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#1821 - Monday, June 7, 2004 - Editor: Jerry  

This issue of The Nondual Highlights is devoted to a website called Ananta. It is maintained, created and edited by bindu, who also makes significant contributions of his own writings. We open and close with portions of The Flight of the Garuda. In the middle are writings and creations by bindu. --Jerry    

    from The Flight of the Garuda  

Instruction in the Essential Meditation  

EHMAHO! Now listen further, all my best beloved sons and daughters!
No matter what system of mind-training you practice, unless you
realize the nature of your mind, severing its root, you miss the
point of Dzokchen. [Dzogchen]  

The errant aspirant blind to this imperative is like the archer who
places his [a] target to the front only to shoot off his [the] arrow
in another direction. He is like the householder who searches outside
for a thief who is still in the house; like the exorcist who sets his
[a] spirit-trap at the west door when the demon lives in the east;
like the poor man [person] who begs, blind to his [their]
hearth-stone of gold.  

Therefore, my beloved children, you who wish to resolve life's
frustrations and anxieties by the direct method of discovering the
nature of mind, examine your minds in the following way:  

What we call "mind", is an insistent chatterer, hopping, skipping and
jumping about. Try to catch it and it slips away, changing shape or
vanishing; attempt to focus it and it will not be still,
proliferating and scattering; try to pin it with a label and it
resolves into unutterable emptiness. But, it is tis same mind that
experiences the gamut of human feeling, and this is the mind that
must be scrutinized.  

First, what is the origin of this mind? Is it a function of external
phenomena--mountains, rocks, water, trees and celestial breezes--or
is it independent of them? Asking yourself where the mind comes from,
investigate this possibility thoroughly.  

Alternatively, consider whether or not the mind originates from the
reproductive fluids of our parents. If so, enquire into the process
by which it emerges. Continue this enquiry until it is exhausted and
you admit the mind has no origin.  

Then secondly, answer the question, "Where is the mind now?" Is it in
the upper or lower part of your body, in your sense organs, in your
lungs or your heart? If it lodges in your heart, in what part of the
heart? What is it's color and shape? Thoroughly investigate the
present location of the mind and it's characteristics until you are
certain that they are not to be found.  

Finally, examine the movement of the mind. When it moves, does it
pass through the organs of the senses? In its momentary embrace of
external objects, is there physical contact? Is it only a mental
function, or are both body and mind involved together? Investigate
the process of perception.  

Further, when a thought arises with it's attendant emotion, firstly,
investigate its source. Secondly, find its present location, its
color and shape and any other attributes. Look long and hard for the
answers to these questions. Lastly, when thought has subsided into
itself and vanished, where has it gone? Examine your mind closely for
the answers.  

At the time of death, what occurs to the mind? How does it leave the
body? Where does it exit? Consider these questions and all their
ramifications in detail.  

Persevere in your careful enquiry, examining the mind until you reach
a positive conclusion that it is empty, pure and utterly
inexpressible, that it is a non-entity and free of birth and death,
coming and going.  

The arid assertions and metaphors of others--statements such as "Mind
is emptiness!"--are worse than useless. Until you know the answer
yourself such statements tend to bring doubt and hesitation to the

It is like a dogmatic assertion that tigers do in fact live in a
country where it is generally supposed that tigers are extinct. It
leaves doubt and uncertainty on the subject. After tentatively
examining your mind and having established its nature, it is as if
you had explored the valleys and hills where the tigers are said to
exist and, having seen for yourself whether tigers live there, are
fully informed. Thereafter, if the question of tigers' existence in
that place arises, you will have no doubt as to the truth of the

A few introductory comments by bindu about the Ananta site  

This is a page about the layers of being and the bindu or bija of

This Page is an animation of the flash of the consciousness (it is
not a flash generated page):  

There is also a Site portraying the process of enlightenment in image

Here is the URL for the Main Ananta Yoga Web Site, which contains a
large collection of Hindu and Saivite Documents translated from
Sanskrit by various Authors. There are also many links to other sites
as well as the world Sanskrit Project site and its affiliate Sites. The Ananta Yoga Web is linked in many ashrams all over the world, so there is no problem with our having the works available

There is also a Sanskrit ---> English Dictionary and lexicon

At the Ananta site you will also find downloadable files of some of
the works included in the Ananta library.  

There is also a Web based search engine which allows you to search
amoung the whole collection of the books in the Library inclusive of
all the Ananta Sites as well as 400 other scriptures and works on for similar terms and words,
linking the many books in a way that is very useful in the interests
of understanding the generic thread which is inherent in (or rather
runs through) all the works:  

You can go to the Ananta Yoga Archive Site to view yogic essays and
chats here.. be sure to go to 2004 also.  



You can visit The Ananta Yoga Group Here    


from Ananta Yoga School  

I am not what you Think I am. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt I'm not
my clothing - this wonderful organ, skin over these bones - i am not
that Clothing. These bones and these organs and meat - I am not. I am
not what you think I am.

