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NDH - Issue #1589 Saturday, October 18, 2003   Editor Christiana  

When the sun is on the zenith, a miracle is
happening: an intense beam of rays falls
straight on the dirt of the soil and lightens the
walls on a quite supernatural way. This is a
very ephemeral moment of pure beauty and
strong emotion, where we have suddenly and
by surprise access to a sacred dimension.

Antelope Canyon photo and reflections by Annie et André Molinet    

   "Our species thinks in metaphors
and learns through stories."
    -- Mary C. Bateson

Craig Childs: from Soul of Nowhere

Everything here brought me to this opening, this view making an announcement: You are now fully recessed into the land. You are inside now. It is time to change and become a person of this place.   

Each of us has a way of being. We have a shape, a process, a wish
encoded into us. The dunes repeat themselves without end, certain
profiles aligned unerringly with the wind. The canyons carve down
with mathematical perfection. Even humans, with the exclusiveness
we see in ourselves, are tugged by puppet strings of genetics and
purpose, by the same demands written into the land. I have long
wished to change myself, to erode into a grain, becoming a being of
delicate comprehension, and at the same time to never leave the
visceral, ravishing terrain of my origin, the blood, the rock, the sex,
and the sky. So I came to this land transfixed.

Do you remember what it was like before you were born? Every
person has that memory hidden at the boundaries of the mind. It was
a time when you were everything, when you were not yet detached to
drift separately from the world with your freed hands and legs. You
expanded beyond your own body, a sensation that exceeded any
physical nature that you have since come to know. Memory of it
comes perhaps just as you are falling asleep, or at a rare moment of
deep quiet, a feeling of neither peace nor fear. A sense beyond

This is where this desolate land finally carries me, to the beginning. A place before time, before my body and my mind. The most severe landscape has only one last ability: to remove, to tear down to the very start and to the end.

Craig Childs-naturalist, adventurer, desert ecologist, and frequent contributor to National Public Radio's Morning Edition. c 2002 pb c. 2003 Back Bay Books

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Saturday Evening Quote 


"When you examine the still mind, the moving mind, and the mind
that can recognize stillness and movement, however long you search
for “mind” you will find nothing but voidness: mind has no form, no
color, and no substance. This is the void aspect of the mind. Yet the
mind can know things and perceive an infinite variety of phenomena.
This is the clarity aspect of mind. The inseparability of these two
aspects, voidness and clarity, is the primordial continuous mind." 

~~Dilgo Khyentse   

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Nice piece on Don Beck that summarizes Spiral Dynamics  

The Never-Ending Upward Quest   

Tony O'Clery [email protected]   

Its a bird no its a leaf  [Its a cave no its a home]    

Wrong perception of the world came home to me yesterday. I was looking at the
doors to my deck when I saw a leaf and it
looked like a bird. In fact I thought it was
a bird, then I saw it was a leaf as I got
closer. As I got closer still, I saw it was a
finch with its wings out drying from the
rain. However my mind saw a leaf and a
bird. Superimposition like the world on

photo: Tufa Fairy Chimneys - Zelve Cappadocia, Turkey  

whimsy from Bob Rose [email protected]  

That George W sure can dance   

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I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question:
How are You?

I have a thousand brilliant lies
For the question:
What is God?

If you think that the Truth can be known
From words,

If you think that the Sun and the Ocean
Can pass through that tiny opening called the mouth,

O someone should start laughing!
Someone should start wildly Laughing- Now!

Hafiz rendering by Ladinsky

Jan [email protected]    


the ultimate war
on the ego and its mates
umpteen trillion selves
scattered through the universe
each one on its ego chase
until matter is no more

Long was the inward strife, till ended thus:—
I saw, when men lived in the fretful world,
They vantaged other men, but risked the while
The calmness and the pureness of their hearts.
They who retired held an uprighter port,
And raised their eyes with quiet strength towards heaven;
Yet served self only, unfraternally.
And so, 'twixt these and those, I struck my path,
To meditate with the free solitary,
Yet to live secular, and serve mankind."

St Gregory of Nazianzus

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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