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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#1777 - Saturday, April 24, 2004 - Editor: michael

Not burdened with expectation,
       one engages the world in constant surprise.
       Not shackled to aversion,
       one discovers the balance of equanimity.
       Not given to attraction,
       one becomes an exuberant expression of joy.
       Not cursed with contention,
       one develops enduring patience.
       Bearing witness to the truth,
       one does not deliver compassion
       with a stick.

Mace Mealer

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good - 189,000,000 evil - 19,500,000  

the good outweighs the evil  

peace - 28,300,000 war - 92,600,000  

but there is more war than peace  

god - 60,600,000 devil - 10,400,000  

god is still the greatest    

love - 121,000,000 hate - 13,400,000  

love is greater  

nondualitysalon   From:   "ericparoissien" 
Date:  Sat Apr 24, 2004  11:36 pm
Subject:  Morality w/o God

Morality Without God

I've seen the lights from a thousand stars,

and the flames of a thousand pairs of eyes

and their glow is the same mercurial fire,

intense as lasers or

the gold in the eyes of a gorilla,

the bright stare of an angry lion,

the very center of a new flower

that's alone in a field of dust,

awaiting the center of another's,

and I see into time's cauldron

pieces of a truth, like moats in the sunlight,

separate but whole, the management of life

to which we assign our symbols and our sounds

that bring us bread and sometimes love,

sometimes sadness, sometimes bliss,

and the lexicon fills up,

overflowing with desire for sounds

to make it all come out right

and pleasant in our dreams.

We stand on a cliff, wind in our faces,

the dark sea below, rocks and raging seas awaiting,

we offer up our words as if for shields

against the truth of living,

while coursing through our veins

our history boils and tumbles

leaving us sublimely alone,

and yet arguing with false angles

that we stand not beside some god

who cares much less for the thistle

than he does for a deadly human wound,

and cares more for the blood of a saint

than he does for sigh of a deranged child.

Finally, as the sea roars and the winds

tear us from one terrible moment to the next,

we arrive at the corner of a dark street

and meet ourselves coming toward us,

head bent in the anguish of life,

and there, in an explosion of untellable truth

we see that gods vanish on the pavement

like evaporating rain in the morning light,

and our minds turn inward like a vast mirror,

larger than the most imaginable universe.

We the humans who have made the word,

we the creatures who create the lust for knowing

what lies behind the mind of knowing,

we the animal flesh conspiring to be more

than the passions of animals,

have arrived at the Eden of moral certainty,

and stand before it dumbfounded and blind.

Far off, a billion, billion light years away,

the sanctity of an illumination

that makes us curl up in fetal sleep,

closes a hand around our minds,

and in the end

we know what knowing really is.

--- Richard SanSom ---  
directapproach   From:  "cerosoul"
Date:  Sat Apr 24, 2004  3:16 pm
Subject:  Rebirth


A Monk asked Nanquan, "Master, where will you be found
in a hundred years?"
"Nanquan said, "I'm going to be an ox living down
at the bottom of the mountain."

P:This can be viewed at two levels:
1) Nanquan was poking fun at the idea of transmigration.
That he, a master, would be reincarnated as an ox was
for the monk, sacrilege.

2) The ox in Zen could symbolize Buddha Nature. So in
a hundred years Nanquan's Buddha Nature wouldn't be any different
than it was now.

"The monk said, "May I follow you to that place [as an ox]?"
"Nanquan said, "If you follow me, you must do so
with a single blade of grass in your mouth."

P:Which meant, to follow me, you must be one with me (Buddha Nature)

The master then became ill. He said to the monks,
"Starlight is dim but eternal.
Don't say that I'm coming or going."
When he finished speaking, the master died.

P: "Don't say I'm coming or going"
Which means we are never born or die. So, who could
be reborn?

It's quite irrelevant whether we lived only once or a million lives.
Our true nature is clear and perfect as the void. It doesn't need to
store memories or thoughts. And even if it did, and we could remember
our previous lives, what could we have done then, different
than now. We eat, we sleep, we love, we fight, we hope, we suffer.
It's always the same. Now if you could remember when you were neither
born, nor dead, that would be something to crow about. Then you could
join Nanquan bringing him a single blade of grass.

Best wishes,


From:  Sheilah   
Date:  Sat Apr 24, 2004  6:38 am
Subject:  From the summit of peace


May calmness take you to the summit of peace, where
you will be able to see everything with a infinite


  Dear Friends,  

Saturday was my 55th birthday. As you can see from this edition, I have become instantly senile.  

Somehow life seems simpler this way.  

The Earth is a magical garden once again and people look so beautiful.  

Every moment is an adventure and a surprise as I search for my car in the vastness of the Walmart parking lot....  

And whatever comes, goes.  

as ever - be well,  


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: