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#1800 - Monday, May 17, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

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R.K. Shankar
I Am


Translation of Verse 1 of Existence Forty by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi: Introducing Auspiciousness

 " 1  Apart from Existence, does the (Ever-)Present Awareness abide ?

    2  Because the (Ever-)Present Truth abides in the 'Heart' without

    3  who is 'he', (the one, who is) thinking of the (Ever-)Present Truth,
called 'The Heart' ?

    4  Thinking (of the Truth) is only '(being) That (which is) abiding in
the Heart as (It) Exists' (thus) perceive (and)....

Yours in Sri Bhagawan
RK Shankar


from Inner Bliss:



While expounding the relevance of Kashmir Shaivism our deepest gratitude goes to Lalleshwari, whose teachings give a unique opportunity to have insight into this mystic philosophy. She conveyed its essence in a simple way for benefit of the humanity.


Emanating from the basic Creed of Kashmir Shaivism she stresses positive acceptance of the material world rather than the philosophy of escapism. We can rather say that God has made man in His own image. It is His Own Maya Shakti which makes man to see differently. Therefore, real joy can be gained as we live in this world and go about our work. Avoiding suppression and denial like great puritans, we should exercise moderation in living and turning away from the ambition of wealth, power and pleasures of senses. This will prepare us for the inward journey to realize God.


We can, indeed, get the spiritual thrill by reproducing a few mystical outpourings of her heart :-



Some Thou pushed towards Bliss Thyself !
Some struggled very hard !
Some got drunk and obsessed :
Some one's Sadhna ended in Vain !



Shiva abides in all that exists anywhere ;
Do not discriminate between a Hindu and a Musalman ;
If you are wise, recognize your true Self ;
That is the true awareness of God.



Some renounced their homes, some the hermitages ;
stay as you are and be firm in your mind.
Thereby you will get established in the Self ;
What is the good of smearing ashes.



Overeating will not permit you reach the goal ;
Willful abstention from food makes you conceited.
Eat moderately to be a normal person ;
Moderate eating would surely lead to unbolting of the
Gates !



Looking for the mystic Moon within me ;
It was--like searching for the like.
I found Narayana (Shiva) permeating everywhere/
everything ;
Why this sport of diversity, Oh Lord !



Crossing the Six Forests, came the SHESHIKALA
The Prakrti was sacrificed (burnt out) with the air
With the fire of love, I roasted my heart,
Thus SHIVA was realized by me.



I, Lalla, entered through the garden - gate of my soul ;
There, O Joy ! I found SHIVA united with SHAKTI.
Overwhelmed, I got immersed in Lake of Nector.
Even though alive or dead, what can existence do unto me !



Let us work for upliftment as our goal. With our own self - effort we should change and strive for enlightenment. Let this change permeate from man to family, to state and nation as a whole. Leading to universal good this will usher in peaceful and conflict free world.



from Awakened Awareness:


In order to see Truth as Truth is, it is only
necessary to be the Truth one already is-and
cease from the false identification, from the one
who uses, manipulates and 'possesses' Truth.
Letting go the identification as a personal ego,
that is, as the one who contains this
Now-Awareness within himself, we comprehend as
the proper Identity , immediately and
effortlessly. This statement is often followed
with the question, "But how do I do this?" The
answer is simple and easy to understand; we do
this by simply being motiveless Awareness
only-which, among other things, is to perceive
without opinions (judgments), without saying
"this is good" and "this is evil"; "I like" and
"I don't like". Inevitably, the first step is to
end judgment, then to perceive that our real
Identity is Awareness itself, not the
ego-container. It is as simple as this. Words
cannot tell of the wonders that become apparent
when this effortlessness is put into practice!

from William Samuel:: A Guide to Awareness and

Dear Sri John,

Thank you for the William Samuel quote. His
writings are like honey and blossom. I am
spending the last of my days here at the feet of
the Hill. Your family has been very good for me.
They treated me like an Indian Raja. Today I will
go for lunch in the Sri Sadhu Om compound. I went
there for books and they asked me to come and
join for lunch. Been going round his samadhi for
a couple of times and love the atmosphere there.
Also there is a little present for you in your
studyroom. Today I will go for Giri Valam for the
last time. Well, thank you for your hospitality.
Hope to see you soon. Greet your friends in the
UK for me. Hope to meet them soon as well.




Kriben Pillay, publisher of Noumenon: Nondual Perspectives on Transformation, receives grant, national recognition through children's book which teaches self-questioning

BASA NOMINATION FOR WALTONS (article first published : 2004-05-16)

The stationery chain, Waltons KwaZulu-Natal, has been nominated for one of the prestigious Business Day/BASA Awards, the annual awards scheme for business and the arts.

The nomination arose after Waltons co-sponsored the publication of Dr Kriben Pillay’s most recent book, The Story of the Forgetful Ice Lollies, a children’s book which teaches the life skill of conflict resolution through self-questioning. Ice Lollies is the first of a two-part series that comprises Pillay’s Children’s Transformation Literature Project, which is an endeavour to teach this neglected life skill in senior primary schools through literature.

The Literature Project was given an initial boost when the author received a supporting grant from Business and Arts South Africa to do presentations and workshops in Walton’s name at selected schools.

Yugan Naidoo, Director of Human Resources at Waltons, said that the Business Day/BASA Awards were particularly geared at given recognition to strategic partnerships between business and the arts: “Through its sponsorship of the Children’s Transformation Literature Series, Waltons KZN was able to enlist Dr Pillay’s services to conceive and direct a 20-minute video on the company’s black empowerment initiatives.

