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Highlights #186

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I've changed the home page to the website again. More
interesting. Updates everyday. Thanks to those who've give
suggestions. Note the daily letter from the Salon (which
I've always had), the photo of the Saloner of the week, and
all kinds of other cool stuff.

I'm really interested in a nondual take on news stories.
David sunk his teeth into it with his Nondual Float story.

I know there have been others that have been by-passed.
Please visit the page often and contibute to areas of news,
sports, fashion, entertainment, health, technology,
business, travel, food, arts and style, society, nature,
politics, etc. This is virgin territory, folks. Stake your
claim now! What you write can be as short as a paragraph or
it can be a full-blown article.


The mouse on the road weeps for himself
The mouse thinks of fresh air
The mouse thinks of comfort and cheese.
He doesn't think of a cat.
A siamese cat describes his mind.

In his dreams he flys like a bird
in a blue sky.
Outside, rain falls gently through the trees.
The bed he has made is damp with sweat.
If there was a flood, his bed can be remade.
A mousetrap describes his mind.

He dresses in the darkness and frees himself.
He wears a mask of dust and feathers.
He searches in vain.
The mouse thinks of all his young as ancestors.
He believes he is the apex.
The microwave timer describes his mind.

A lovely dream describes his mind.

The mouse knows he will disappear.
A spreading pool of blood inside his mind.

His nails are sharp and his fur is soft.
Peeling paint describes his mind.

There is a camera lens that has been painted over.
The mouses has sharp eyes that see through it.
Night watches him rest and create the world.
The fire, the baby mice.
He sees, he hears.
He makes all things himself.


Dear List:
What is the "life force" that animates us? It is said to be the
Absolute that animates the body, yet when a body dies, the body still
seems to be present. What is the difference between a "living body" and
a "dead body?" If the body really existed, there could be no difference
at all, if you take as fact that all is the Absolute.

Tim (G)

Dear Tim

Your questions make sense, but attempting to arrive
at that which is beyond reason by logical methods will
necessarily lead to limited conclusions. At some point
all of it - all temporary phenomena, including intellectual
inquiry - has to be left behind.

For me the question is not about whether the body, or
matter in general, exists or not. I accept there is much
that exists as transitory illusion. I prefer the question,
"What is real and eternal?"

Since even the most refined speculation is an expression
of thought - a temporary and limited function - I avoid it.
Whether there is an individual soul or not, there is
awareness in/as me that which knows beyond all
mind functions, my original nature.

I experience myself as awareness which expands
and deepens into the Universal with individual and
unique timing and relevelatory moments.

Letting every thing go -every idea, perception
and interpretation - what remains?

with love, xan

Reality is whatever you define it to be. Seeking is simply the practices
and processes of examining that definition....and of examining the
relationships between the self of perception, emotions, thoughts,
process and actions...and then redefining those relationships either
through practice, intention or inspiration...if one argues that
transcendence, i.e. a conclusion of the process that brings an
individual to a totally new place of understanding or being-ness and
that that place has similar/same characteristics or qualities for all
people who "attain" or suggests that there as an ultimate
(penultimate) reality that is not contingent on our definitions of
reality or our experiences of our wordly perceptions. So, what is
real....the "reality" we start from or the "reality" we arrive/return
to? Non-duality is the nature of insight....the sudden startling
recognition that there is no wrong or right, no evil or good, no past or
future, the incandescent gleam of now, infinite and expanding, producing
well-being, balance and clarity HERE, this state, this available as an alternative permanent consciousness
...many suggest, yes.......if so it is different from "ordinary"
consciousness...hence a duality.........on the other hand, it's all a
part of the dance, moving through one to another, to appreciate each on
its own terms and accept the great abundance and magnificent generosity
and peace of existence......the receive the gift, that is reality.

Love, Kristi


Are you sure you mean to say this? That there is no right
or wrong or good or evil? See this is where I see the
difficulties arise. Because I am now unified or I have
had a moment of self-awareness and am not identified
with each thought, I look at my fragmented selves and
rightfully assess that my perceptions of right and wrong
were ego-based and subjective but does that really
negate an objective right and wrong?

Dear Marcia:

These are morally difficult terrains to cover....and each must answer
these questions for themselves. If the Holocaust moved universal
consciousness about racism and the power of hate ahead thousands of
years.....was it good or bad? For each individual subjective experience
it was clearly hell...a bad thing.......