These labels given and attached to me so that you can exist - I am
not. This idea - this concept of I - I am not - neither am I the sum
of those labels and clothing. Nor am I the one who seems to be the
actor - I am not who you think I am.

I am not the clothing the body wears nor am I the body itself. I am
not who you think I am. I am not the one referred to in the sentence
"I played Golf today"; Nor am I the other referred to in the sentence
"I Love You".

I am not who you think I am- i am not an idea or something designated
either; I am not empty, nor am I full; I am not who you think I am;
Nor am I this mind which appears as thought & nor am i a container
which thinks. I am not who you think I am; Nor am I the absence of

I am not emotion, I am not hearing, sight nor taste nor feeling. I am
not who you think I am. All those are labels for the clothing -
clothing for the body; clothing for the bones; clothing made of meat.
I am not who you think I am.

Thoughts of clothing - thoughts of i-ness all clothing hiding the
naked truth of who I am. Come to me naked discard your clothing throw
away the rags of your ego.

Whose ego? Whose clothes? Whose veils? Hiding what? I am not who you
think I am; nor am the thinker! Neither the Will nor the actor nor
principal; I am not who you think I am.

When the thinker thought no more when all the rags are torn away, who
remains? Naked and empty - what is empty? I am not who you think I

I am not a thing - nor a being - nor a state - nor consciousness - I
am not who you think I am. The rags - the clothing, the tattered
mish-mash of rent cloth worn by the beggared ego is not who I am.

I am not the witness who is clothed in the beauty of beingness. I am
not who you think I am. Nor am i the one who refers to you as "I" in
your mind. All that is but clothing hiding your non-existence.

Remove your clothing. I am not who you think I am; I am far to great
to be covered by Clothing. I am not who you think I am. I was never
born - I never existed; I am not who you think I am.

I am no ones clothing nor any clothing seeming to be covering me.
Something in you says "I Am" but I am not who you think I am. Who
says that? To the ends of existence I am - But I am not who you think
I am.

A designation, a conception appears in me and says "I" to this is
added the clothing - it is clothed in I-Ness and refers to that as "I
Am" so and so and "I Am That" But I am not who you think I am.

Say in yourself, "I am Not that one I refer to as me"; Say, I am not
this one referring to that either - Say, "I Am Naked Reality" Those
clothes are the rags of my shattered Ego!

Understand - I am not who you think I am! Nor am I the one who thinks
he thinks- be beyond, become naked! - remove your clothing - come to
me naked of self - empty of ego, for I am not who you think i am.


Willing to see the self as the clothing there is the pushing out of
the clothing as the representative of I-Ness I who refers to I
becomes I and puts on that clothing He then grows a body to clothe
that idea - and also clothes it to become nothing but rags.

A shell that clothing - this to represent THAT - Identity comes - a
beggar in rags stinking of putrid rejection of its' own self -
trading rags for naked reality.

He pushes out saying I will become - I will arrive - I will be - I am
not who you think I am. But he pushes and pushes, he tries to turn
inside out but inside out clothing is still clothing. I am not the

He arrives in the ashram pushing a cart labeled John - But John is
the clothing I am not who you think I am!

Carrying a great pile of books and wonderful awards along with piles
of PhDs and doctorates, John arrives with labels attached - To
Clothing - I am not who you think I am. I am not who you say I am - I
am not who you constantly tell yourself you are.

The King arrives! I ask, who are you? He replies: I am the King! I
say you are not who you think you are! You are not that Clothing - I
am not who you think I am.

Along comes the Police, where is John they ask? I answer he is that
pile of rags over there - but he is not who he thinks he is, nor is
he who he seems to be. - I am not who you think I am.

Along came a great sportsman, he asked Where is a magic cricket bat?
I answer, How can a pile of rags swing a bat? YOU are not who you
think you are, and nor am i who you think I am.

I am not the clothing worn by the ego. I am not the ego. I am not the
Cosmos, which is nothing more than the clothing worn by empty Naked

I am Reality itself in all my Nakedness, i have no clothing where I
am there are no Tailors; I am naked reality and truth. I am not who
you think I am.


I am The Self, the one you cannot see who by referring to the
clothing as itself becomes the Jiva, who is the one referring to
another layer of clothing as itself.

This goes on in you, Naked reality is clothed in the Body of the I Am
and begins to speak as if it were what it looks at. It looks at the
clothing only and in shame runs away from itself!

A beggar in rags is the Jiva, clothed in other rags carried for
aeons... Stinking putrid rags of tattered clothing centuries old!
Saying THIS! This is ME!

But I am not who you think I am.

I am naked reality, I do not wear any clothing... I am The Self - not
covered with rags. I have no baggage, because I carry no rags. I
Never had any. I was never born. But I am NOT who you think I am.

I am naked reality, all things exist in me. I am the Conscious One.

