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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #173

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Please note that the Realizers/Confessors list is now
mirrored at Richard Lang's Headless Way site, which is
dedicated to the teachings of Douglas Harding. Chinmayo, the
webmaster of Headless Way, has sent me a list of all the
names not yet on 'my' list. I want to take a close look at
each name.

<a href=""></a>

There are many of you reading this who 'belong' on the list,
and if you'll send me about 6 - 12 or more posts that you
feel represent your way of seeing things, it'll be my honor
to set-up a web page for you. Please: this is no time to be
humble; between Headless Way and my site, there are about a
hundred visitations to these pages each day. People are
hungry to meet those of a nondual awareness. Allow yourself
to be part of the feast.

Meanwhile, I hope you like some of the changes I've made on
my home page. I'm trying to make it more 'immediate'. I'll
keep working on it.

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KRISTI's back!

Hello all:

Wow, my computer crashed way back when and I couldn't unsubscribe.....I
just downloaded over 2300 messages, the vast bulk of which belonged to
the list....just checking in.....I missed you guys....I think.......

Poem from the Gnostic Gospels:

Thunder, Perfect Mind

I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I
am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin. I am the
mother and the daughter....I am she whose wedding is great, and I have
not taken a husband....I am knowledge, and ignorance........I am
shameless; I am ashamed. I am strength and I am fear....I am foolish and
I am wise.....I am godless, and I am one whose God is great.

Love, Kristi

P.S. I noticed the name of Judas Thomas in some of the posts I browsed
through. You still around? Jesus' twin? Anybody else got an interest in
Gnostic my mind it is the synthesis of east and west
and reveals the truly non-dual intent of Christ's teachings....and the
non-dual nature of Truth.....

Communing with this Community..

This week is Thanksgiving and next Sunday is the first Sunday of the
Advent season.

What I am about to share can be viewed as esoteric allegory, but it is
also my experience that as cells in the alive Earth body, we also very
literally move in the rhythmic cycle of the year. This is a particularly
important rhythm cycle for me, and it occurs to me this year that it is
the most nondual season we, in human form, can know.

To really Know this, however, requires lifting the veilance of the
social-materialism which this time of year has come to represent. There
is another whole movement happening.. perceived with inner eyes and

I have spent many years living, listening, writing and teaching about
the more esoteric face of this season. This year, as I approach this
season, I am grasping another facet of awareness which has come to me
largely as a result of this list and the many loving and wise friends
I've made here.

As I move into this season, I will be listening to what emerges and hope
that you will indulge my possibly wanting to share this with you.

In essence.. the landscape of the rhythm appears thus to me..

Thanksgiving is the end of the year. We harvest what has been sown from
the last year.. and reflect upon the grace and fellowship which nurtured
our lives.

Advent is a four week cycle commencing next Sunday. Each week.. for me..
is an invitation to enter a facet of the kingdoms of evolutionary life
... mineral, plant, animal, human. To prepare the inner manger for what
wants to be born within us. The solstice/Christ mass point is the Still
Point.. the true nondual point and a time for deep listening. This is
the true 12 nights of Christmas... leading to Epiphany and the emergence
of Presence (the origin of exoteric presents). This is also a four week
season as the Awakening stabilizes.

Giving Thanks for this Holy Space..



dan: If awareness seems too much, for some, it can simply be
reflected back to its source by holding the mirror in both

-- love, Dan

skye: The bright mirror of awareness cannot be held and will
reflect back,
hands or no.

love, skye

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