someone who adored me, was the
hungriest, lonliest time of my life.

This seems to me, to point to the presence of Grace.

Gene: I would say yes to that. To be allowed to maintain
hunger, is to be allowed to continue to live, learn, and
become wise.

Melody: Although, paradoxically, when I was feeling so
hungry and so lonely, I would (incorrectly) assume the
*absence* of Grace, in retrospect, I see it as a time
overžowing in Grace.

Gene: Indeed! You have been gifted with an extraordinarily
fine 'discriminator', which automatically rejects 'what is
not IT'. What is comforting, is to know that it is this
'never finding of IT' which is Grace itself. It is more
than a flirtation of Grace with us, it is a lifelong
intimacy. We are interwoven with Grace.

I should point out, that those who can natively sense that
'this is not it', are not obligated to do battle with 'what
it is not'. Doing battle with 'what it is not' is to bring
to life 'what is not', just as the windmill became an evil
giant in the vision of Don Quixote. "Those who fight
dragons, become dragons".

Gene: If someone offered me a 'universal key to knowledge
and understanding', which would somehow 'turn off' my
enquiry, I would examine it for validity. These offerings
are continually hawked in the 'spiritual marketplace' and
are advertised as the 'Žnal solution' to human suffering. I
have never found one that has a shred of validity, and I
doubt that such a 'remedy' will ever exist.

Mel: I am beginning to see that there is an opportunity for
one to *embrace* suffering, rather than try to remedy it.
The Žrst time I experienced the beauty of suffering was when
I felt my heart breaking after having lived with it 'frozen'
for so many years.

Gene: Yes. For me, to 'embrace suffering' is essentially to
allow suffering to become Grace. This is difficult to
understand, but this has been my experience. Pain,
writhing, and crying, are expansions of Being in existence;
such, reinforces the integrity which itself is our template
of life. A strong template assures continued existence;
thus, the stregthening challenges, are indeed the gift of

Mel: Even as I was sobbing in grief, I was saying to myself,
"I can *FEEL* this, I'm *ALIVE*!!! It was such a
halleleuyah moment mixed with suffering. My Žrst taste of
bitter-sweet, and I can say there is nothing in the world
like it!

To now taste the bitter-sweet, without resistance, without
judgment or condemnation, is for me to taste heaven on

Gene: This is completely understood, melody. It all keeps
happening; nothing changes, yet, everything changes. I
understand that 'heaven on Urth' is mine, personally, and
that no governmental mandate can gift it to masses of
people; each person has to 'go through it' for themself.
And it can be rough. Very rough. But it is this tempering,
which eventually leads to the resiliancy which is the
'antidote' to world-dream rule-bound rigidity.

Gene: As you know, 'belief' is the cornerstone of
world-dream 'answers', and belief itself is a shifting
foundation upon which to stand. It is balance which is
attained through growth, which allows us to 'try on' the
various approaches (as Petros is doing) and to then continue
on in our hunger-sustained journey of life and growth.

Finally, if someone offered to me, a 'love which would end
all love', I would certainly turn the other way.
Heartbreak is seen in the world-dream, as the product of
'unrequitted love'; spurned by a Žckle lover, heartbreak
overžows and overwhelmes. The human drama of hunting for
fulŽllment in the shadowy jungles of world-dream conditional
states, will probably go on as long as we turn away from our
natural and original condition.

I offer, that we in our original condition, are gifted with
hunger, longing, and heartbreak; these gifts are our keys to
growing into what we ourselves long for. We become what we
seek. That is why it is important for anyone who is
seeking, to seek 'Self', for ultimately, 'there is only
Self', known by whatever name. 'Who am I' is one safe way
to post a target, a goal, to insure unerring direction
straight to 'who I am', which is nothing but 'Self'.

"Who Am I" = "Who I Am"

Hunger will never be turned off; those who starve, come to
despise hunger.

Melody: Yes, and that's the beauty of the danceŠ.the wonder
of it.
As long as it is 'out of our reach', as long as someone says
'no' to our desire, that desire or 'hunger' becomes our
godŠ.and we curse it for enslaving us.

How many days did I curse God for putting such a hunger in
my heart, that I could not be satisŽed with materiality and
human companionship.

Gene: Yes, this is to be expected, but in the world-dream,
nobody is going around, telling us about this. So we enter
the dance with 'two left feet' and curse the fates for our
horrible clumsiness. Self-esteem plunges as self-loathing
rises; what a mess!

Our hunger will eventually draw us to the stars and beyond,
in the material world. And our hunger will allow us to
become that which we seek, less of a merging than a shedding
of our world-dream training-wheels of 'duality', a leaving
behind of our larval cocoon of close and binding
attachments; in fact, a seeming transfiguration of
awareness, into what is the literal overall gift of Grace.
I have no idea what to call 'that', except to call 'it'
Self. There is only Self, and Self includes all
'evolutionary steps' to awareness in Selfhood. There is
nothing wrong, and there is no fall.

Gene: Hunger has a bad name, as does longing and heartbreak
and feelings of separation from 'G-d'. In my reality, it is
these disreputable and unending feelings, which sustain my
life, and have in fact led me to embrace my original
condition, in spite of world-dream values to the contrary.