When I lived in the streets and Simon came to me, a bitter, angry,
violent, hurting man who, no doubt, had countless warrants out for his
arrest......but came to me and said "I am feeling out of control; I'm
afraid I'm going to hurt someone, help me" he did so because he knew I
did not see him as bad.....(I gave him pastels and told him to draw; he
was an incredible artist) my seeing him as Simon, the sum of his
goodness, not the sum of his badness......gave him the grace and hope to
find the "good" inside he either or? or did he become
- being unable to define his own trajectory - what was projected at him
.....He was really a gentle, tender soul, much abused and tortured in
his life, who wanted nothing so much as to be "good" only he didn't know
what that meant. He would bring me his drawings, his countenance lifted,
and then return later to tell me about the good deeds he did that day,
who he helped, what illegality he didn't commit. For that day, he was
healed........because he was accepted as he appeared and honored for his
gifts; not shamed for his flaws

Had someone provided grace to Hitler at critical times the Holocaust
might not have happened.

Are there ill-effects in the world? Do people get hurt? Do we ourselves
do harm? Of course. Can we change the course of those things ..... not seeing people as bodies, or as the things they do or
say or think.....but by seeing them as the light that shines, their
reality, this way "evil" is alway conquered by good.

Transcendent moments in the presence of people one might otherwise
define as bad or dangerous confer the capacity to see them as spirit
....beyond good/bad qualifiers....simply as the Holy Sons of God......
there is great healing and peace in this.......and life is never seen as
the same again. (In my case it brought about much pain and confusion in
subsequent times because I can no longer see people the same way others
see them. This is a problem in consensus reality......) Also, much "Bad"
is created in the name of good.....and vice versa.....makes for some
pretty slippery distinctions.

To the degree that such recognition enhances the capacity to forgive
.....(people who do bad things are ALWAYS asking for love, affirmation,
even if they don't know it themselves)..... we can shortcut much of the
"evil" that gets perpetutated through cycles of hate, reaction,
judgement, justification, etc.. as a culture, we demonize "bad" people
and sanction the right to hate them, thereby creating them. Our mania
for personal responsibility and law and order and "paying the price";
our love affair with punishment and retribution creates many more
problems than it solves...



Hi everyone. I just came across this link to a "paint" Java applet that
is very, very cool. The applet starts with a central point and you move
your mouse and it fills in lines and color. Then you erase and start
over again, sort of like a mandala. Enjoy!


more and more i discover that in my writing (all of my life) i had a
wisdom which i am learning to listen to now. it is the old "where have
i been all my life?" answered by-- "i was right here! you were busy
tryin to look so smart!" hoo boy!
was aleks st. stoopid!

here is a song i wrote around the time of lady diana's funeral. i'm
singing it at mine. . .

Time's the executioner
death is the guide
money was love but there was nothing
to buy
nothing don't last long
that's why i wrote this song
that is time -- and you are why

lights grow dim
sirens scream
a sense grew dull and
time was not the guardian ((2 X))

alchemy with imagery
upon my creepin mind
hope is cheap
the thrill was never
here to say good bye
nothing don't last long
that's why i wrote this song
that is time and you are why
bridege: time guards nothing time is not time time is not time is not
time. . ..

torrid scene with limousine
watch me spark watch me scream
put me on the cover of your magazine
wind me up see what i mean
you can buy your high
or come down free
become your own source of misery
and that is time
and you are why

time guards nothing
time is not time
time is not time is not time

words and music by gen berlin
i hope we continue to plan for a gathering or two - the "zero fest"
cause i would love to sing these songs for all of you!

"stop children what's that sound?
everybody look what's goin' down"

heart here


Spirit; can you hear it?
Flying off into a pink,
never-ending expanse of sky.
Turning to blue, dimming,
deep blue turning to black.

Empty I am of all ideas;
I am perception, the spirit of idea.
Sky, what is it? Is it real?
Forever questioning, I turn within,
and find myself inside out.
Pink sky inside the heart;
Blue sky inside the brain;
Black sky inside the soul.
Outside is inside, and inside out.
The cup is empty, and
infinitely fillable.

Spirit, the sky of illusion,
the timeless dream of existence.
I am not writing these words.
The words write themselves.
They become pink sky,
forever dimming.
Forever dimming.

Tim G.

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