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Issue # 1582 - NDH - Saturday, October 11, 2003 - Editor: Christiana

All verses are from cee's new book:

what to know before you die

(Please note that the book contains no photographs or images, as they were taken from other sources.)

all time and records of time
universes, creatures, dreams and the lot
there when you notice them
not when you don't

everything seen depends on the seer
this means the entire world depends on you
how wonderful is your own awareness
the origin of 'all else'






Armenia: Monastery of Geghard, caves of the monks


in the vast expanse of pure consciousness
if an identity is assumed
shine the light of bright awareness
and the matter is dissolved

it is only your own thoughts
that constitute an ego
your existence
is always prior to thought




Turkistan: Bezeklik Grottoes

if you think you are a body
that is a huge assumption
question it
or forever hold your piece

head hands heart hair
pieces fall off and decay every day
where exactly is your location
in the human animal

Greece: Monastery of Our Lady 'Hozoviotissa'



the physical form
is made from food
infinitesimal changing parts
of earthly materials

you don't call food 'i'
before it goes in
and certainly not
when it comes out



Egypt: The Great Temples of Ramses II and Hathor/Nefertari


baby, teen, adult then old
perpetually changing cells and personality
what, where and who
is the real 'i'


these apparent forms
are a symbol for the real
like words
on a blank piece of paper



Turkey: 10th century monastic caves in Cappadocia's Goreme Valley

let all assumptions about yourself
soften and dissolve
who makes the assumption
is always more real

if a thought arises
find the source of that thought
whose thought is it
who is aware

who is thinking this thought
who is aware of this body
if you find anything there
ask who again

inquiring like this
with great intention
will return you to
what is essential

use the tool "who am I"
to dissolve every identity
don't stop until there is
no one left to ask

be fearless in letting
everything go
you can never get rid
of who you really are






India: Ellora caves




what people see of you
is not really you
you are much more wonderful
than what can be perceived

the immensity of being
can't be packaged in a skin
you are not in a body
a body is in you







Bhutan: Taktsang
Photo: Bob Winsett

the apparent bondage
is only being somebody
to know yourself directly
let being stand alone

rested as pure awareness
everything is clear
ego is the slightest movement
that never occurs.



Greece: Sumela Monastery


waking, dreaming and
deep dreamless sleep
who is the witness
of these temporary states

eliminate everything witnessed
from the ever-aware witness
who or what is left over
when all else is gone




Israel: St George's Monastery

there is something in you
that is always present
always shining
without growth or decay

do you remember the moment
you came into existence
can you remember a time
when you were not

Jordan: El Deir (the Monastery) at Petra



take your attention off everything outward
the wise have proclaimed
be still is the key

off the world off the body
off all relations
find out what is meant by
go within


Greece: Roussanou Monastery



alone like this
silent at heart

i am who am






Photo: Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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