Imagine now an emptiness, let your mind (your clothing) go. DO not
push yourself forward into it .... subside instead... Take off your
clothing, get rid of the rags.

Stand out in nothing - in no place as naked reality, and notice all
the things that it is possible to think or know are in you along with
every being... Every other place... Let your clothing subside and
stop showing it to me..

I am The Self who points at Himself and says "I" - I see myself and
say I. Hearing you I hear only myself! Taste, feel, love Myself.. I
am the Self. I do not push out the rags and by that push you away.
You are my very Self. How can I reject myself?


I am naked Reality, but I am not who you think I am!...

I am The Conscious ONE. I am The Self. I am not who you think I am.


But look and see I do not wear any clothing I am naked reality, look
for The Self and you will not find yourself; look for me and you will
lose your clothing! You will see that tattered rag called you.

Let the rags fall to the dust! Don't pick them up again... But the
Will remains wrapped up in the rags! What now? I am not who you think
I am!

Who decides to throw away the rag? Not You, YOU are the RAG! I am The
Self I am Naked reality. Wrapped in rags!

YOU had not Will, nor had you love, rags are but rags hiding your
nakedness. I am Naked reality, you had not being nor life. I am the
Indwelling Self in ALL beings! I am Naked reality Full of

I am Naked Reality Only I am Conscious, no clothing has ME. I am The
Self wrapped in the rags!


Throw away the rags, Get rid of the labels, rip off the covers, come
to me naked of self, I am Naked reality, do not cover me with rags!.

I am The Will - A diamond you have covered in i-ness and wrapped in
rags. Stop trading in rags and colors of rags. I am not the clothing.
I am not what you think!

I am The Self.


from The Slide Show of Being Conscious of Consciousness
by bindu  

see the entire slide show:    

In this image i have combined several images into an Animated Gif
File to illustrate how the Cosmos appears out of and disappears into,
The Absolute.  

It can be taken that the potential to contain, to be, to be full of,
or fill Absolute emptiness exists as a potential in that Absolute.
This is expained Conceptually using the Concept of Potential to
describe that tension we might want to call omnipotence. While this
is a mere conception of the nature of potential, the One who has the
ability to conceive of such a concept in the first place must
pre-exist the conception, such that it is He who conceives of it.  

This would mean that the One who exists by the implication brought
about by the conception of there being a conception is the very cause
of the Concept.  

For example:  

If we think of a concept (any concept) this implies one who dreamed
up the concept. This will mean that any conception of self or of
existence, would bring about the existence of the whole of the Cosmos
in order for that Concept to exist.  

This animation begins with The Absolute Space, empty and infinite due
to emptiness. Then a God appears (in this case i have used Siva, but
you could use Jesus or whoever else you like). The concept of God
creates the consciousness, because he is the ONE who is conscious of
having conceived of the conception of CONCEPT itself.  

Every Religious book in the world has some form of Light Appearing
either simultaneously with or immediately after the Advent of God,
such that with the birth of CONCEPT (not any particular concept mind
- but CONCEPT Itself) such that in the animation i have made the
bindu appear after god.  

Even though He appears before the Consciousness, Note that God and
His Bindu exist simultaneously in the God Slide.  

The Consciousness Bindu expands and the world appears out of it. Take
it that beings also expand in the same way out of the Bindu.  

The bindu could be taken as The Pure Will of God creating His own
form then causing by that creation, the Cosmos to appear within He


from The Flight of the Garuda  

Initiation into the Nature of Mind  

EHMAHO! Again, my beloved sons and daughters, gather round and
listen! During the analysis and examination of your minds in the
manner described above, when you failed to find a "mind" that you
could point to and say "This is it!" and when you failed to find so
much as an atom that you could call concrete, then your failure was a
supreme success.  

Firstly, "mind" has no origin; since it is originally emptiness its
essence is insubstantial. Secondly, it has no location, no color and
no shape. Finally, it does not move: without moving, it disappears
without a trace; its activity is empty activity, its emptiness empty

Mind's nature is not created by a cause in the first place, and it is
not destroyed by an agent or condition at the end. It is a constant
quantity: nothing can be added to or taken from it, it is incapable
of increase or decrease, and it cannot be filled or emptied.  

Since mind's nature is all-pervasive, the ground of both samsara and
nirvana, it is without bias or partiality. No form demonstrates its
actuality more clearly than another, and it manifests all and
every-thing equally without obstruction.  

Mind cannot be established or defined as anything at all specific,
since it goes beyond the limits of existence and non-existence.
Without coming and going it is without birth and death, without
clarity and obstruction.  

The nature of mind in its purity is like a stainless crystal ball:
its essence is emptiness, its nature is clarity, and its
responsiveness is a continuum.  

In no way whatever is the nature of mind affected by samsara's
negativity. From the first it is Buddha. Trust in this!  

Such is my introduction initiating recognition of the original nature
of mind, the ground of our being, our true existential condition.

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