“This highly successful project enabled Waltons to showcase the meaningful part that it is playing in economic empowerment. At the same time Waltons KZN has played a reciprocal role in the empowerment of a local writer and his vision for transformation for children,“ said Naidoo, who is also the company’s national director for black economic empowerment.

Speaking about the schools’ project, Naidoo added that “it is also with great excitement that we note that the very first school that Dr Pillay worked with was featured in a special SABC 1 programme on education in early January 2004. We feel proud to be associated with a valuable literary work that has gained the attention of the national media so quickly after publication. This is particularly important given the dearth of good South African children’s literature.”

Waltons has been nominated in two categories: First Time Sponsor for a business supporting the arts for the first time; and Youth Sponsorship for projects which involve young audiences where there is an education element.

The Business Day/BASA Awards take place on May 24 in Johannesburg. More information from Yugan Naidoo on 031 206 0810 or 082 464 0988 or Kriben Pillay on 031 262 7152 or 082 466 1745.



Your Life is a See-saw, Make the Most of It
by Ullhas Pagey

We have our ups and downs, successes and
failures, elations and disappointments. Nothing
is certain but change. Winners turn losers and
vice versa, for that is the law of nature.
Impermanence is a permanent feature of life. The
best way to deal with the transiency is to learn
to maximise our spiritual quotient.

Many of us know of Stephen Covey's Seven Habits
of Highly Effective People where he elaborates on
habits we need to acquire in order to be
effective. Twenty virtues have been elaborated by
Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. These virtues, if
perfected, can lead us to the Ultimate Truth. The
first one is humility, amanitvam. Having acquired
wealth or education, position or power, some turn
arrogant. And this is the beginning of the end.
That's why humility is considered the most
important quality for spiritual evolvement.

The second quality refers to modesty,
adambhitvam, the state of egolessness. It is the
ego that generates most of the pro-blems in our
lives, whether at work or home. Humility and
modesty go hand in hand. Achieving modesty also
helps one in enhancing one's emotional quotient.

The third quality refers to non-violence, ahimsa,
a concept promoted by spiri-tual leaders like
Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. Ahimsa not
only refers to the physical injury but also to
the psychological injury caused because of
hurting somebody's feelings. At the grosser level
it also implies usage of decent language and
resorting to polite behaviour.

Forgiveness is the fourth quality. There is no
virtue greater than the ability to forgive.
Forthrightness, arjavam, the fifth desirable
virtue, refers to transparency; to being
straightforward. Our dealings with people should
be straight, free of any hidden agenda.

Respect for the guru, purity of thought and
action, consistency of purpose and self-restraint
are other important qualities we should cultivate
to face dualities in life. Krishna also talks of
detachment to the sense objects through vairagya.
This quality assumes great significance in
today's context when people are increasingly
becoming more pleasure-seeking and materialistic.

Further, we should strive to eschew egotism. The
basic thought of "My"ness is an antithesis to the
spiritual seeker as it denotes attachment and no
seeker can undertake the spiritual journey until
and unless such thoughts are given up.

Birth, death, old age and sickness should be
perceived as natural phenomena of life. Take them
in your stride. During all these phases one
should not become impatient with pain. Swami
Chinmayananda obser-ves: "Unless the seeker is
constantly conscious of the evil of pain in his
present stage, he will not discover the necessary
spiritual urge to seek the Divine Fields of
Perfection. Such an attitude towards life would
facilitate to reach the Ultimate Goal".

Next, develop an attitude of non-attachment and
avoid excessive affection and reliance on those
who are near and dear. It does not however mean
that we should not be very close but we should
not be over attached to them.

Above all, an unflinching devotion to the Divine,
staying away from crowded places and company,
love for solitude and lonely places, continuous
indulgence in the knowledge of 'Self', and an
everlasting focus on the 'Ultimate Knowledge' all
add to complete the 20 virtues necessary to
achieve spiritual uplift. Make these 20 virtues a
habit and discover a whole new world of
everlasting bliss. These 20 components of
knowledge together constitute the 'True


David Spero now has audio and video on his website:



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If so, don't miss the chance to enter our 'Independent on Sunday'/ Bradt travel-writing competition. First prize is a week for two in Bosnia and the winning article will be published in the 'IoS' TimeOff section.
The competition is open to all writers, published or unpublished. In keeping with the theme of Bradt's longevity and the emergence of Bosnia, the title we have chosen for the article is "We've Come a Long Way". This can be interpreted as widely as you like, with the choice of a physical or a spiritual journey, but it must have a travel theme. Your entry must be a true account of your own experience, written in the first person. It must not exceed 800 words in length.

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  Bob Rose Meditation Society of America    

Your body may be absent but the love will always be present

Yesterday afternoon, Bob Eck passed away. He was one of the most
dynamic, influential, and enlightened members of the Meditation
Society of America. Working behind the scenes, he was the initial
editor of The Inner Traveler, and created the beautiful grafics and
did the sound production on our Guided Meditation CD. He also created
our "Universe" logo. Virtually every article on our web site and
everything we taught in our classes was run by him, and his input was
greatly respected and cherished. Aside from all the presents he gifted
the Society with, his greatest gifts to all who knew him were his
moment to moment actions. They were clear demonstrations of how to be
a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, and humane human.
Bob's body was 51.  

Peace and blessings,
Bob Rose, President,
Meditation Society of America

a heron has just golloped
a load of my tadpoles
my my my my

Gabriel Rosenstock

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