I say that wholeness includes hunger (which sustains life),
longing (which keeps us open to possibility) and heartbreak
(which is our natural vulerability, and our gateway to
empathy and thus sharing). The existence of these factors
in 'the life of the real', are aspects of wholeness. In the
world-dream, they are exclusively factors to be 'remedied'.
There is no remedy.

Mel: Thank you for sharing your thoughts so clearly, and for
inspiring some thoughts of my own.

much love, Melody

Thank you, Melody. It is a pleasure to converse with you.

"First, there is an Eden, then there is no Eden, then there

The Pathway of Nonduality

by Raphael

Chapter 10

The Fall of the Soul

Q. Empirical science holds that man comes from below,
developing through a series of transformations and
evolutionary processes spread out over time. The Sacred
Science, on the other hand holds that man comes from above
and that if he is now in this world of conflict this is due
to the so-called 'fall'. How can we solve this problem?

A. The problem is certainly challenging and by no means
easy to solve if one wishes to examine if using only simple
sensory instruments. Is man the outcome of 'evolution' or
of 'involution'? Is he the product of Being or of becoming?

Again, if man is composed of spirit-nous, soul-psyche and
body-soma, to which of these elements must we attribute the
evolutionary process?

Scientific empiricism defines man as a system of organs that
produce intelligence, will, perception and consciousness.
In other words, for this scientific philosophy of man, being
a body, a form, a complex cannot but undergo mutation and
development. The human physical structure of the
Paleolithical era is not identical with that of the present

The Sacred Science has nothing to argue against this point.
Every form is change, process and becoming. But the being
is not merely soma-body-cell, it is also nous, it is also
psyche, to use terms belonging to the Western Tradition; it
is also Soul, which pre-exists the body and therefore
survives after the dissolution of the body.

Parapsychology and even a number of psychological currents
are interested in factors that go beyond the physical level.
So the problem may be seen from a different angle: does the
nous, the Spirit, the atman, or in other words, Being

The question being this, the problem of evolution or
involution proposes the theme of Being and becoming or
non-being. What is it that becomes, and what is it that
does not?

Elsewhere we examined the problem of Being and non-being and
we also considered the question of the impossibility for
Being or pure Spirit to evolve.

Here we may consider the concept of fall. In fact,
Tradition speaks of the Soul's fall, which implies that the
Soul comes from Above. But what is meant by fall? And who
has fallen?

It is held by some that man is a 'stunned God', by others
that he is a 'fallen Angel' -- which really is the same
thing. Others hold that man, having disobeyed his Creator,
has been banished to a world of conflict, and others still
that, as he had freedom of choice, he has tied himself down
with his own hands. There are other points of view, but we
can draw some conclusions.

The fall, from a philosophical point of view rather than a
mystical one, may be taken to mean the scission of something
that was once whole and integral. This split may produce
oblivion of one's original oneness, thus generating duality.
Unity is divided and the being, no longer a synthesis, is
compelled to wander (movement) until it once more finds its
unity. The one has fallen into the two, therefore into
multiplicity, and in multiplicity there can be no synthesis
and no homogeneousness, that is, no completeness. The
scission is an act of alienation.

If a human being, at a purely psychological level, were to
be divided, his case would become pathological because, by
losing his original individual identity, he would be forced
to live in uncertainty and bewilderment. We can say that
such a person would live like a ghost, a sleeper, or a
sleep-walker. Likewise the individual, by dividing himself,
has identified with his phenomenon-ghost, with his
intstruments of contact, with his vehicles or bodies of
manifestation, forgetting his other, we may say, divine
counterpart. Some say that man has two selves, his divine
Self and his individual one.

Restless, constantly on the move, violent and troubled, man
is in search of his forgotten half; he is in search of his
own oneness and completeness. His restlessness is
legitimate. What is not legitimate is the direction that it

The human being, although forever seeking for his other half
outside himself in the world of objects, will never be
happy. However much he may give vent to his restlessness by
acquiring material wealth, by self-asserting, in the quest
for power, in wars, sex, family, etc. he will never be
happy. He may dull himself, he may lose himself
indefinitely in objects of all kinds, but he will never by
happy and in peace, because he is without his other half.
This is a fact and an evidence that needs no demonstration.
Until he becomes reintegrated, even if he becomes master of
the whole world, he cannot be happy and serene. He will
always feel incomplete, unfulfilled, dissatisfied and will
undoubtedly be missing something else. This urge to search
is so strong because oneness -- never truly extinguished in
the individual -- demands oneness. Every human desire is
indicative of something missing, and however much man may
comply with it, he will never feel satisfied until and
unless such a desire is turned into an aspiration for unity.

Desire is restlessness, is psychological movement; it is a
burning need for satisfaction in order to gratify the maimed
half that thirsts for completeness. Desire comes from
scission and can be resolved only by putting the two halves
together again.

>From what has been said we can deduce that the demagogues to
be feared most are those who try to offer up the 'things' of
this phenomenal-material world to the mutilated part of
being, to this half of the individual, which is eagerly
looking for its happiness or its completeness, making him
believe that they represent the solution to his problem. It
is the vision of the 'golden calf'. In modern times this
scission has widened and, as a consequence, the thirst for
'things' has grown.

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